She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 180

Volume 7 Chapter 180 How Much She Yearn

"Where did you go?" Akihiro asked for the second time, this time much calmer.

"I was training and I really didn't know that time flew by just like that. It was all my mistake, I really am sorry," she replied her eyes showing remorse and this instantly melted the anger that was inside of Akihiro.

This girl just truly sometimes didn't think about time when she trains but can she just be at least be aware that there are people who worry about her already? It was not that easy to actually think that she went out on her own again. They have a feeling of her planning something that is dangerous enough but she was planning on doing it on her own all over again. And that is what worries him and Haruka, it has not been long since the last time they found out about her being their daughter.

He has no idea, completely has no idea and Haruka have no memories of her, basically this girl was suddenly thrown at them with the identity of their child. If it was others they wouldn't believe it willingly but the feeling they get from her was more than enough to tell them that she is indeed very very important to them.

And her sudden disappearance caused them to realize this even more. How infuriating that she has no idea how they really feel this way because of her selfish actions.

"*sighs* Go and spread the news, Eureka have returned. All those searching for her could cease doing so already," he faced the others and said defeated.

Nana and Rino came close to Eureka. Nana hugged her tight while Rino hit her in the head. This action actually startled her, ever since coming here she was never hit this way. Maybe because she had always been aloof to the people around her. The only things she experienced was them patting her head.

She chuckled because of this, after the two of them Haruka went and hugged her as well, "Stop disappearing just like that. It is not good for our hearts."

"I'm really sorry," she replied her voice was truly filled with an apologetic tone.

"You must be hungry, shall we eat? You also need to rest. To actually train two straight days you must have not stopped and didn't eat or rest. Shall we now?" Haruka guided her.

Akihiro just followed them quietly, Haruka then nudged Eureka. Despite the two of them not being close, Akihiro have shown great worry when no one could find Eureka for two days. That's why Haruka knows that Eureka really needs to talk to him.

Eureka sighed and walked slower just to match Akihiro's pace. A few minutes after the two of them walked side by side, she finally spoke, "I really am sorry for worrying you…. Father."

Akihiro abruptly looked at her upon hearing her call him in such a way. Emotions flooded him as he look at Eureka who couldn't look him in the eye after saying it. It has an awkward sound on it but she thought that it might be the only way for him to stop being mad.

Akihiro, with tears at the edge of his eyes, smiled at her reaching his eyes and patted her head. The sound of it was truly warm. The same way when Nana and Rino first called him in such a way. Eureka's face was completely red after he had patted her head, she then went ahead and walked in front with Nana and Rino. They asked her what's wrong to which she just shook her head.

"I've heard that, aa~aah I'm truly jealous. She haven't even called me mother yet. You beat me to it," Haruka said as she walked beside Akihiro. Akihiro laughed happily, the anger and worry he had felt seemed to have disappeared in an instant as he basked in happiness with the way Eureka had called him.

(End of Flashback)

"Hey, come on now, don't just nod at me. Where did you go?" Azusa asked returning Eureka into the present.

"Somewhere, I already told you I was training."

"But what kind of training was it? You were already strong enough, I can understand if its just physical but you disappeared for two days. Those who checked the forest couldn't even find you."

"I just did something that would help us in the upcoming battle. Just let it go and focus on your own training," Eureka replied as the two of them watch the others approach them. They too had finished their training for the day.

"What are you talking about?" Hideyoshi asked, being the nosy one as always.

"Nothing much, so how are your bodies?" Eureka replied, this implied that Azusa should keep quiet about what they talked about.

"Feels greater than before. It's just a bit sad that this is a limited time. And once it is over we would become weaker," Karen replied as she pouts.

"Might be, ability term that is. But you can always train your bodies. That is way much better," Eureka replied.

"I can hear a deeper meaning to what you just said," Rino said as his brows was once again furrowed.

"I'm just saying, the world having abilities brought darkness into the light. Far stronger to the point where it can even destroy worlds after worlds. But if we all have no abilities I think that the only darkness we all will face would be the darkness of heart. But that would be easier to defeat rather than this power wielding one," she said as her eyes looked far ahead, even farther from what they can see. As if she was looking at something else.

She then looked at them as if sensing the questions they're about to throw at her, "What do you think? It may not be peaceful but isn't it much better than what we currently have? We still can work even though we have no abilities. We can still eat, we can still train as normal knights. We only need to worry about our blood loss, rather than worry about it at the same time energy loss. Lesser problem right?"

Her face was that of happiness. They can tell how much she yearn for such, she had suffered more than everyone after all. Just because of their abilities.

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