She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 183

Volume 7 Chapter 183 Karen And Rino

This happened just as their training to adapt to the boost in energy happened.

the Earth ability within Karen said. He split himself into two, one was within Karen while another was within Mamoru.

Karen replied as more sweat appeared in her forehead.

he couldn't help but ask.

Karen just gritted her teeth as she increased the energy she is adapting to. She was the weakest among them, she is certain about that. Hideyoshi improved tremendously when he improved his senses and with his and Feena's Ice combined ability, even Feena who has much more control over her ability than her and Azusa. Azusa have a pivotal role now, she is far stronger adding to the fact that she is a dual wielder already. Mamoru have always have good control over his ability, isn't that why he and Raven was able to create the Magma combined ability even without Eureka's guidance. Raven and Eureka are already monsters.

Basically within their group, she was the only one left behind. If she don't strengthen herself even more then she would really be the weakest. She is not jealous of them, she admire them but instead she is mad at herself, to always goof around. She hates this fact now.

Of course Eureka noticed this but seeing the determined look on Karen's face she didn't stop her. After all she was just like Karen. Rino who just finished his training saw Eureka's face as she look at Karen. When he too looked at her, his brows furrowed. After all their training, they stay a bit longer and she acted like she normally did, jolly and goofy.

When all of them finally said their goodbyes, Karen went behind the academy just near the forest. As she lean in one of the trees, she coughed up two mouth full of blood. She had been trying her best to act fine and she was thankful no one noticed.

"Just as I thought, you went oveboard," a vioce came from behind when she was about to collapse and caught her in the waist.

Looking up it was actually Rino, he has a serious look on his face. Her eyes grew wide before she tried to stand straight.

"Don't bother or you might cough up more blood," he said seriously as he carried her. This was near the academy and if he was not mistaken, Akito, the imperial doctor, has his duty in this very place on this day.

"You- Your Highness, I- I can walk," Karen said fl.u.s.tered. He was carrying her in the princess way!!

"You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to those around you. Eureka noticed what you were doing but didn't say anything. Might be because she was just like you being too reckless. But I can berate you for doing so," he replied firmly as they enter the building where the clinic was in.

Some who are still learning from the teachers despite the current situation they are in saw the two of them Of course everyone knew the face of the prince and they also know the face of Karen who have been saving the kingdom multiple times.

Once again they have something to gossip, a new topic and a new item. Why would the prince bring miss Karen into the school in such away when she has no visible wounds?

Karen could only hide her face with her hair, she is embarrassed at the same time she is fl.u.s.tered, this is the very first time the two of them are in such close proximity, her heart couldn't calm down.

Soon they arrived at the clinic, Rino went straight to Akito's office which has a bed on it. Akito who was reading seriously was startled when the two of them entered.

"Wha- What happened, your highness?" he asked as he followed Rino's movement until he placed Karen on the bed.

Rino faced him and pointed at Karen using his thumb, "A stupid person went over board with her training and I have no idea if she has damaged her self internally but she coughed up some blood."

Akito was startled and immediately checked Karen. Karen could only oblige, Rino was staring down at her as if saying, try to say your fine and I would not allow you to leave your house until the day of our battle.

After doing some tests, Akito told Karen that she just need a few days of rest. Her body was not accustomed to the energy she was trying to adapt and that caused her body to take a negative effect.

"I know we are short in time, but please slowly doing it is better than rushing. Don't add another Eureka on my list of always injured patient," he then finished before sending them away.

"Can you stand?" Rino asked.

"Yes, yes, I can. Thank you very much," Karen answered as she stood up.

They then said their goodbye and thanks before leaving.

"Did you see? Did you see?" Kaoru asked as he and Akito watch the two leave.

Akito didn't answer.

"Those eyes, it's those eyes. I can see the anger as he watch you treat her but within was the worry. I'm sure he was dead worried when he saw her. Tsk Tsk these two I can see another addition to my collections of lovebirds," Kaoru still continued.

"What are you doing here Kaoru?"

"I'm just here to visit you."

"Visit? More like you escaped from your duties once again," Akito replied as he turned his back and started walking away.

"Don't be like that now, I just missed my best friend," Kaoru pouted as he followed him.


Sitting in a bench, Rino handed a drink to Karen before sitting beside her.

"I know your anxious, I can see that. But don't push your body. Even if you think you are not improving we who are observing you can see how much you became stronger. I may have only been with you guys for almost four years or so but I can tell that your improvement didn't lag behind others."

Karen looked at him, he was observing her?

Rino seeing her look could only look away, "What I'm saying is, just be yourself. You are much better this way. You give a light atmosphere within the group whenever you are around."

"Your highness?" Karen said as she look at him straight in his eyes.

Rino could only stare back at her.

"I know you still have a lot of things in your mind, but I won't rush you. So is it alright for me to lo-"

Rino placed a finger on her lips, stopping her from speaking, "Don't say it."

Pain crossed her eyes upon hearing his sentence, she could only bow her head when tears are about to come, "I understand."

"You should go back home and rest," he then stood up and turned his back on her, "And..."

She looked back up when he started talking again.

"I'm looking forward to what you are about to say once everything is over."

After finishing his sentence he walked away from her. Leaving her completely speechless. But soon a happy smile appeared on her face reaching her eyes.

"Just you wait, I'll say it as long as I can. Until you say those words toward me as well."

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