She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 182

Volume 7 Chapter 182 Nana And Natsuki

"Ah, you don't-"

"Allow me to do it," Nana stopped Natsuki's words.

All of them are currently in a diner. Their orders have arrived and Nana started placing food on Natsuki's plate.

Natsuki could only accept her offer. In reality last night they spoke about what is going on between them.


"You do know I'm courting you right?" Natsuki, after inviting Nana for a talk in the garden of the castle, asked.

Nana smiled before looking back up at him, "And you do know the reason why I still can't right?"

This is the first time they spoke about the two of them. Because Nana kept trying to avoid it as much as possible. But with the upcoming war and the uncertainty of everything, Natsuki could no longer hold back and asked.

"I love her, I love her so much that I couldn't find myself being happy when I know that she is suffering all on her own. Even fi she chose that path on her own. I want to stay beside her as much as possible. Is that too much?" Nana looked at him her eyes full of pain for her sister and for him.

Natsuki shook his head. He arrived before they found out about her. He had more time, he spent with her than the time she spent with Eureka as her sister. And he knows that is what truly made her guilty. She didn't want to be happy all on her own.

He could only sigh, 'To Understand' truly those two words does not only define the other two but everyone as well. A messed up world is what all of them have right now. A really really messed up world.

"No, I understand. I just want to be certain. But even if there's still uncertainties, I would still wait to the day you can finally think for yourself without thinking about other people's happiness," he smiled sadly before patting her head in the most affectionate way.

When he left, when he turned his back he didn't see the tears that flowed from her eyes. She was looking at the back of the person whom she loves once again. But right now, he was leaving because it was her choice. Her choice to be alone.

She was shocked when suddenly she was embraced, "Stop that now will you. Stop being stupid and follow whatever your heart desires. Don't shackle yourself with unnecessary things. Never tie yourself down with my well being. Isn't this one of the reasons why I didn't want to tell all of you of who I really am? Don't hurt yourself, cause that will hurt not just our parents, not just Rino but it would hurt me as well."

She released Nana and wiped her tears, "We have talked already. Both Raven and I already have an understanding. So just go and grab your own happiness… elder sister."

More tears came out, those words all of them were waiting for it. For her to call them the way a family do so.

"Geez, I just told you to stop crying. Why are crying even more?" she chuckled as she wiped Nana's tears away.

"Thank you, for being born, Lil sis," Nana chuckled as she hugged Eureka one more time.

(End of Flashback)

Natsuki have already resigned himself that he would only make a move once everything was over. But he was completely confused at Nana's actions. She had been too attentive to him for the whole day that all of them were roaming around.

And so just as all of them were going their separate ways, he held her hand back and pulled her to the lake.

This confuses him so much, why is she doing a push pull act now? Didn't she just practically told him that there's no point for the two of them to be together right now?

After letting her hand go, before he could even open his mouth.

"I'm really sorry," Nana bowed and apologized. She knows, she knows why he is mad right now. She just rejected him last night and then the very next day she was acting all close to him? Who wouldn't get mad?

"What is it really Nana? What do you really want. I Love you but even I am getting confused of what is really going on in your mind. This cold and hot thing of yours. I don't get it."

He was frustrated, is she playing with his feelings? Or is she having a dual personality? But instead of a serious reply he was answered with a chuckle.

His brows furrowed upon seeing this, her face was red but she was giggling? As if realizing the turmoil in his head she stood up and faced him properly.

"Did you know? That this is the first time I heard you say you love me? Even in the past you would just court me or tell me if I am willing to be with you. Not once did you say that you love me. Hmmm those words seemed familiar. Anyway I never thought hearing it would make someone so happy," her smile reaching even the depths of her eyes. A smile that would make anyone think that the flowers are finally blooming.

Matched with the moonlight, seriously their bloodline is indeed wonderful. Such rare beauty.

Natsuki blushed with the way she look right now and words she just said. She didn't answer his question but even the very very very, that tiny bit of anger he was feeling a while ago disappeared in that instant. That's when he to realized, she came from a relationship where the other never said he loves her. And he just did the same, no matter what he says not once did he say he loves her.

She stopped giggling and stood up straight, her face filled with seriousness, "Right after you left last night, a little angel hit me hard of how stupid I currently am. She was right, I never should think about someone else happiness when I myself aren't happy yet. How can I say that she is happy when what I myself am feeling sad? And so I decided, even if you try to stay away from me, which you actually did since not once did you speak with me ever since this morning other than when you tried to stop me from putting food on your plate, I will pull you back. This time no more push pull game, just plainly pull you towards me and never let you move away."

She then very delicately and very elegantly curtsied in front of him, "Prince Natsuki of Confederate Kingdom can I have the honor to be the only woman to stand by your side, despite any difficulties you might face or joyous occasions that might come your way? Can I have the honor of being the person who will support you all through out everything unti both of us gets old and could no longer fight in the front lines?"

Natsuki couldn't move. She had practically asked his hand for marriage, not just to be his lover but be his wife. An overwhelming feeling enveloped his heart as he pulled her up and enveloped her in a warm embrace, "Silly do you really have to ask? You are the very first person who caught my eye in a way far different than others. Just your presence alone filled the gap left by the murder of my mother. Of course, I am more than willing to spend my whole life with you."

Nana felt happiness wash over her and hugged him as tight as she could. This is a feeling she never felt before not even when she was with Raven.

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