She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 189

Volume 7 Chapter 189 Who Gave Her Life

In such a bright day, under an enormous tree, there sat a beautiful girl, sleeping peacefully as if she has no problems at all. As the cool breeze pass through her face, the closed eyes fluttered and slowly she opened them. She didn't know when but apparently she had fallen asleep. Might be because of her unending training causing her to reach her limits once again, but this sleep was truly the most peaceful she had for a while now.

She was once again by the lake, leaning on one of the trees. She came here a while ago to train what she had been training all this time, she just wanted to sit down for a quick rest but somehow she had fallen asleep.

Without looking around she felt someone leaning on the other side of the tree. Or her peaceful rest must also be because of someone who was nearby, without thinking much she called out to him, "Father."

The same word she had used for the first time not too long ago. The same word that caused him to be so emotional. Once again he heard it, once again he felt emotional. He really longed to hear it from her. The tightly knotted tie in his heart have somehow loosened for a bit.

Hearing her silent but peaceful voice he walked around and sat beside her.

"I was just walking around when I saw you here, seeing that you were sleeping deeply. I didn't know whether to wake you. But was also wondering why you didn't wake up. Someone have silently approached you after all," Akihiro asked baffled.

Eureka in the past was always so guarded that even the slightest movement near her would wake her up from her slumber.

"Maybe because subconsciously I know that I am safe. You stayed because I was alone right?" she asked. After so long finally she was able to have a normal chat with him.

Maybe because of the first time she had called him Father? Somehow the awkwardness have almost disappeared, though due to their packed schedule they didn't have the chance to talk at all.

"I'm very happy, to actually hear you call me father. I was very much guilt stricken and thought that maybe the time you would be able to call me father would be in the far future, so I didn't held much hope."

He wasn't looking at her, nor was she looking at him. Both of them were looking at the lake as if taking in all of its beauty during this peaceful day.

In reality, he saw her training here alone back in the balcony of his office. He knew that she had told everyone to go and enjoy their week. But despite her saying that to them, she was still the one who trained diligently. She wanted the others to rest but she herself didn't want to rest at all.

He didn't know what she was training from afar, she just looked like she was using one of her hands to train something. After seeing her sat down, he thought for a while before going down and wanting to have a chat with her.

The place was not far from the castle after all. The same as the academy, these three places were closest to each other. And yet upon arrival he saw her peaceful face and knew that she had actually fallen asleep.

"I thought that you only called me back then in such a way because I was angry, but hearing you say it once again today. I really am happy."

They were silent for a bit before Eureka opened her mouth, "As I grew older I never had the chance to call someone Father or Mother. Zu and Ao have a barrier surrounding them when it comes to this. And I know it is because they didn't want to rob you off of it. They have robbed us the time that we could spend together after all."

"As I stayed here, and was constantly told that I need to respect your titles. The familial connections, became thinner and thinner. Cause to be honest knowing who your family is and them not knowing who you are. Anyone would surely get hurt."

A tinge of guilt once again crossed Akihiro's eyes. Despite what he was feeling all those times. He didn't want to give her any special attention for she is a knight and he didn't want to give anyone any special treatments.

That's why even though his heart was against it he still grounded on her that she was just a knight and they are the royals.

Remembering those now he could only laugh bitterly at himself. He actually hurted his own daughter. Just what kind of father was he? Thinking about it, he was actually the most strict towards her. Such attitude, he never showed it to the other.

"I'm such a bad father aren't I?" he couldn't help but mock himself.

"Indeed you are."

How ruthless, was the only thing that came to his mind upon hearing her reply.

"But that was only because you were clouded by your emotions of me being an outsider. You were such a loving one towards Nana and Rino after all. And in your eyes back then I was nothing but a mere knight."

"You can feel something but you hated special treatments among your knights. So even though you wanted to care for someone like me, you stopped yourself and ended up becoming even more strict to me."

Akihiro once again smiled bitterly, she have seen through him from the very start. His father told him never to give any kind of special treatment to those under you. You can reward them and all but you must stay firm towards them.

It may not be all but there are those who became overconfident and even have the urge to bully others when they received such treatment from their king. That they thought the king was at my back.

It was a twisted mind but that is the nature of humans. Not all but some. That teaching was instilled at him and he did as he was told and yet the outcome was still the same.

Azusa was a good example, it may not be the way his father said but what happened was the opposite and he brought that upon her. He never wanted that to happen again and so he distanced himself from Eureka despite having some kind of connection with her.

To the point where he ended up pushing her too hard. And giving her a reason to stay further away from them and act indifferently towards the.

"That time when you left for two years. I've hurt you so much didn't I?"

Eureka smiled sadly, if she said no then she would be lying. Knowing who your family is and seeing the difference in treatment despite knowing the reason was because they don't know you. It was still painful.

Seeing the look in her face, Akihiro could only sigh as he closed his eyes leaning in the tree.

"You are a great father. Always remember that. The circ.u.mstances we were in was what brought you in such kind of decisions. You might have hurt me a lot of times. But even during those times do you know why I can never hate you?"

Akihiro opened his eye and looked at her.

"Because in your eyes, in its depths the same pain as what I was feeling would cross them."

"But you were blind back then..." he couldn't help but ask.

"I may have been blind but that blindness actually hightened my sensitivity towards feelings, so despite not seeing I can feel."

Suddenly remembering something she once again opened her mouth, "I once almost said I hate you back when the others were gravely injured. I am actually thankful to Raven when he stopped me, because those words I will never mean them. What I hated was the twisted things we were thrown into causing so many lives."

"Those events was what made even the other kings to make such decisions. We are all humans, we really can't do much when we already made a decision. So I'm going to apologize despite didn't saying it fully, I still said it half way."

This was actually something that was weighing on Akihiro's mind. He just couldn't bring it up himself. Her eyes back then was completely hurt and that is why he was wondering if she really hated him.

Tears unknowingly dropped from his eyes and the lightly loosened knot in his heart have completely untied upon hearing her sya that she didn't hate him.

Eureka smiled and handed him a handkerchief, "Thank you for giving life to me."

Akihiro finally understood why she had always said that her life could only be taken by them. Even though he already knew that he was her daughter.

It was because she had always, despite being estranged, held them in her heart as the ones who gave her life. And the reason why she was alive.

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