She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 185

Volume 7 Chapter 185 Suzuki And Theo Ii

Ichiro stared at Theo. Observing all these people he saw how playful this kid could become as well. But his current seriousness actually befits that of a king. His eyes and the way he stood, a king through and through.

"Princess Eureka. Isn't she the one you love? Don't thinki I didn't hear about this," Ichiro still said.

Suzuki could only smile sadly, that is true, she still has no idea how Theo feels right now.

"Allow me to correct that, your highness. I have loved her. But even that love couldn't compare to how much I feel towards Suzuki. When I confessed to Eureka and she rejected me telling me that it was a different love, I didn't believe her. Even after knowing that she was my cousin,I know my love was still different from that of familial love. But when Suzuki arrived in my life, I finally knew what she meant. Because right now, *faces Suzuki* I have come to love you more than I ever felt before. More than what I felt towards Eureka, more than what I feel towards my parents."

Suzuki was taken a back. Why does it feel like he was seriously confessing now? But he never showed any sign, he must just be doing this for their act. She convinced herself.

"Do you think that I would allow you to decide on such thing on your own?" another voice butt in and from the side where Ichiro was glancing a while ago came out Shigure.

"Father," Theo blurted out, no wonder he felt like his father caught him doing something wrong, he was actually here all along.

"Are you going to stop me then?" still Theo asked boldly.

Shigure smiled before he started laughing, he then looked at Ichiro, "Sorry I don't think I could be on your side right now. I never saw this son of mine this serious before."

Both Theo and Suzuki was confused.

"I was here because we are finalizing, princess Suzuki and our current head knight's son's engagement. But seeing how you defend her. I think I would switch side.That is..."

Shigure explained before looking seriously with a bit of anger on Theo and SUzuki, "Only if you are saying teh truth. If you are lying then the consequences won't be so little."

Suzuki couldn't help to have a step back, she brought Theo into this mess and seeing his father's look she can tell that he would be punished severely. She needs to stop this now.

She was about to open her mouth but was stopped when Theo held her hand tightly pulling her close to his side before putting his arm around her shoulders.

"I am serious," he replied without backing down.

Shigure nodded before looking back up at Ichiro who was thinking.

"Father, I knwo everything is too sudden for you but I really love this man. No matter who he is. Even if you disown me, I will still follow him. Even if he wasn't a prince I will still stay by his side. I only ask you to please approve of our relationship," Suzuki bowed down after saying all these. She somehow became serious with their lie.

After this she would pursue him nonstop until this lie becomes a reality. Right now she just wanted to by time until the war is over.

Ichiro's eyes then went to Theo.

"I too beg you. I no longer care about anything. That's what I currently feel. As long as I am with her I know everything will be fine," Theo said before he too bowed down.

"Than can I ask of it as well? This is the first time I saw my son like this after all," Shigure added.

Ichiro could only sigh and agree. Still saying that their marriage should be done once everything is settled.

Theo and Suzuki happily obliged before leaving the place.

"You do know they're lying right? About their relationship?" Ichiro said, of course he noticed the subtle hints that the two of them weren't actually together.

"Maybe at the beginning but I can tell, my son, for the first time, was actually serious about a girl. So don't worry I will also make sure that your daughter won't be put to harms way while she is in our kingdom."

Ichiro could only grit his teeth, in the end his daughter will still go faraway from him.


"What should we do? What should we do? What should we do?" Suzuki started panicking after going to where Hideyoshi trained with the wind before.

Theo had been trying to speak with her but she just couldn't stop panicking and repeating the same words over and over again.

He then sighed before pulling her face and kissing her in her lips.

"I'm serious okay. So stop panicking."

"Did you just kiss me?"

"I did. Now listen carefully. Everything that I said back there was all true. I love you. It wasn't a rebound kind but that of a genuine one."

"But... but.. We were just pretending."

"Do you think I would have gone with you if I was there to pretend? I would have smack you hard in the head and tell you to stop lying. But thinking that you will be engaged to another man, of course I wouldn't just sit back."

Suzuki could only stare dumbly at him.

"No matter what, I will fight for you remember that. But still you have to tell your father the truth that we weren't in a relationship yet when we faced him. And of course I will face him with you. I also need to tell my father about it."

"I- I'll go with you. Let's tell him together. But You really love me?"

Theo chuckled, "Didn't we have that little confession back then? When you stared at me after saying your definition I could only sigh defeatedly, after all what I did before that was just to glance at you secretly."

"The- Then even back then you already?"

Theo blushed before smacking her lightly in the head, "Let's go back now. We can confront our parents once this war is over."

Suzuki grinned, this day started bad for her, who would have thought that she would actually end it happily?

"I love you," she said as she cling unto his arm.

He smiled down at her, "As I love you."

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