She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 181

Volume 7 Chapter 181 The Reserve

"Our training for today is for you to not run but to release the same energy as when you are running, when you succeeded in creating enough amount of energy to time travel," Eureka started explaining.

"Just think, don't move your body but feel like you are moving it. You're not running but your mind tells you you are. Once you are able to visualize that then start running faster on your mind. The reason why this was a very rare one was because people never tried to run with their minds. They always think that it is impossible, how can you run when you are running? And so no one thought of it other than your ancestor. That also became your edge, your bloodline have already done it once, twice, thrice."

Azusa nodded firmly, not in her wildest dreams did she ever thought that she would have a pivotal role in saving their world. Back then she was just a normal speed ability user, her father disappeared and she was left alone.

Because of her sudden rise in position, she was bullied and became a punching bag. Her hatred grew and even reached her precious friends. She became a person full of hatred and tried to kill her friends.

It was then that Eureka appeared, her savior, her hero, her knight and shinning armor. When she thought her life was nothing and it's better off being gone, Eureka woke her up and made her realize how much she had neglected the only person who truly loves her, her mother.

Her life turned for the better but was short lived when she was kidnapped. She thought maybe that was her payment for everything she had done. And yet for the second time around she was saved by Eureka. She had woken her up and instructed her. When the battle ensues and she almost stabbed Karen once again she thought it was over but was once again stopped.

From then on it had really turned for the better. She became stronger and a bonus was even added, she and Mamoru are now together. And all of that happened because of Eureka who once again was patiently training her.

"No matter what you need me to do. I shall do it," she declared to which startled Eureka but returned it with a smile.

"I just need you to be strong even after this war, no matter what happens stay strong and remember that everyone will always be by your side."

Their training then continued. It didn't took her long enough until she was able to create the energy needed for time traveling. True to Eureka's words it was indeed taxing but the fact that she was able to accomplish it in just a week was already fulfilling enough.

Even the others, they were able to use their abilities at an even higher level. Far far stronger that they were before.

"I say, all of you are truly amazing. I can also say that you all are very much ready for the final wave. It won't be long though, I can feel the seal barrier weakening and I can tell that they are also very near."

Their faces changed drastically. Eureka's words were true, the time they have now are very much limited. The times they enjoyed themselves to the times they worked hard on their training. Everything was limited.

"Now, don't look like that. If I am not mistaken, we have one last week before everything will start. What do you say we enjoy ourselves for one last time? Shopping, eating and just having fun?"

The others pursed their lips. It had been Eureka who kept telling them about enjoying themselves. But it felt like she was giving them one last memories with her. Obviously they still couldn't get out of their minds the fact that Azuma stayed as a guardian while the others forget about him. They couldn't help but be scared, what if they forget about Eureka as well?

Before anyone can reply Eureka walk towards them and stretched out her hand, "Would you accompany me for the next few days?"

Everyone was once again left speechless. She actually made the first move and even did something like this. If it was in the past she would have brushed off the thought of getting together with someone. But now…

He could only sigh, the last time he hugged her, they both understand that something painful is coming for the both of them. He clenched his hands, he didn't want to accept her stretched out hands.

She smiled and instead took his hand, "Don't reject me now. Don't do anything you would regret. That's what I learned the most from everything that has happened to all of us. Even the things that happened to Azuma and the others."

He gritted his teeth before finally holding her hand back, "Why? Why do you have to be like this now?"

"Because now is the only time I could be like this. Just let me be. Hmm?"

He pulled her hand and hugged her tight, they no longer care. The reserve they always have whenever the others are around or the reserve they have because of their duties, everything even just for these last days, even just for a bit, they would forget about them.

"I can't breathe," she smiled sadly at what he had done. The past times she can still hold back, but thinking about the future ahead of them. Just for a bit she just wanted to let go and do as what her heart says.

"Shall we guys then?" she then looked at the others and smiled, urging them to just say yes and go with them.

The others didn't want to cry, this is not the time for that. They all looked at each other and silently agreed. Accepting her offer at the same time. That's right they will have their last enjoyment, one last time before they face the death god himself.

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