She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 195

Volume 7 Chapter 195 A Parchment

It wasn't as difficult for Eureka to calm the others as compared with Raven. And so their days returned to normal within just a day.

"Are you sure you will still have the energy to remove the seal on the queen once the war is over?" Kaoru looked for Eureka on that day and curiously asked. He was worried that Eureka may no longer have the strength and worries that the baby may no longer be born.

"Don't worry towards the end the baby will be born. Just follow what I have taught you then everything's gonna be fine," Eureka replied as she continued swinging her swords.

She had decided to refresh her mind by training her physical body instead of her ability. She was in the physical training area. Quite a few was already there, training with their weapons and others couldn't help but to watch one of the heroes in their eyes. She was the one who came up with the plans for their past battles even for the next one.

She was also the one who saved the day the last time Leo and his group attacked. Of course a lot have idolized her and her team. Squad Zero became renowned all through out the people, even those from other kingdoms and were not knights.

And seeing her diligently swing her swords, they couldn't help but to follow her example and start doing the same, brandishing their own weapons diligently prepare for the final wave of war.

Kaoru was still anxious, well it was to be expected. He was there right in front of Haruka just a few meters away from her when an invisible force suddenly pushed her off the stairs causing her to have miscarriage and both Rino and Nana were put to a deep slumber.

He was also there when Eureka was born and without any of them seeing how she looks, she was taken away just like that. Once again he couldn't do anything.

Truly he had been there, so close, and yet he was unable to save his nieces and nephew. Just how much more incompetent could he get?

Seeing the bitter look in his face, Eureka could somehow get the gist of what is troubling him, "None of those are your fault. You've tried your best in everything. It's just that it was not enough. There are circ.u.mstances where we couldn't do anything. Don't drag yourself down just because of those things."

Kaoru still silently stood there, Eureka no longer bothered with him and continued swinging her swords. As if he could no longer hold back, Kaoru finally opened his mouth again.

"Am I a good uncle?"

Eureka stopped and looked at him, "*sighs* Do you think I would be able to stay here for so long without anyone if you were not a good uncle? You were my guardian but after finding out that you are the brother of the king, I treated you as my uncle. I was cold indeed but why do you think have I allowed you to get close to me even though I didn't have any plan on opening up to anyone?"

Kaoru stared at her stupefied. His question was random, he was even prepared to be ignored by her. But instead she honestly replied and answered him.

His eyes became watery, Eureka was startled but before she could react Kaoru suddenly cried out as if a child who was suddenly hit or stumbled on the ground. He cried out loud that he was even getting attention from those passing by in the physical training area. And some were stupefied to see such a noble man to cry out like a child.

Those who were watching Eureka ended up watching Kaoru instead. They couldn't think of a reason why this old man was crying. They didn't hear what they were talking about, they just suddenly heard a loud cry coming from Kaoru.

Those who were once a part of the academy knew that their headmaster were a bit peculiar. They just didn't expect him to be this peculiar.

Eureka on the other hand was dumbfounded, she didn't expect Kaoru to actually cry in such a way. This is truly shameful.

All squad zero arrived just in time to see this scene. They too were dumbfounded. Why is he crying like a child throwing a tantrum. Their eyes then went to Eureka who was massaging her temples. They watch her walk close to him and actually smack him in the head.

That's your Uncle!! To actually hit him as if you were hitting a child. But the current Kaoru seemed like a child within a man's body.

She then handed him a handkerchief, as she berates him for shamefully crying like a child in public.

"But *sobs* but *sobs* you never said that to me. *sobs* You were always so cold towards me that I thought... *sobs* I thought..."

He couldn't finish his sentence as he cry out once again. Eureka could only slap her forehead. He will never change, he surely will never change. She finally regretted saying what was on her mind. She should have just ignored him with his question. So many people are already watching them.

"Stop crying..." she said exasperated as she grits her teeth.

The other eleven were stopping themselves from laughing, have they ever saw Eureka looking like this? All helpless but couldn't change the situation? She had been planning and planning. She had been calculating. She was truly a smart one but in front of a peculiar Kaoru, even she herself couldn't do anything.

Yet despite her words Kaoru didn't stop crying but instead cried even louder.


A snapping sound could be heard inside of Eureka. Her helpless look change to that of coldness and a sinister aura appeared around her. The other eleven nervously swallowed.

If they haven't seen her being helpless in such a way. They never thought they would ever see her have this kind of look as if she was planning something very bad. Bad for Kaoru, that is.

Even Kaoru who seemed to have sensed the sudden change in the atmosphere stopped crying and finally looked properly at Eureka. Before he could react he was suddenly pulled by the ear.

"Since you don't seem to mature even though you're already old. I guess there is only one way for you to remove that childishness of yours."

Eureka said as she pulled Kaoru out of the training area while holding his ear.

Kaoru couldn't help but gulp, he suddenly felt bad about this. Just as they pass by the other eleven he asked nervously, "Wha- What are you planning?"

"Nothing much, I'm just going to marry you off to the first person I'd see once were out of this training area," she replied without much emotion.

The other six almost choked on nothing. Did she just say marry off? Is she his mother? But wait..

The first person she see? What if it's a man?

No the most problematic thing is that, she'll marry him off!!

"Wa- Wa- Wait!! Eureka!! I've stopped, I'm no longer crying. See.. See There's no more tears," Kaoru tried to reason out with her, who cares about his aching ear.

This girl is currently serious in marrying him off. He can't let her get out of this training area!!

But as if his words were nothing she still continued to walk out of the training area. The other eleven followed suit and left behind were the other knights who was left dumbfounded by this turn of events.

The princess was truly terrifying at an alarming level!!

To Kaoru's dismay, he can't even get away from her grip for his ear will obviously be ripped apart once he tries to escape. The outside looked like hell to him as they get closer at going out.

Just as his mind was wandering he heard her speak again.

"Are you married?"

"Eh? Ah No."

"Then do you have a lover?"

"No, princess. I wonder what is the matter for you to ask me these?"

She smiled devilishly and before anyone could react, the normal sword on her waist was pulled and melted instantly. It became a hand cuff, but with longer chains linking them together.

"Now, here's your husband."

The next moment Kaoru felt him being tied to another person. Looking at the shocked expression of the other person. He once again wanted to cry.

"You can't do this to me Eureka!!"

His heart is racing. Not this person, not this person. She was never there on the main events but the person behind her was somewhat there. And that person is what terrifies him the most.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," without waiting for more words from Kaoru, Eureka announced.

And in her hand was a parchment. That parchment, Kaoru obviously knew what it was. Like a statue he couldn't move when Eureka suddenly pricked his finger and made him place his thumbnail on it.

On the other hand the other person was astonished by these turn of events and was unable to react when Eureka did the same to her.

The paper was none other than a Marriage Certificate!!

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