She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 174

Volume 7 Chapter 174 Teasing

Their celebration lasted until sunset, the guys decided to spar by the lake. The girls followed but have some servants prepare them coffee and tea at the same time a cloth for them to sit on. They watched the guys spar with each other.

"Thank you, Eureka for helping us out a while ago," Suzuki then said.

Eureka looked at her, her eyes were filled with happiness and since it is on its original color of imperial topaz and her hair was white, matching them with the rays of the sun that's setting. Once again the girls couldn't help but be mesmerized by her, especially since her eyes were already expressive of what she feels.

"Why are you thanking me? We are friends after all," she replied not noticing the stare the other girls were giving her. She then looked back at the guys.

But was startled when Karen suddenly pulled her face o make her look at her, "If I am a guy I would definitely fall in love with you."

Eureka could only stare back at her before slapping her hand, "Well you are not a guy."

"Seriously Eureka you really are very beautiful, even I, as your sister, would find myself staring non stop at you."

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"And if you could just wear more girlish clothes, then no one in this kingdom could compare to you," Azusa said afterwards. Just like the first time the others once again nodded in agreement.

She smiled defeated, "Maybe someday."

It felt like it has once again a deeper meaning. But she had already said everything that she was keeping. Are they still in for another surprise from her? This nagging feeling suddenly sprouted in her hearts.

Just as Eureka placed down her cup, they once again squished her in their arms, as if telling her in silence that they will never let her go no matter what happens.

"She really became a part of their group now," Mamoru commented, they noticed the sudden silence of their girls and looking to where they were. They saw them hugging Eureka and her in response taps their arms.

"To be honest her sudden topic a while ago was too sudden. But when everyone started speaking and answering, we seemed to have become much closer than before," Hideyoshi agreed.

"Hey, Raven can you elaborate your answer a while ago?" Theo faced Raven and asked.

"Do I really have to? That's just plainly it is."

"No, what do you mean to understand?" Hideyoshi insisted.

Raven sighed heavily, these guys really. Why can't they just leave it to that? Rino looked at Raven as he smiled, even he was actually curious. Raven and Eureka just looked at each other and replied at the same time, no signals or such. And both of them weren't even shock that they said the same thing at the same time.

"To understand that there are things that are not yet meant to happen. No matter how much you want to and how much you long to, it just couldn't happen yet. To understand that you have your own priorities, you can only wait and stay the same."

He paused and everyone thought he was finished.

"But to also understand that both of you feel the same way about each other."

Hideyoshi couldn't keep it in and placed his hand on Raven's shoulder as he grinned from ear to ear. Mamoru did the same with the same grin. Theo, Natsuki and Rino were all smiling happily as well.

It might be a simple one but for the very first time he had admitted that he loves her. Of course they all know about it, they can see it after all. But seeing and hearing are two different things.

Just as they happily tease Raven the girls suddenly squeaked, they abruptly looked at them and saw those girls happily pushing and playing around with Eureka.

Unbeknownst to them the girls actually asked the same question as Theo and Hideyoshi, though it did them a lot more convincing than on Raven. The answer they received was almost the same as what Raven had said.

"To understand that there are things to be done first before anything else, to understand that even if everyone might think that you two decided not to pursue, both of you knows that you have the same feelings for each other."

"Why can't the two of you just be together already," Nana who had the loudest shout was the one who recovered first.

"Didn't I just say the reason?" Eureka asked exasperatedly.

"But you two, you two…." Nana started but has no idea on how to continue, she could only clench her hands a she suppress another shout she wanted to release. She really have moved on and hearing her finally say it makes her so happy.

Raven and Eureka, though separately, endured the non ending tease their friends have thrown at them for finally saying that their feelings were true and not just an illusion that their friends saw.

Each group were even curious about the other for they were goofing around at the same time. The afternoon turned to night as all of them finally decided to let the two of them go and went on their separate ways.

"Rino, Rino, Rino..." Nana started.

"What is it? You're too energetic."

"Eureka, Eureka, she, she finally..." Nana still haven't recover.

"Don't bother telling him. He already knows," Eureka interrupted.

"What, you told him?" Nana looked at her puppy eyed.

Both Eureka and Rino could only face palm. Eureka was obviously saying that the reactions a while ago was so the same that one could tell that they were having the same topics.

"We were teasing Raven at the same time you guys are teasing her, doesn't that mean only one thing?" Rino finally replied seeing Nana still keeping her act.

Nana, finally understanding everything, grinned from ear to ear as even her eyes lit up so bright. Before she cling unto Rino's arm and did the same to Eureka.

"I love the both of you so much."

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