She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 179

Volume 7 Chapter 179 She Could Only Sigh

"That is enough for today, you've really done a great job. A day and a half of training and you are able to reach this point. The only thing that's left is for you is to do it without running," Eureka complimented as she pat Azusa's shoulder.

Looking to the other side, Raven and the others have obviously improved their energies tremendously. That was their plan, in order for their body not to explode after receiving a sudden boost of energy, they had trained everyday just so their bodies would accommodate the energy. And their improvements were truly remarkable, even the other knights without rank could feel how their energies were on par with the head knights already.

"I really am jealous to the young ones," Ichiro said. All the kings and head knights were by the wall where they can see the training that's going on on the lake.

"They can improve so much in a short span of time," Shigure then added.

"But they have given up a brighter future for all of them," the headknight of the Confederate Kingdom then said.

"The way they decided so easily, they are already prepared. They'd rather have a lesser bright future rather than die in the upcoming war. And even if we all win this without them taking such drastic measures I'm pretty sure that the damage would be far too much," Yukimura added.

"But I actually wish that abilities no longer exist in this world," Akihiro said as he watch all his children.

Until now he could still feel a gap between him and Eureka. And until now he still has no idea how to lessen that gap. He doesn't know how to act in front of her as a father. He could only sigh and wish that time would allow the two of them to mend the relationship they have strained after being a knight and a king for so long. He even got mad at her yesterday, really the only time he could be straight forward towards her was when he is angry.

No, that incident closed the gap a little. She was able to call him something else for the very first time.

"I guess that would be the best choice as well. That our world would stop relying on abilities, the maybe even just for a longer time. Much longer than a thousand years we would be able to live in peace," Haruka too added. After her abilities were sealed she had lived as a zero for more than 30 years. Becoming a knight with her physical ability alone. After that she had enjoyed her life in Archic as a plain person who studied medicine. Truly it was an enjoyable moment, no one other than that Gato, coveted her ability. She had lived in blissful peace.

She looked at the happy look dancing in Akihiro's eyes and felt happy for him as well. At the same time she is a bit jealous, maybe she should get angry at her as well?

Remembering how much their kingdoms have suffered as well, even Ichiro and Shigure started thinking in such a way. A world where abilities are no longer needed.

They all fell silent thinking of the same thing, a world with no abilities. A world where all of them work with only their physical and mental abilities. Would such a day come?


"Eureka where did yo go?" Azusa then asked as she sat there taking a rest. Both of them watching the others train. Eureka tilted her head as she looked at Azusa.

"That day when I first trained, you told Mamoru that my training would resume the day after the next. But then we resumed now three days after. Where did you go?"

Eureka realizing what she meant nodded her head and thought for a bit. The place where she went to had a different time somehow. The first time they went there the time outside was slower, the second time she went the time outside was faster. She didn't expect that and ended up disappearing for two days. A lot of people was searching for her. She went there without anyone knowing about it and so when she disappeared a lot became nervous.

They thought that she went out of the kingdom, outside the barrier.


Upon coming out of the secret passage, she accidentally found, towards that place, she felt how anxious the whole kingdom have become. She could feel their energies going to places after places. With a furrowed brows she came out of the forest close to he academy. The first person to feel her was Hideyoshi who had trained under her regarding aura sensing. Upon announcing to them where she came out, she was suddenly welcomed a large group of people.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO!!" of course the first person to shout at her was non other than Akihiro.

This startled her so much. She thought she was just gone for an hour, why are all of them angry and worried about her?

"I must apologize but I don't quite get why you are getting mad at me. I just went out for a walk," she asked confusedly.

Everyone looked at her as if asking is she in a dream?

"*sigh* You were gone for two days. No one could find you or even a trace for you," Raven finally said seeing how she truly has no idea why all of them are searching for her.

Her eyes grew wide, she didn't expect that. Her time in there was slower? But the last time it was faster right? They were only gone from daylight to night time back then, but the time they spent there was longer than a day. That's what they felt. And now she was actually gone for two days? That place surely is distorted.

"For starters, please allow me to apologize," she bowed down in front of Akihiro, she can feel it the worry he has. At the same time the fear and she knows why he felt that way.

Cause what happened felt like she had left without saying good bye at all. She just up and went away and that scared him. Looking at Haruka, she had remnants of tears in her eyes, so Eureka could tell that she must have cried. Eureka could only sigh inside, really her disappearance once again hurt them. She really didn't want that but she always do so.

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