She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 188

Volume 7 Chapter 188 Azusa And Mamoru

One time, right after the kingdom was isolated from the outside. Eureka called for Karen and Mamoru. With only the three of them, she had instructed them of something that initially found outrageous.

"We shall build an underground where all the people can leave," was her words. At first the two of them were perplexed. If she meant that all the people currently residing in the kingdom. Then that means, more than a million.

But how are they going to create such a place? Under Aurora Kingdom? Indeed in the surface it was large enough to hold all these people but if they create an underground one, they will create a whole with the same size as the kingdom. But how will the ground hold the surface then?

"That is why I'm giving the two of you this task. You have improved so much, in other terms the two of you are the closest to the earth. You will be able to feel just how deep you should dig in order for the surface not to collapse. And in the final phase, I and Kaoru, will create a seal around it, to make it sturdier."

They had wondered for a bit the reason she wanted this. And the answer was simple, during the war they shall be using this place for the common people. Of course in a war it is inevitable for the place to be under explosions and destruction.

Eureka thought ahead of time and wanted to create a little bit of a safe place for the people. Hearing this the two of them, though still unwilling for this is certainly a very big task and a very tiring one, accepted.

And so the subsequent days they have worked hard in order to create such a breathable place underground. At first it was very much tiring, then there training with the guardians start and Karen actually fell sick. The others knew about this and so when she got sick due to over training, Rino asked Mamoru to handle for a bit. Of course he could only comply, Karen didn't want to burden him but she also wanted to get strong fast. So he didn't blame her.

Even though his job became harder, he still has someone who constantly stayed by his side. Azusa who insisted that she can do some menial jobs while Karen was away, helped Mamoru as much as she can. One time as they were resting.

"We're finally halfway through," Azusa commented looking at the large place they currently were in.

"Hmmm," Mamoru replied half heartedly.

Azusa furrowed her brows and looked at him in confusion. She then saw him in a very deep thought as he look at the place they were creating. She reached out and touched his arm to get his attention. Mamoru who was thinking was brought back to the present by her touch.

"I want to build a family with you," he blurted out. As he stared at her after looking at the underground place, this random thought appeared in his mind.

Not once did they talk about having a family. Right now all of them were contented with the relationsh.i.p.s they have. It was tranquil and a joyous one. And with a bleak future ahead, the thought of a family somehow became a distant one for all of them.

They are aware of how difficult their situation is and knowing how the other worlds were destroyed, half of their hearts actually have doubts if they can win this. They were always positive but having a love one and someone you cherish so much, this thought, they couldn't help but have it.

Azusa was obviously startled by his sudden proclamation and could only stare at him. Mamoru seeing how shock she was chuckled before looking back at the enormous underground they have created.

"As I look at this place for the past few days and looking beside me where you stood and accompany me. This thought kept randomly appearing on my mind. 'Ah how nice would it be for us to build our own home.' And I'm saying not the ready bought one but the one we designed by ourselves."

He then looked lovingly at her, "When I was a kid, not once did I thought that I would have such feeling. I was focused in studying and getting stronger, I wanted to become like the head knight. Even back then when I became fond of you and started falling for you. It was the fondness of having someone you love and cherish was enough for me. But…"

He lightly touched the tip of her nose with his finger as he smiled warmly at her, "As I spent more time with you, getting to know you and loving you deeper. And then starting all this underground place. I suddenly wanted to have a family of my own. A warm place to come home where my children would run to me welcoming me. A place that the fragrance of food would welcome me as I enter the kitchen and there standing and welcoming me with her warm smile was the person I loved the most, you."

Azusa could only stare at him. Such declaration and loving remarks. He rarely use them, he wasn't as serious as Raven but he wasn't as open as Hideyoshi either. Just what had she done to deserve such a man?

Normally it was the woman who loves looking ahead in the future, only a handful of men would do such thing and currently she actually have him. The way he looks at her as he explained what was on his mind, she couldn't help but fall even deeper for him.

"Why are you crying now? I was telling you a happy future not a sad one," Mamoru said as he chuckled and wipe her tears.

"It is because I am so happy. I have done so many bad things and I have no idea if I was able to repay them. And yet here you are, someone I don't deserve was declaring in front of me how much he wanted to build a family with me. Just what have I done to deserve such good things?"

"Silly," he chuckled once again as he pulled her in an embrace, "You might have done all those things but it was due to the circ.u.mstances you were suddenly thrown in. And you have repayed all of it ten folds already. Just how many times have you fought for the kingdom? How many times did you do your best to become stronger just to keep the kingdom safe? And even now you were even fighting against your blood related father, just for this world. You have done more than enough."

The time the two of them spent wasn't long bt it wasn't short either but the love that Mamoru have shown her was more than enough to fill the gap in her heart that was left behind by her father.

That is why she was also became stable at finding out that their true enemy was her father. Because Mamoru was their beside her, who supported her nonstop.

And her friends that sisn't leave her either, even EUreka who was constantly pushing them away had stood up for her and even used her title for the very first and last time just for her.

Truly she is a lucky one.

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