She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 191

Volume 7 Chapter 191 Not Yet Meant To Be

After their little moment, Akihiro and Haruka decided to return to the castle. Rino asked Eureka for a spar. Nana obviously decided to go with her parents. She is not as training addict as her siblings and she has no plans on being pulled into training as well.

As their swords met each other, Rino and Eureka spar for a while without speaking any words. The heaviness of Eureka's attacks were different from when they first sparred by that river bank. This time she is attacking much more seriously.

Rino took it seriously as well as he felt this. Her message was clear, this could be the last time so fight me like your life depended on it. In exchange, I shall fight you with everything I've got.

From the very start, when he asked her for a spar, he already has the question all of them, the ten of them, wanted to ask. Something even Raven evades to answer when they ask him or when they try to probe.

'Why do you seem like you're going to leave?'

Who wouldn't notice? When all this time she had been doing and saying things that are very much out of her character? Even Karen and Hideyshi, who were always the only one who couldn't get what they were talking about, got the hint from everything she have done. And most of all, since they knew about what happened to the first ones who sealed darkness.

But currently it seems that he already got the answer, 'Don't ask.' A very simple answer, she wanted them to focus on their training and on the battle. She didn't want them to have other thoughts in their minds, she didn't want them to get distracted with things involving her.

Not one of them brought up the topic about Azuma's group, all of hem tried to put it at the back of their minds. They didn't know if the outcome of the others would be the same as Azuma's group but one thing is for sure, Eureka have such future. This information was obviously omitted from the information they told to their parents.

The parents only thinks that the reduction of ability is the only price they have to pay. Like a tacit agreement, they never said anything to each other but all of them did the same thing and kept quiet about it.

They also knew that Eureka, who stayed behind back then for a few minutes, spoke a bit more with Azuma. They all wanted to ask about it. All those questions adding to the current ones. There's just too many.

"Your distracted," Eureka suddenly spoke up as she attacked causing Rino's sword to fly away.

Rino looked at his sword before looking back at Eureka and then shrugged.

"Just tell me already, what did you and Azuma spoke about when you stayed a few more minutes back then? Would the others become just like those four dragons? Would I and Nana be like Yuki and Atsuya? Would you be just like Azuma?Is that why your words were like you were leaving? But you promised you will be with us in the future, are you not going to fulfill that?" He asked non stop.

Eureka put back her swords, of course what she was using were the ability weapons. It was actually remarkable that Rino could keep up with them. Other than it releasing the owners ability, it also helps strengthen the sttack of the owner.

"That's so not like you, asking too many questions. Youw ere always the hmmmm silent type? Or serious one?" Eureka finally replied.

Rino's brows furrowed, seeing this Eureka could only shake her head. The two of them really are quite the same, when you don't take them seriously when they themselves are serious, that would just irritate them.

"Don't worry about being just like them, Azuma told me that they shall give us a gift. I have a feeling that their gift would be the price of being the guardians and spirits. I guess I forgot to say this to everyone. All of you must have been anxious. I should discuss this with the others. That's also what Azuma and I talked about back then. And I always fulfill my promise so don't worry about my words, the nerves must just be causing me to say things that are out of my character."

She walked to wards his sword and picked it up for him. The reflection of her eyes on the sword were that of a wavering one, 'I'd defy everything no matter what.'

She then turned around and looked back at Rino. Her eyes was back to its calm look. She walked towards him and handed his sword back.

"Stop thinking too much, everything will be alright, brother."

Rino knew she was still keeping something but the way she called him, he felt defeated. She knew all of them were waiting for her to call them as her family. And knowing he wouldn't stop until he gets answers from her, she distracted him by calling him 'brother'.

She shook his head and pat her head. Her eyes became sharp with this action as if saying, I'm not a kid. He laughed at her looks before messing her hair up and letting her go.

"Fine if you don't want to say anything I'll let you off so you must keep your promise."

If anyone would see him now, they would rub their eyes and blink them. Rino rarely smiles what's more he is laughing right now. His look that was already gentle became even more gentle. Their genes are truly terrifying.

"Stop thinking too much about me and focus more on yourself and your partner," Eureka fixed her hair and retaliated.

The word partner caused tinge of red on Rino's face. It is not too visible but Eureka smirked upon seeing this reaction from him, "Don't follow my foot steps now brother. We three are really siblings aren't we?"

This time Rino smacked her lightly in the head, "Stop being such a tease, that is out of your character."

They talked a bit more before they decided to return to what they were previously doing. Rino returned to his studying of the kingdom's business before Nana pulled him away towards the lake. And Eureka returned to her training.


"So when are we going to the castle to speak with the king and queen about you and Eureka?"

That night, Yukimura asked this question nonchalantly to Raven during their dinner. Raven who was drinking water almost spurt it out, choking himself in the process.

"Wha- Where the hell did that come from father?" he asked incredulously.

"Why do you look so surprised? Don't think we can't see how the two of you acts."

Yukimura then regretted asking the question for after saying this sentence Raven's eyes have tremendously changed from a calm one to that of a hurting one. He had seen his son with a pained look when princess Nana broke up with him but his current look was far more painful.

"Father really loves opening the pandora box, doens't he?" Raven opened his mouth and said as he played with the remaining food in his plate.

Even his friends never asked this. Who would have thought that it would be his father who would open this topic. Seriously he really has no sensibility at all. Even Mutsumi who was also shocked when Yukimura suddenly asked his son gritted her teeth and kick Yukimura under the table,

This idiotic husband of hers. He was a head knight, why is it that when it comes to emotions, particularly to his son's. He is always so dense?

Hearing his sentence and being suddenly kicked, Yukimura realized his mistake. And didn't know what to say and do any longer.

"*sighs* Father. A lot of people avoids the pandora box, so why is it that you love to open them? Your courage as the head knight must have caused your brain to lose a lot of its sensibility."

"You-" he was stupefied to be blatantly thrown this words to, his pride was truly hurt.

But he admits that even he knows how insensible he could get at times. Even during that time when Raven was confused about his feelings, he actually told him to just move on? Can't he see how confused his son was? He could have just sat beside his son or spar with him, not say some unnecessary things.

"She and I have somewhat an understanding. There are things that is not yet meant to be. Her feeling or mine, they are not yet meant to be. That is the only explanation I could come up with. I hope that suffice," he respectfully then left.

Mutsumi looked at Yukimura sharply, you idiot, was what her eyes were saying.

Both Raven and Eureka have always wanted to say it, they wanted to, but something, something was stopping them. Duties? Responsibilities? The war? That price? Both of them were unclear. Right now, understanding each other was more than enough for the two of them.

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