She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 186

Volume 7 Chapter 186 Feena And Hideyoshi I

Feena was watching Hideyoshi swing his swords in the garden of their home. She came to visit him and upon arrival this is the scene she witnessed.

Hideyoshi who loves goofing around was actually training on his own. The sweat in his face and body indicates that he had been swinging his sword for quite a while now.

"Are you enjoying the view?" he spoke then stopped before looking at where she was standing. Obviously he knew she arrived, his sensing capabilities became stronger after all. Even after Eureka finished training him, he never stopped training. Making sure he can tell whose aura it was that was around him. He could only do this though because...

"I think?" she replied before finally stepping out to the garden and sitting down on one of the chairs placed in there. The table in front of her has a pitcher of water on it. She filled one glass and hand it out to Hideyoshi who approached her.

"It's amazing for you to actually train on your own, I never knew about this," she bemused as she watch him drink and then passing to him the cloth that was already prepared in there.

"Do I really look like someone who always goof around? Well I only do this from time to time though. My own concentration can't last that long," he replied before returning back to his place and continued swinging his sword.

Feena watched him closely, his serious look, the way he swhis sword, the way his hair would wave from time to time due to the force he was using. She really have fallen in love with someone who is totally amazing and captivating.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Did you know that Azusa was jealous of us because we never fight? She said," she then remembered back when Azusa and Mamoru had a fight. The wasy Azusa was jealous of her because she never fought with Hideyoshi. The was she laughed and said that it was only because they never noticed them fight.

After all even after becoming a couple they still have so many differences. And that caused them to clash even more whenever their decisions don't match.

She then started telling Hideyoshi about that question and the way she answered. After hearing the whole story he started laughing heartily. Seriously they were never that obvious? He thought it was obvious whenever the two of them fight, after all they wouldn't speak with each other for a day or two, some even for a week. And no one actually noticed?

Ah no, there might be a few. But hearing that there are still those who were clueless he couldn't help but laugh.

"Seriously remembering that fight makes me laugh," he said as he remembered the reason behind their fight the day before Eureka's incident.


"Thank you," Feena smiled as she accepted the chocolates that the other knight was giving her. She has a boyfriend and all of them knew about it but she still receive such gifts from time to time.

she thought as she look happily at the chocolates in her arms.

"Once again, you receive so many gifts, even though you have a boyfriend," Karen pouted as she look begrudgingly at the chocolates in Feena's arm.

Actually in the past she had received some as well but somehow for quite some time now, people stopped giving her, though she has no idea why.

Unknown to her, while all of them were roaming around town from time to time. People always see her beside the prince and the prince somehow releases some kind of aura whenever some would stare at her. From then on, tehy have speculated that she will be the prince girl. Touching her would be completely impossible, who would defy a prince?

Feena just grinned before she felt a piercing glare, looking around she didn't see anyone so she just shrugged it off. Little did she know that upon returning home before she could even set foot on her house, she will regret receiving such delights.

"What are you doing here? Did we have aplan of some sort?" she asked upon seeing Hideyoshi standing up waiting for her right in front of her door steps.

But she can't read what he was thinking, he has a poker face on and he just stared at her.

Furrowing her brows she asked what was wrong but Hideyoshi's eyes just went to the chocolates in her arms.

"Oh do you want some?" she asked upon noticing his look.

But to her surprise he actually slapped the chocolates away from her.

"Wha- What the hell are you doing?" she squat down and was about to pick them when Hideyoshi finally spoke.

"Try and pick them and I swear I'll never speak with you again," this declaration truly shocked her so she stared up at him checking if he was serious. Seeing that he is, she stood up with a furrowed brows.

"You really have no idea don't you? The reason why I'm angry with those?"

"Well, no, I don't."

"Isn't it obvious? You are receiving gifts from other men even though you already have a boyfriend."

"They're just chocolates," she still defended.

"GOD Feena, you really are impossible. Receiving chocolates from other knights who is not your boyfriend is still the same as accepting suitors."

"But I am not!!"

"You are!!"

"What is really wrong with you?!?"

"What is wrong with me? You really are asking what is wrong with me? Well isn't it simple, I am your boyfriend so basically I am jealous of seeing you receive gifts from other men."

He grabbed his hair in frustration, both of them are on their first relationsh.i.p.s but Feena is seriously clueless about all this. Does she really need an example in order for her to understand?

"They know that I have a boyfriend why are you being jealous now?" she still asked as she started raising her voice more.

"That is the point, they know you have a boyfriend but still tried to give you gifts and you accepting it allows them to think that they still have a chance and what we had was nothing but a joke!!"

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