She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 187

Volume 7 Chapter 187 Feena And Hideyoshi Ii

"Wha- Aren't you over reacting right now? Don't you think that this is being a bit too childish?"

"Then tell me, when I receive gifts from others and smiled at them thanking them even for it. Even showing those around me that I have received those gifts would you be happy?" Hideyoshi finally asked in frustration.

"Well, they are just gifts," she still replied.

Hideyoshi could only shake his head, "Then you really don't love me enough."

That was his final sentence before he left her there just outside her door.

Feena didn't bother with her chocolates and just slammed the door behind her. She skipped dinner and went straight to her bed. His words resounding to her mind and she couldn't help but cry, she loves him, she loves so much. Why did he have to say that?

The next morning, before the attack happened she had prepared herself to apologize to him even she still was not convinced that she was entirely at fault.

But upon arriving to the plaza she witnessed him receiving a home baked cookies from another girl. He hesitated at first before accepting it and thanking the girl while smiling.

She then felt a prick in her heart, she could only hold her chest as she was shocked about this feeling. It was painful, seeing him smile at another girl and receiving a gift that she didn't make herself.

<"Then tell me, when I receive gifts from others and smiled at them thanking them even for it. Even showing those around me that I have received those gifts would you be happy?">

She then remembered what he said the night before. Is this what he meant? Then she really wouldn't be happy about it, she even wanted to cry right now. They just had a fight last night and right now he was even smiling at another girl.

Before she could approach them the attack happened. From the fight to when Eureka was stabbed, this was actually still bugging her.

That only changed upon seeing the blood from Eureka, experiencing seeing her being stabbed first hand she could not help but tremble. That was scary and somehow Hideyoshi's face came into her mind and it was suddenly him that was stabbed.

Her body could not stop from trembling even her face showed the terror her mind was currently in. She hugged herself and stood at the side as they wait outside the operating room.


Hideyoshi who was also in shock was brought back to the present by Theo who pointed at Feena. When he looked on her side, he felt a stab in his heart. She looked like he would collapse any moment now. Her face contorted in fear and her body didn't stop trembling.

His anger instantly disappeared as he walked fast towards her, he enveloped her in an embrace as he caress her hair, "Its alright, its alright she'll be fine."

Feena who was suddenly enveloped in a warm embrace looked up at him as tears stream down on her face, "Please don't like someone else? Please don't leave me? Please don't die? I can't take it, if I saw you die in front of it, I can't take it."

Hearing her say this, he knew what she meant at first was what happened before the attack, then with the thought of him leaving her coupled with Eureka being stabbed right in front of her, he knew her imagination went haywire again. He hugged her tighter, "I won't don't worry. I won't die. I won't leave you either. I'l; stay by your side until we both get old."

This allowed feena to finally relax and bury her face in his chest, relaxing from the warmth he was giving her.

(End Of Flashback)

"Geez do you know how scared I was back then? I just witnessed a painful scene then suddenly it became a stabbing one," Feena pouted as Hideyoshi laughed.

After doing so, he smiled and approached her. Cupping her cheek, "Did you know that I knew you were there? And that if I accept that gift you would witness it?"

"Yo- JERK!!" she never thought he knew.

Hideyoshi laughed as he kept evading her attacks before he embraced her and pulled her down with him as he lie down on the grass.

"I just want you to understand what I meant. But I was also in pain when I received the gift. I felt like I was betraying you."

Feena looked up at him stunned by his words. She thought of accepting gifts as nothing but he thought so seriously about it, "How did yu know I was there? There's so many people out there?"

"Did you know the reason why I really trained diligently with my senses? Why despite hating training so much I still got, on my own accord, Eureka to train me about it?" he asked as he put a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

Feena shook her head. He smiled as he looked down at her and as he cup her face once again. He really is lucky, Feena is truly a very beautiful person, inside and out.

"It's because I never wanted to lose sight of you. Even if millions of people are out there separating the two of us, I want to make sure that I will still find you no matter what. Etching in my mind and heart the shape of your aura, I wanted to always be the first person to find you whenever you are lost."

Feena suddenly teared up, he never said his reason for getting Eureka to train him, who would have thought it was all for her? Just how lucky could she get? To have someone do the things they hated the most just for her?

"Thank you and I love you," she said as she looked at him with her eyes full of love. The words came out naturally, she didn't felt awkward or anything at all. She genuinely felt like saying her feelings right now.

"As I love you," he replied before closing the distance between their lips.

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