She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 176

Volume 7 Chapter 176 To Understand

"No not yet enough. I'm telling you stop trying to just run fast. I'm telling you to think that you are running through times, you memories or such things. Think about them,"Eureka instructed as she watch Azusa run.

They are obviously by the lake training. Raven and the other elemental ability users were facing their own smoke as they were being instructed to not to try the sudden energy invading their bodies but instead to accept it.

"I still couldn't grasp it," Azusa said as she stopped running with sweat all over her face.

"What was your greatest regret?" Eureka asked.

Azusa thought for a moment, then she looked at Feena and Karen, "The moment I stabbed them."

She will never forget that moment and even now she would still have nightmares about it. She had apologized and they have accepted her all over again but that will never change the fact that he had stabbed them.

"Then think of that time. Think of wanting to reverse it, think of the moment you were behind them, the moment you used your ability to run fast and the moment you stabbed them. Think about the moment you left them there lying until you stood by the side watching their bloods flow. The moment those guys arrived and saved them. Think of all those moments in succession then think about it in reverse. Do so as you run. Now go," Eureka instructed.

Azusa hesitated for a bit before she started running once again. Though she never wanted to remember it but that was the moment she had regretted the most and the thing she wanted to change the most.

She did as she was told running with all her might as she kept reversing that incident. Reverse… reverse… reverse…

She felt her body becoming light all of a sudden as if she was floating into air. But her surroundings were spinning faster and faster. A light started appearing before her when everything suddenly returned to normal and her falling body that lost all its energy were caught by another person.

"You did a great job. You were able to do it on your first day," was her words before Azusa lost consciousness.

Eureka looked at her,

Mamoru run towards them. All of them stopped training when they saw the way Azusa started creating the tornado, then a light slowly appeared on its center. Then it vanished, that's where they saw Eureka catching Azusa.

"Is she okay?" he asked as he took Azusa from Eureka.

"She is, but just tired. Doing it for the first time will still take a toll on ones body. Just let her sleep I'll continue training her the day after tomorrow. As for all of you. Continue what you are doing. You too, Mamoru, send her home then return to your training," she commanded before walking to the side just to watch the others.

They did as they were told.

"The plan you said to Azuma, is it what I am thinking right now?" Ice appeared beside her.

"What would you be thinking then?"

"Time, you're going to do something about the time."

Eureka didn't reply and just watch the training the others were doing. Ice seeing this sighed, "You and him are really the same. You both love taking all the burdens to yourself. I just hope whatever you are planning, it will succeed." She then returned inside Eureka.

Just as their day ended, raven asked Eureka for a spar to which she agreed. They went to the physical training ground and saw that a lot of the knights from the different kingdoms were still training. Determination still visible in their eyes.

They just decided to return by the lake and spar there. Their movements were far sharper than how it used to be. Back when they first clashed, when she was on trial to join their group. Looking back their movements back then could be called sloppy to how they move now.

The way Raven uses his ability have tremendously improved as well. He was no longer limited to the known types of attacks but he had incorporated two attacks together to create a much stronger one.

"Where are you going?" in the middle of their bout Raven finally asked.

"Where would I be going? I wonder what you are talking about?" she answered as she parried another sword attack before evading his fire.

"I don't know you tell me," he said as he turned behind him to stop her back attack right after she disappeared right in front of him.

"I'm not going anywhere. I will finish this war and bring back the peace we all deserve. Not until I achieve all those things then I'm not going anywhere, even if all of you push me away," she answered as she jumped high up before sending icicles down to him. He replied with a fire barrier that melted the ice.

"Even if all of you send me away I will return and finish what I have started," she continued as she stomp on the ground and Magma appeared right in front of Raven obstructing his view of her.

Just as it did Eureka harshly wiped the lone tear that dropped from her eyes before moving to his back attacking him with both her swords.

"And if I was sent away I will fight my way back here just to be with all of you. Even if that so called almighty one would stop me then I will just defy it and push through. I promised that I will be everyone then I will do just that."

Her swords were stopped by Raven's lone sword before he push all three swords away and pulled her into a tight hug, "To understand."

His only sentence, he knows that she has a different meaning and he is scared of it. But that is the love between them, to understand.

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