She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 177

Volume 7 Chapter 177 Sadness

He became accustomed to it, watching her every action. Watching even the slightest movement in her face. And much more now when emotions are already visible in her eyes. That's what he had been doing after all, for the past eleven years that they became acquainted. Only those two years of her disappearance did he not watch her.

He hugged her tighter. Cause he knows, the others might only have a feeling but he knows and he is sure. Once again Eureka is handling something on her own. And this time she is hell bent in doing it on her own.

"To understand," after a long silence she replied as she hugged him back.

Her words caused more pain in his heart. Their meaning to it was also a restriction to them. To understand also means that they understand even if the other decides things on their own.

He buried his face on her hair as he hugged her tighter as if it was not tight enough. She accepted it and just hugged him in return. She was aware that he was able to see through everything she had said. And when he asked her for a sparring, she knows he's ready to confront her.


The girls was suddenly welcomed by a puffy eyed Azusa the very next day. She had asked someone to call for them. Upon arrival that is what they saw.

"What happened?" Feena asked after seeing this.

Azusa lead them inside her house where she had explained everything.


After waking up that night, she saw that Mamoru was already in her room.

"I don't want this," Mamoru started seriously without waiting for her to speak.

"What is it?"

"I don't want this training of yours. Seeing you succeed a while ago made me realize it. I don't want you to continue it. What if you suddenly succeeded and then you time traveled but you have no idea how to return? I can't have that Azusa. Call me selfish but I don't want to lose you," Mamoru said with a tinge of anger in his voice.

"Mamoru you know why I have to do this right?"

"But we can seal him even without you doing that. A thousand years from now, we are no longer concerned about that."

"No, I'm doing it. And you saw it already Eureka was there to stop me. She was ready anytime."

"Then are you planning to train even without her?"

"Yes, I can't always rely on her. We all have limited time."

"What if it happens then, when you are alone. What if you time traveled? I won't have that Azusa," he said angrily as he stood up.

"I am doing this not for the two of us alone, Mamoru but I am doing this for everyone."

"Fine do it your way. I no longer care. Talk to me only when you have changed your mind," he angrily left slamming the door behind him.

Her tears then flowed non stop.

(End of Flashback)

"I don't get it. He knows why I'm doing it but why does he have to act in such a way?" Azusa said as she once again cried. Feena and Karen moved closer to comfort her. Nana and Suzuki looked at Eureka.

"Even if you hurt him. If you hurt him so much, will you still do it?" Eureka asked her.

Azusa looked at her for a moment before firmly nodding her head, "I will. I have done so much to this world I want to repay everything."

"No, stop thinking about repaying. Just think, you were just a watcher. Watching everything that happens here unfold. Will you still do it? Cause what Mamoru said could also happen. I may not be able to stop you from jumping during the training."

Azusa fell into deep thought. Just a passer by not involving in any way. But was suddenly thrown in to help. She then closed her eyes. She imagined herself watching from the side. Watching everyone developed as a person. How their relationsh.i.p.s develop. She watch them grow and train and fight.

Azusa opened her eyes, "I will. Even if I was just a passer by, I also watched over everyone. I've seen them grow. I've seen their happy times and even their sad times. I've seen them despair but saw them rejoice. And so even as a watcher I become attached to everything I saw."

Eureka smiled as she pat Azusa in the head, "Then do it. Trust your feeling and do it. I know Mamoru will understand it as well."

Azusa's tears miraculously disappeared after Eureka made her realize things. She smiled and offered all of them lunch.


At the same time, Mamoru was complaining about the same thing to the guys. They could only sympathize with him. For they understood where he was coming from.

The only one who haven't spoke yet was Raven who remained silent listening to all of them.

"Raven," Mamoru called him.

Raven looked at him and after a moment finally spoke up, "The thought of her disappearing tears you into pieces. But not allowing her to do what she wants, you will surely crash her heart even more. What she needs is your support and trust that she would be able to do it."

"Raven," Rino said on the side.

"If you trust her then surely she will do her utmost for what you are afraid of not to happen. She will do her best to do her duty and at the same time not to hurt you. Believe in her man, that's the only thing you could do right now. Other than being your lover she is also a knight of this kingdom. She swore to protect it no matter what."

Mamoru's retort was suddenly stuck in his throat, for after Raven said his piece he had shown to them the one thing he never showed them. Even back when he broke up with Nana.

Sadness was swimming in his eyes. As if he was not only saying those things to Mamoru but to himself as well.

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