She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 196

Volume 7 Chapter 196 Should I?

Kaoru's face was drained of blood. He truly didn't expect Eureka to be this serious.

"Eureka," he said. His tone no longer the playful one but instead was filled with nothing but seriousness.

"Oh please uncle, don't use that tone now. I got father's approval of looking for a wife for you. Since it was already sealed by both your blood then it was already final. Stopping it is of no use."

Eureka without sparing him another glance started walking away.

Seeing this Kaoru was alarmed once again, "Eureka, come on. Don't leave me here. That person would surely kill me."

He regretted it. He completely regretted it. How would he know that him crying because of happiness would suddenly get him tied down into marriage? Most of all to this person?

He heard a chuckle beside him, "What a peculiar princess."

She was not as beautiful as the royal family. But her beauty was on the same level as Feena and the others. But her beauty has a kind and gentle tone on it. It was not as gentle as Haruka's for she also has a tinge of sharpness. With her round bright eyes. Truly a beauty that is unique.

Even Kaoru admits that she has a different beauty to herself. But its just, that face has also the same features as that person. If that person finds out that he had 'unwillingly' married her. Then he can see his death even before the war.

"Uhmmm Akira, aren't you a bit too lax about this?" Kaoru finally asked. Trying his best to suppress the fear for what might come for him.

"If the king approved of what the princess had just commanded then I really can't do anything about it now, can I?" Akira replied with her eyes brightening up.

'That little princess.' she couldn't help but think. It didn't escape her eyes when Eureka just turned to leave. A playful smile was tugging at her lips.

Of course, Kaoru didn't notice he was so focus on his dilemma that he was unaware of what his niece have just done. And is currently thinking of how that person would kill him. He just wanted to cry all over again, this time not in happiness but in grief.

Most of all, why did she chain them!!

As Kaoru was having a predicament, the other eleven followed Eureka and yes, they also saw the smile tugging on her lips. Seeing this they all felt that she had just schemed at Kaoru.

"You planned this all along?" Rino asked, he never would have thought that their little sister would actually marry off their uncle. Ain't that a bit illogical?

"What are you talking about?" Eureka asked seemingly innocent from what had just happened.

"The marriage certificate, already signed by the king, your sudden interest of marrying him off, the timing of Akito's younger sister's appearance, everything couldn't just be coincidence can it?" Rino narrowed his eyes and asked once again.

That's right, the reason Kaoru was dreading his situation was because Akira was Akito's younger sister. Knowing how protective Akito was to this younger sister of his, even the eleven of them could see the pitiful outcome of Kaoru.

"I asked for the certificate in order for me to use once Kaoru became unreasonable. Who would have thought that he actually became one right now?"

"But Akira wasn't the first person you could have seen when you went out."

"She indeed will be not."

Hearing her reply, they finally understood. Eureka didn't just abruptly pull Kaoru out but actually felt Akira and thought that the timing was just right. It was Akira's appearance that caused Kaoru to be pulled into a shotgun wedding.

And seeing that Akira didn't put up a fight a while ago, they can say that she wasn't against the sudden turn of events. But why?

They barely interacted with her, after all she was also on the medicine field but unlike Akito who has poison ability which allowed him to create many kinds of medicine. Akira was a normal surgeon. She was a non ability user as well.

"You knew she was passing and intentionally brought Kaoru out to tie him down with her. What a cunning person," Rino couldn't help but point out.

Everything was planned by her sister. He somehow pities Kaoru, he was tied down just like that without him knowing anything at all.

"Truly a cunning one," Mamoru followed, Raven obviously got it instantly just like Rino. Mamoru who was next to them when it comes to deciphering what Eureka does also got it from her last sentence.

Eureka faced him with a raised brow, "Do you want me then to marry him off to Azusa? You do know, Ao and Zu were the ones who ended up together back in another world."

Mamoru lost all the color in his face upon hearing this, even Azusa who was silently following, looked at Eureka with a terrified look.

That world might have had them together but this world is different. Mamoru instantly held Azusa's hand tightly and looked sharply at Eureka.

Eureka just raised her brow before walking ahead once again, she'll have to return the certificate to her father. In that way Kaoru will really have no way out. Plus that guy had someone else before he met Haruka, just so happens that it didn't work out or so they thought.

she thought as she continued walking.

Like you're the one to talk.

"Can you handle her?" Rino walked beside Raven then asked.

Raven looked at him with an indifferent look before looking in front not answering his question. Even if everyone knows the score between the two of them, in the end, they aren't together at all. How can he answer such question?

Rino just shrugged at his attitude and continued forward.

"So what do all of you want? You came to the physical training area looking for me and now you're following me. What is it that you need?" Eureka finally asked after a few moments.

All eleven then looked at each other with puzzled look in their faces, that's right, once they were all together they would end up looking for her, like it was the most normal thing to do.

Seeing their reaction, Eureka knew they just wanted to hang out and they didn't need anything important, she just then shrugged and all twelve of them walked towards the castle.

Their group was already big enough, adding to the fact that all of them were of noble blood, of course, they caught a lot of attention. They were squad zero, six of them were of royal blood. Who wouldn't look at them with admiration. They were also heroes after all.

As if the day wasn't already surprising enough, one knight took courage and actually walked towards them, he was holding a bouquet of roses and went straight to their front.

Seeing him handing it to that person, the others were truly surprised. Is this man oblivious of what was going on within the kingdom? Or he was just courageous enough?

"Pr- Princess, please a- accept these flowers, I've pre- prepared for you," he stuttered as he reached out the flowers.

This being the first time all the surrounding audience were dumb founded. There's a lot who wanted to approach her but was scared to do so. Most of it was because of her capabilities but another was because of that person beside her all those times.

They subconsciously looked at him but he has no reaction at all and was just looking at the show. They then looked at her, they saw her slowly raise her one hand and they were anticipating it, would she accept it? Would she?

But to that knight's disappointment, her hand didn't stop to accept the flowers, instead she closed her four fingers and pointed behind her using her thumb. To be more precise pointing at Raven.

"You should ask him, if I am allowed to accept that," she replied, her voice neither warm nor cold.

Once again everyone was shocked. Did she just ask Raven's permission to accept a flower? Aren't they not in a relationship?

Even the other eleven were startled by her sudden statement. And each one of them slowly looked at Raven. His eyes showed a bit of shock before it returned to its normal look.

Eureka not waiting for anyone to speak looked at him, "Should I?"

Raven could only sigh in his mind, to outsiders the two of them were not in any kind of relationship but they also know that something was between them.

Eureka simply used this to escape rejecting someone. She never experienced this and knowing full well her attitude, she herself then looked for another way to not harshly reject this knight.

Eureka titled her head and looked at him with an inquiring look. The bystanders are all looking at him as well.

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