She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 175

Volume 7 Chapter 175 Really Thank You

Light blinded them. The sealing method that Eureka had taught Kaoru was put to use the very next day. They were all in the inner hall, was lying down on the chair and Kaoru's hand was on top of her stomach, slowly Eureka guided him as she too injected her nullify to add more protection for the baby.

Eureka thought as she inserted her nullifying ability just as the light disappears.

Akihiro and her siblings looks at her with uncertainty. Did it succeed? Is the baby fine? Will Haruka be fine?

Eureka smiled at them, "It's successful, seeing as there was no fluctuation on the aura then we have sealed it properly. I have also taught Kaoru the unsealing method, once it is unsealed it would grow like a normal baby in a stomach. The time it was sealed won't return to it."

All of them sighed in relief as Akihiro helped Haruka down the table before hugging her tight. Then he looked at his children, "We will survive this war and our family would welcome this baby as a whole."

Eureka was smiling with them until their eyes were no longer in her, her eyes light disappeared as emotions danced through it.


Upon meeting up with the others the very next day.

"What?!? But why? Wouldn't that be even more dangerous?" Azusa exclaimed. The others also looked at Eureka as if she was saying something impossible.

"Upon hearing their whole story, we became fully aware that no matter what we do darkness won't disappear. Then why not create a stronger seal? So that this world won't only have a thousand more year. That is why I am telling you that I shall train you to be able to use time travel."

"If you teach me, then why don't I just return to the time you arrived and tell you everything that had happened after your choices. Then we can make this much easier?" Azusa then suggested.

"I'm not saying that what you want to do is wrong but do you want the time we have now to disappear? That the people we are with right now, would no longer be with us if I change a decision from the past 13 years," Eureka explained.

Azusa looked at all of them, the others did as well. That's true if what Eureka did was different from what she had done in this time then they may not be together now.

"And that would create another time line. Another world. But ours would remain the same," Eureka further explained.

"That's true. Very well if your plan works then we can give our descendants more time of peace. I shall train hard then," Azusa said with conviction.

Eureka smiled at her, just then Magma came out with Ice.

"Adding to that, why don't you guys train with the others as well? A sudden boost in your energy might become a hindrance in your fight. It's better to be prepared. The boost might be short but that would be enough to disrupt your bodies momentum," Ice said.

"We understand," those who have the elemental ability nodded in acknowledgment.

They decided to do it the next day. For today they just did as they did the other day. They roamed around town and enjoyed their time spent together.

Natsuki started openly pursuing Nana, to which she didn't reproach but timidly accepted. Suzuki didn't dilly dally either and started showing Theo her feelings. Karen was the only one who remained the same. 'For now' were Rino's words, then she shall respect that for now. Eureka and Raven were the same as always. But the others were no longer worried.

Their day ended with enjoyment and happiness. Compared to the one from three days ago where Eureka had broke down so much that all of them could feel her pain. And yet they also know that she didn't need their comfort but instead their company. She is a strong one, she can manage herself just fine. That's how Zu and Ao raised her.

All of them understood this and didn't try to ask her if she's fine or not. And Eureka, on the other hand, is thankful to this. She is not someone who can't put into words her emotions. But she also needed someone to stay beside her to make her know that she is not alone. Currently, these guys have just done so.

"Thank you," she suddenly said.

All of them were taken a back and looked at her confusedly.

"Thank you, for pestering me. Thank you for staying with me. Thank you for always being my companion. Thank you that you were all born for me to meet. We might have started off as mere group mates to which I always brush off you attempts to get close to me, but you still didn't leave my side. Thank you for always knowing what I needed even without me speaking. Thank you for leaving me alone when I wanted to be alone and think for myself. Thank you for cherishing me as your sister despite me pushing you away and trying my best to stay away from you. And thank you for keeping your lives and fighting without dying."

They have no words, speechless by her confession. They were used to telling her thank you and showing their gratitude but not the other way around. She would smile at them to thank them but she never voiced it out in such a way.

"Stop that, I hate those kinds of things when we were about to face a very big battle. It feels like it was a goodbye instead of a thank you," Karen who was always the first one to speak of her feelings said.

Eureka smiled at them as they continued enjoying their day. Looking at their backs as she walk behind them,

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