She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 184

Volume 7 Chapter 184 Suzuki And Theo I

The very next day after roaming around town, just as Theo was walking towards the lake. Someone jumped unto him. He wasn't surprise of being jumped at because he became ascqquasinted with the others auras already.

He was just startled that she actually jumped at him hugging him tight from behind. When he faced her, he was even more shock to see that she was actually crying.

Fl.u.s.tered he asked as he cupped her face, "Wha- What happened?"

"Please help me?" she begged as she tears drop even more from her beautiful brown eyes.


"Why father? Why now? It could have wait after the war is over. WHy did you have to arrange me now to someone when we are in the middle of the war and to add to that when the time is very very close?"

"Precisely because the time is short. You're old enough now and I became very much acquainted with his father."


"No more buts, you shall be meeting him tomorrow," Ichiro said with finalization. He was kind and all but very strict with his daughter he even wanted this, that he shall be the one choosing the person whom she has to marry.

But just as he turned around, "NO!! I already have someone with me. I love him and he loves me, no matter what you say I won't marry the person you are arranging me to as long as it is not him."

Of course fury appeared within Ichiro's heart, didn't she know that he only wanted the best for her? Why is she rejecting now?

"Fine, then bring that man in front of me tomorrow morning. Allow him to show me how he can stand by your side."

"Fine," she said full of confidence but who will she bring when she really has no lover right now?

(End of Flashback)

"You were so bold in telling him that you have someone by your side," Theo could only shake his head.

He noticed it, how bold this girl could be sometimes. But that boldness of hers sometimes brings her harm.

Even that one time when she tried to stand on top of a tower and boldly walk at the edge, if he wasn't there and saw her fall, she would have died such a death. He was able to catch her because of his ability to fly freely.

When he asked her what the hell she was doing there, she just grinned and said that the wind feels nice. He got mad at her for such an act, but then the others heard about such incident and while the boys are together.

Natsuki told them that her mother was a Wind ability user. She would always do that whenever she felt sad, she would go on a high place and feel the Wind, in that way she would feel like her mother was there consoling her.

Thinking about it that was the time when Confederate just came to Aurora Kingdom, she just lost her home.

From then on, whenever he saw her on a high place he would just quietly watch over her, making sure the wind was regulated properly, for her not to fall again.

"And why are you crying now? You brought this upon yourself," he still reprimanded.

She could have just explained properly to her father that she didn't want to get married or anything.

"*sniffs* Because... because... Please just help me. Just this once? Please?" she begged him with her red eyes and red nose.

Theo couldn't help but sigh, really, he really can't say no this girl.

"Fine," he replied.

Suzuki's tears instantly stopped and she grinned, like a child who was given the candy she ahd been asking for. Theo smiled defeatedly and poked her in the forehead.

"But once everything settles you have to tell your father how you truly feel," he reminded her, maybe this will also be the best time for him...

She nodded eagerly and told him where they should meet. Well it was just at the house where the Confederate Kingdom royalty are residing.

On the other side, Ichiro was pacing back and forth. Just who is it that secretly get his daughter to be in a relationship with him? Just thinking about it infuriates him so much.

"Your highness, princess Suzuki have arrived," one servant informed.

Even though Natsuki was the righful heir, people became accustomed into calling Suzuki princess.

"Let her in."

With a grim face he sat down and glanced on one side of the room.

He watched as Suzuki entered while holding a man's hand. His face became grimmer, he then look up to the face of the man and was momentarily shock and unconsciously glancing back to the side of the room he glanced a while ago.

"This prince greets his highness," Theo respectfully said.

He somehow suddenly became nervous, why would that be? Its like his father caught him doing something wrong.

"At ease," Ichiro replied still sternly.

Theo and Suzuki stood there in the middle as they wait for Ichiro to start speaking.

"I can't accept you," was his first words and without waiting for any reaction he continued, "You are a prince of another kingdom. I can't have that."

"Your highness, if you are talking about teh silent rule, we've already established that it was all a lie."

"That's not why I am against it, you and her lives on two opposite sides of the world. Do you think I would allow my daughter to live on a faraway place all on her own where I can't protect her?"

"Then I shall protect her."

"*scoffs* You will protect her? You have so many duties, how can you be sure that you will know everything that happens to her while you are doing your duties? That girl loves keeping everything to herself."

"And you *turns to Suzuki*, of all people why do you have to choose the prince of another kingdom? And without my knowledge?"

"Cause I know that you will react this way. I love him and thats all that matters to me. If you are worried about me being bullied, then don't worry father cause I won't allow that myself. I will make sure that you won't need to worry about me and he won't have to always keep his eyes on me."

Tha father and daughter stared at each other, no one wanted to back down.

"Your highness," Theo stepped in catching their attention.

"I might be incompetent in so many ways. To be honest I don't even deserve the title of a prince for I always run off somewhere playing around. But ever since meeting princess Eureka, prince Natsuki and, most of all, princess Suzuki, everything have changed. They always do their duties like their lives depend on it. I became motivated in changing the way I live and the way I do things. I started thinking that I wanted to properly do things, do it that I won't put my title and most of all my father into shame. All of that was because I met them."

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