She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 192

Volume 7 Chapter 192 Like An Obedient Child

Few days before the impending time of their war, of course no one knew exactly when Leo and the others would return, but Kaoru could feel how the barrier have been weakening. Eureka had been training on her own all this time.

The others tried to pull her into going around with them, but the one who initiated this kind of things rejected them entirely. They could only scratch their head, wasn't it you who told us to just enjoy, you even pulled Raven along. So why is it now that you are the one training rigorously? Are you making us feel guilty?

Thinking back, she suddenly returned to her training right after a talk with sir Dai. This happened before she and her family had their little moment by the lake. They tried to ask her what they talked about, she said she just gave him a plan. But that plan, she herself has no plan on disclosing to them.

Today once again, they approached her. And of course they are once again complete. The place was still by the lake. The lake was serene, matched with a bright day with only a few clouds floating in the sky. Seeing how a very beautiful maiden playing with just one of her hands and has a very serious look. One would be confused, there's nothing in her hands what is she concentrating about on it?

But if you look closely, for a few moment from time to time, a red orange colored power and a white colored one would appear in her hand. When it became much more frequent her beautiful face would contort, obviously in irritation.

The others wondered what she was concentrating so much on, that she would show such irritation, something she rarely shows in the past. Her other hand was just clenched by her side, as if she was restraining it from moving.

After a long while she sighed and her hand dropped on her side. She looked up at the beautiful sky and would once again sigh. She took a deep breath as if calming herself before looking at the side where her audience had been standing for at least half an hour already.

"Uhmmm can't you concentrate because of us?" Feena lightly scratched her cheek after seeing Eureka look their way.

They stood there not far from her in order to give her space in concentrating whatever she was training. But the lot of them completely forgot that at least half of them have monstrous aura residing within them. And most of all, all of them already have monstrous auras just by themselves.

After seeing that she had stopped her training they then decided to approach her and encircle her.

"Tired of playing?" when Eureka finally opened her mouth, all of them didn't know whether they should laugh or cry, wasn't it that it was her who told them to relax? Why does it seem like they were all just lazy ones who only knows how to play all day?

Rino raised his hand and messed with her hair, "You instructed us to relax. Why are you speaking like we were escaping our training? Aren't you brutal now, little sis?"

Eureka fixed her messed up hair before looking at Rino as if saying, 'I'm not a child'. To which Rino replied with a chuckle.

"I'm just asking, you guys suddenly decided to watch for half an hour. I'm just wondering what you came here for?" she finally returned to their original topic.

"We're here to pull you with us and play with us," Karen grinned and said. Her attitude will never change whether back when they were just acquaintances or now that their relationsh.i.p.s have improved, she will always be the playful one among the girls.

Eureka didn't reply and just stared at them, she was not buying what Karen had just said. They would always come up front the moment they see her and would invite her. This is the first time they had waited by the side for her to finish.

Suzuki and Natsuki, with Theo stood by the side watching them. They were already very close to these people but these guys were the closest, they had been together for so long. They understood each other more than the three of them. And they can clearly see the worry this six people have towards Eureka.

Rino and Nana could only stood on the side as well. Despite being their youngest sister, they were still far from knowing Eureka more than these six do.

"What are you training?" Raven was the one who asked the question. She suddenly decided to train on her own when she told them that they should enjoy for now. Of course they were curious.

Eureka seemed to have fallen into a deep thought after Raven asked this question. She had been keeping so many things from them, and what she is training now, she really didn't need to keep it from them.

After thinking for a few moments, "You really don't need to worry though. I can see it in your faces, you are worried that it might be a damaging one right?"

Eureka saw the way their faces looked the moment they approached. The other five didn't speak, that only means the idea of coming here would come from this six. Basing it from the question, these six, knowing how she always do things until she reach her limit, became worried.

"Fine," Seeing as they were not convince at all. She urge Raven to spar with her and this time using their abilities.

Though confused the others stepped back and gave them enough space. Raven was well clear that she wanted him to go full out with their training. Whatever she is training, it seems she won't be able to show it without the other being her match.

Raven without hesitation conjured different kinds of fire abilities and attacked her. The words 'not holding back' was seen towards the two of them. Even the others were dumbfounded, these two really, if you have feelings for someone subconsciously you would hold back not to hurt the other. But these two have no such thing.

Eureka raised her right hand, suddenly all Raven's attack disappeared. On her left hand another ice bomb appeared and she threw it towards Raven. Raven with his brows furrowed didn't stop his attack, Eureka nonchalantly waved her right hand towards his attack and would attack him using her left hand.

This continued for a few moments before everyone finally realized what she had been doing. In the past she would always have to clap her hands together before she could use nullify but right now she was freely using it with only her right hand and coupled with other hand using her abilities, her attack patterns have improved tremendously.

She had actually come up with a new fighting method while idling by? Just how much does she use her brain everyday? They couldn't help but to admire her even more, she had showed all of them what it really meant to work hard. The way she trains others could be known as a spartan one and yet no one had the right to complain for she trains herself much harder.

You call this hard? Then go on and try doing what sha had been doing as she trains herself, let's see if you can still call it hard.

After a few more blows, Eureka stopped and raised her hand, Raven have noticed that she has lesser control as their battle goes on. This shows that she haven't completed this yet and the frustration she was feeling a while ago must be because of the limited time she has right now.

Even now, her expression shows her irritation, she had clenched her fists even to the point that her knuckles have turned white. Her face says, why did I only think of this now?

Raven walked towards her calmly before he reached out to her clenched fists and slowly opened it, one finger at a time. He wasn't looking at her face but was focused on her hand in his hands. He never realized it before even when she held his hand. There were multiple times but he never noticed it.

The should have been soft palm of a lady were no longer visible in hers. It may not be as callused as a man's hand but compared to Feena and the others her hand was rougher. This showed her years of training. Her whole life filled with nothing but training.

"The time is short but don't be too harsh on yourself, the time is short but you have to calm down. The more calm you are the better you perform, you do know that right?" Raven said calmly as he looked up at her face.

Eureka on the other hand looked down on her hand that was being held by him, "I know, but somehow just thinking the limited time. I couldn't help but be impatient."

Raven's face was still the same, serious and all. The only changed was that he raised his hand and reached out to her head, patting it lightly, "You are an amazing one. You'll be able to control it so don't be impatient. It must have been because you were being irritated that your usual outcome couldn't be reached."

Like an obedient child, Eureka nodded her head. Knowing it and being pointed out about it was two entirely different things. Somehow upon listening to him the built up tension in her have disappeared. But it didn't escape Raven's eyes of another suppressed feeling deep within her eyes.

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