She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 178

Volume 7 Chapter 178 Short Lived

Raven somehow realized what he had done. He cleared his throat and looked at all of them, he then scratched his head and chuckled, "Don't mind that. I was just saying that you, Mamoru, should learn to trust her. You have trained as well. Even back when we were fighting against those consciousness. Didn't she wait and trusted that you will survive that?"

Mamoru looked at Raven seriously, "Aren't you scared then?"

The smile on Raven's face slowly disappeared, "Who wouldn't? But I still want to trust her. Trust that she will not die. Just as she had promised. She won't leave me for good."

"Raven," Rino started.

"Please, don't ask. I also have no idea what she plans. But I can feel it."

After a long pause they decided to change the topic. If even Raven didn't know what Eureka is planning then she will surely not tell anyone about it. But just as Raven have said, they will trust her that she will keep her promise and won't die.


"I'm amazed by you and Hideyoshi. I never heard the two of you ever fight," Azusa commented as all of them eat.

"Oh, no. We have fought a lot of times. It's just both of us were able to keep it from you guys. But I must say it is not as heavy as the way you two fought," Feena raised her hand and said.

Karen and Azusa looked at her inquiringly. She suddenly regretted saying it, but still opened her mouth and explained.

"It was back when Eureka just arrived and the four of them were sent to the eastern border, I think that was one of the biggest fight we had. That night me and Hideyoshi had a fight, I can't quite remember it already but it was a stupid fight regarding him skipping training just becausr his sensing capabilities have improved and about me who kept on nagging at

him. We were still outside my house back then but it escalated to the point where he had storm away from me. I cried of course. But the sudden attack made all of you not to see it."

"The only reason the fight didn't last long was because of you Eureka," Feena said as she looked at Eureka who have a furrowed brows.

"When you were injured right in front of us, I couldn't stop my body from trembling. Just the thought of you dying was too much to me back then and I ended up trembling non stop. Hideyoshi then hugged me and reassured me non stop that you will be fine. His hands that caressed my back was soothing enough. I was able to calm down. After that day we were able to talk and straighten out our fight."

Nana, Suzuki and Karen listened attentively to her story. They were thinking the same thing. If they get into a relationship what or how would they fight with each other? How would they solve it?

"Stop thinking about fights when you haven't even confessed yet. Wonder about that if you have already started dating the other person," Feena pulled them back from their thoughts gaining her with three pouting faces.

"Anyway, what I'm saying is that, all couples fight. But the way to reconcile are different. Either you sat down for a long time and talk it through or you instantly understood what mistakes you created in order to reach that point of your fight. Try to talk to him like normal. Talk everything out, then surely you two would be fine," she then said to Azusa.


"I'm amazed, it is you who called me out," Azusa said as she approach Mamoru by the lake. She was actually prepared to visit him and talk to him but then received a message, if they could meet with each other that dusk by the lake.

"I just thought that I was too irrational last night and wanted to clear things out with you," he replied as he watches her walk towards him.

Does Raven feel the same as him whenever he thought that Azusa might suddenly time travel? Or is he in so much more pain? He had these thoughts, realizing that his mind is travelling somewhere again, he shook his head and waited for Azusa to finally get close to him.

Before she could react he pulled her into a hug, "I'm sorry. I know why you are pushing through with your training and yet instead of helping you and supporting you I actually told you to stop. I just showed you that I can't trust you that you will succeed in your training. Just as how much you trusted me during my trainings."

Azusa was momentarily shocked by his sudden movement before she hugged him back, "I'm sorry too for being selfish but I really do wish for you to support me in this."

She looked up at him, "I really wish to help this world and support everyone. If I can in any way then I want to do so with my utmost. Everyone have been doing that all this time."

Mamoru caressed her cheek, "How can I decline that now when you look at me with those determined eyes?"

He chuckled, their eyes locked with each other. The sunset giving a different ambiance to their surrounding. Azusa couldn't look away from his eyes, like it was a magnet. Mamoru slowly closed the distance between them, despite being together for more than two years they never shared a kiss. Hugs or kisses on the cheek was all they did.

This time the setting sun bare witness to the first time their feelings connected much more with each other. The kiss they shared held both uncertainty to their future and trust that no matter what happens they will surely love each other.

They didn't notice how their ten friends were actually watching from a distance. Silently being happy for the two of them. They were able to reconcile in such a short span of time. Now all of them have no more worries of having their minds on other matter.

Hideyoshi held Feena's hand as he looked at her lovingly. Natsuki stood beside Nana as he too looked at her. Suzuki was the one who approached Theo and stood beside him, he just smiled at her then returned his eyes to their friends.

The other four stood there comfortably as they too felt happy that Mamoru and Azusa have reconciled. Even though their fight was short lived, it was still a good thing that it ended earlier.

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