She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 194

Volume 7 Chapter 194 Scared Off?

"Do you know why I am mad right now?" Raven finally opened his mouth after seeing the look in her eyes.

"It's because while saying such story, your eyes never showed any kind of change in emotion, as if what you were saying was not your story at all. As if you didn't even care if you had died back then. So what you just said right now, is it really true?"

For the first time, Raven spoke to her in a cold voice. He once became mad at her because of disappointment but that was only because she deliberately made a misunderstanding between them to drive them away, for the invaders are already within the place. But this time is different, he was truly mad.

Eureka bowed her head and walked beside him as she look at the calm ocean before them, the wind blowing through her face calms her even more. She sighed before once again opening her mouth.

"The reason to that is because I am already relieved. Relieved that I had actually get pass through that. But if you have asked me back then, I don't think I would be able to say it. Not to mention being as calm as awhile ago? I won't even be able to utter another word about it."

"Then what are you scared off a while ago? Why did fear appear within them?"

Eureka could only bitterly laugh inside, he really could see through her in everything. No matter how much she suppress things, he would always be the one to see through her.

"Just as I have declared to you back then, I am also human. Despite the seriousness and calmness, even I still could get scared in this upcoming war. Don't tell me you are very much confident about this battle?"

The stiff atmosphere finally dissipated changed with a calm one matching the place they were currently at.

"Can I borrow your body?" suddenly Eureka asked.

Raven who thought he was hearing her wrong, faced her with his brows furrowed. Without saying anything more Eureka leaned her head to his chest, the same position as when she first cried.

All this time she could only cry in frustration, when she's mad, or angered. She only cried once when she was deeply hurt after finding out that Kaoru's sin was so grave. This time as she stood beside him, no even before that.

When he held her hand and told her to calm down, she already had the urge to cry. She was already a mature woman and crying out of fear was not something people her age usually does. But right now she is completely scared. She had been suppressing it, she had been training diligently just so she could stomp down her fear by telling herself that everything would be fine.

She felt all her emotions surging forth, she was scared, scared that her plan might not work out, scared that she might die, scared that she might lose one of them, scared that even having so much knowledge she would still be unable to save this world.

For so long she had been putting too much in her shoulder, she had given herself a mission that no one could possibly handle on their own. She carried so much that no other person could stand carrying it.

The calmness Raven brought her was way different from what Akihiro, her father, could give. Maybe because Raven had always been the one who treated her normally no matter what happens. Who gave her the voice to say everything she wants.

Back when she just joined their group, someone like her shouldn't be so domineering at instructing those in the group, but he left that to her. He never looked at her with suspicion that his father gave. He never gave her the aloofness her father gave her.

He sees her as an acquaintance, as a friend, as a comrade. Maybe that is why, right now she could pour it all out. The fear she had been suppressing. She cried all out, the second time Raven heard her cry with all her might. The first time was back when she was with Akihiro but that too was out of frustration. This time she must really have been scared.

He raised his hand and caressed her hair, when Magma told him that she hated people hurting for her. He promised himself that he shall never cry for her again and would let her cry on her own. He would make her pour out her emotions so as she could lessen all the burden on her.

They stood there for a long time, he never said a thing and just caressed her hair as she cried in his chest. He could only look out at the ocean, as countless needles prick his heart with every mournful cry she makes. He slowly bowed down and planted a soft kiss on top of her head.

As if saying, 'Don't worry we will all be fine. Whatever you were scared off let's join together in order for it not to happen.

It was already sundown when Eureka finally calmed down. This time the two of them are sitting down watching the sun as it sets.

"You have to apologize to them as well," he reminded her.

"I know, the shock from my story was overwhelming. But I don't know just what kind of apology I should give for it happened in the past and that it was already over."

"Then tell them the same thing you just told me. That you never took your life as a joke. Just ensure them that you will care for your life no matter what."

He knows what all of them are feeling. Each and everyone of them were all the same, they care deeply for Eureka and just the thought of her death could cause their hearts to hurt non stop. What they want was for her to tell them, to ensure them, that she won't disappear from their sight.

Eureka, on the other hand, have no idea how to promise such a thing, her promise had always been her being with them in a future. She couldn't promise them that she would be there with them as they pave that future.

"Just tell them that you will be there to see them create their own family," as if reading what was on her mind he then added.

Eureka could only smile in defeat, he knew, he already knew. But how sure is he that she could be there by then? She had said she'd do everything to be there but even she herself have doubts would she be able to survive?

She wasn't looking at him and so she didn't see the emotions swimming in his eyes, he wanted to stop her, he had a premonition and he wanted to stop her. But he knows he mustn't. She had been a key figure on every world and those world were in the path of destruction.

That only means that she will still be a key figure in this world. A key figure for its survival. And that is why he should not stop her whatever she is planning. Truly how miserable could the two of them get? He smiled bitterly at this thought.


She walked towards them and stood in the middle of them. They were a bit startled but they didn't move nor speak. She just stood there not wanting to open her mouth either.

Akihiro saw his three children, just standing outside not one of them is speaking and he could also feel the heaviness of the atmosphere surrounding them. As he tried to approach them Haruka stopped him and shook her head.

They didn't know what happened but it seems that this time it was Eureka who is at fault and the other two are the ones who's angry. But this is between them, they shouldn't butt in.

And so, the husband and wife walked away from where their children stood.

After another half an hour, Nana could no longer hold it in and finally opened her mouth, "Are you really not going to say anything?"

"What words should I say to make you feel better then?" Eureka asked.

But even Rino who was still quiet didn't know what he wants to hear from her. What happened to her was already in the past. Should she apologize? What for, when it was already over?

"*sigh* If you have asked me about that the moment I return, I wouldn't speak though. The only reason I was able to say it now is because I am already relieved that I was able to get through that and didn't hurt you by making you wait."

Eureka said the same words as what she had just said Raven this afternoon.

"Then never do that again, never put your life on the line just to become stronger. Isn't that why we are also training? So that you can at least be at ease even just for a bit?" Rino said as he looked seriously at his sister.

Eureka smiled and nodded her head. She didn't want to say anything nor even open her mouth to say she wouldn't do it again for she knows her seemingly safe training right now would have a deadly outcome if she succeeds on doing its final part.

But that would only happen during the war.

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