She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 193

Volume 7 Chapter 193 Fear

The others didn't know how to interrupt the two of them. They were on their own little bubble and it seemed inappropriate to suddenly interrupt them. But they actually didn't need to wait that long for Eureka and Raven faced them after a few moments.

"Do you have your answers now?" Eureka asked calmly.

The others could only nod in unison. Her change in attitude was truly amazing, she could shift her emotions the way she wanted to.

"So you really don't have to worry, I really am not trying to kill my body by training this technique, though the outcome was still far from how I wanted it to be. And so irritation built up inside me."

They could only sigh in relief, of course they still remember what Raven told them in the past. That, that one time when Eureka was acting different from the usual when she just returned after disappearing for two years was actually because of her temporarily injuring her soul.

It was a good thing that her sleeping was more than enough to heal it. But her sleep was also because of another injury this time it was physically. She only properly rested back then because her body, both in soul and body were too injured.

Even back then when she had helped them in becoming much better in their abilities, she slept for a month because she used up too much of her nullify when her body couldn't hold on much when using it.

"Eureka, back when you injured your soul. How did you do it?" remembering this point, Rino asked.

Eureka was a bit startled that after all this time, this is the only time they had asked about it.

"Now, don't look like that. You have always been secretive that it became natural to everyone to forget to ask those things," seeing her look, Mamoru added.

"Where did you go, during those two years of your disappearance?" Theo asked this time. She never told them about it, and since the topic was already there, why not just ask?

She then told everyone to have a sit for it would be a bit too long. That matter is already over so there's no need for her to keep quiet about it.

After settling down, she started telling them.

Her body was on the verge of collapse. Using nullify, which is using bot his ability and canceling them out at the same time takes a toll on her body. The body of a human was basically only created to handle one ability but she was born with two.

That time she already could talk with Yuki and Atsuya, she asked them if there is a way to help her body improve. And they have told her to do the same thing as what she had taught all of them. But she couldn't just rely on the hot place like Raven or a cold palce like where Hideyoshi have trained.

Her relying only on the magic circle that was used on the final part of Raven and the other's training won't really help her. It would help her control her ability more but it was still the 'final' satge of the training.

She then remembered that time when she used her ability in Archic, when she had killed all those traitors. That time her ice ability became superior than her magma ability. These two had to be in balance or her body would explode from the sudden changes. And that is her current problem, she can't train on two places at the same time.

Both Yuki and Atsuya then told her that they shall suppress themselves as she train the other, after all this time they finally decided to help her out, that way they could stay having a companion longer. During this time they still have no memories of their lives while they were still humans.

After her six months of training in Archic Kingdom she had then went to a cave, that cave had a sleeping volcano deep within it. It actually erupted when the other world destruction was ongoing.

At first she was just slowly coming close to its mouth, its just the three of them didn't expect for it to suddenly have a small eruption. She was already close by then and didn't get the chance to run on time. Being caught off guard, Eureka was engulfed by the sudden burst of Magma, Magma helped her body to heat up in order to accommodate the sudden heat.

Ice then surrounded her with ice to help magma in protecting her body, but these two sudden burst of power from within her almost broke her own body. The two never cooperated with one another and so they couldn't blend well.

Eureka whose body almost exploded still fought for her life but all these almost destroyed even her very soul. Two strongest opposite abilities suddenly gave a body a surge of power, it wouldn't only break the body but would even break the person as a whole.

The two was fl.u.s.tered but just before she actually explodes they were able to blend just fine and slowly help her body to recover. They didn't know how long took them while they were there. Eureka also fell unconscious. The six month plan turned out to be a year.

She finally woke up after being bombarded by the shouts coming from Magma. He had no other choice for the Magma started acting up once again, if she gets caught to it all over again then surely she would die by then.

Eureka who was still on the verge of falling unconscious did her best to stand and leave the cave but before she could move properly, the magma surged once again. She could only raise her hand to try and stop it using her Magma and yet who would have thought that raising her hand actually stopped the surging magma.

This was the same as what she had taught the others, once you became acquainted well enough with your elemental ability then even the natural one could be used by them.

But still having an injured soul, she couldn't hold it much longer and she could only leave instantly. She had staggered to a nearby village and enter an inn. She had payed for three months of stay before falling into another deep slumber. Telling Ice and Magma to wake her up after three months.

This news, this story, isn't this a bit too much for her to keep? They almost lost her without them knowing. Frustration filled their eyes, they are not angry at her but instead they are frustrated, frustrated that she had to leave back then cause not one of them could help her. Frustrated that she had to take everything with her own hands.

"Now don't look like that. The reason why I kept quiet about the reason why I injured my soul is because I know you'll all look like this," Eureka seeing their faces couldn't help but sigh.

She really didn't want them to know but she didn't want to add another secret from them.

Without speaking Raven stood up and left the group. They could only watch him leave, no one dared to stop him. He must not be just frustrated but most of all, he must be angry. And Eureka is well aware of it as well.

"You could go and have a breather first you know, I know what outcome it might be if I tell you about this," Eureka helplessly told them.

As if on cue they all left with a heavy feeling, this heavy feeling came from a thought, 'What if we lost you back then?'

Eureka watched them, she knows that they are not completely mad, except for one, but instead they couldn't cope with the fact without them knowing they almost lost her.

After a few moments, she decided to walk on one path. This path lead to the cliff where he and Raven first met Bronze. This cliff was also close by and is within the barrier placed in the kingdom.

The wind felt nice to the skin, it wasn't a strong one but a mild one. It's like caressing you to sleep. Her hair fluttered as she stood not far from the edge watching his back.

"It was dangerous but I never intended to die back then. I was careless but I took my life seriously more than you guys ever think," she opened her mouth and said without closing the distance between them.

He didn't respond and the two of them stood silently, one was behind the other. The distance between them was not more than ten steps.

"It's true I was not scared of death, even back then I wasn't scared of the pain. But what scared me back then was a simple thought."

She walked closer to him and stood just behind him, "That they are waiting for me. That even though I kept pushing them away they would still wait for me. If I die here, they would never stop waiting."

Raven turned around and looked at her, the emotion she had suppressed a while ago, that emotion he only noticed, was clearly visible in her eyes now.

"I'm scared that all of would keep waiting even during the war and be disappointed that I couldn't keep my promise to end this war with all of you."

Her eyes for the first time after so long showed something she never showed. It's not sadness, nor anger, nor guilt but there was only one emotion, Fear.

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