She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 197

Volume 7 Chapter 197 I Still Want Him To Decide

"Tha- That is, wh- why would you be asking sir Raven? Yo- You two are not in a relationship right?" though shocked by this turn of events, the knight still took courage and asked.

He was not from this kingdom but he was from Archic, he had witnessed her prowess when they were in a war with Confederate, and so he had adored her from that moment forward. He just thought that since they were closed to the war. He took courage and finally took a step forward. He just didn't expect her reply.

Eureka looked back at him, "Indeed but I still want him to decide."

Like a bomb all those around were completely dumbstruck, did she just give him the authority over her? Isn't she the ice cold princess who never had any thought about love?

Even the other eleven were dumbfounded, why are you attacking us emotionally in such a way? Please our little hearts couldn't handle such sudden move. You were always clear that the two of you were not in such kind of relationship and now you attacked us with 'I still want him to decide'?

Raven was once again astounded, he couldn't help but to once again sigh.

"Bu- But your relationship," the knight still didn't give up.

The others could see that her patience is closing its limit. She just came from Kaoru's peculiarity and so even though she had a very long patience it was already at its limit. Man, can't you just take the hint?

Raven once again sighed and looked up staring at the man who was looking at the same time not looking at him. He was obviously nervous and scared. Raven could only massage his temple. He walked forward and was just behind Eureka who was about to reject the man in the most ruthless way, he pat her head before speaking.

"Your feelings were already visible and your actions are commendable but could you not give her such things? It may sound rude but I don't think I could just stand and watch her accept these, don't you think so?"

It was two sentences but it contained everything, all the people's heart were thumping rapidly, is this Is this what they think it is? Are they announcing their relationship now?

"Good job, vice captain," before anyone had the chance for their imaginations to run wild, Eureka spoke up and dampened their mood.

Seeing their looks she once again spoke, "What? Can't Captains allow vice captains to decide for them as well? Are captains the only ones who should decide"

The other eleven could only bitterly accept all these roller coaster ride Eureka was giving them. Can't you just plainly reject that knight? Why use such vague words and ideas? Even we really couldn't handle it.

That knight could only silently leave, they then went on their way. They wanted to berate her but couldn't bring it up. Raven who was suddenly pulled along didn't even say anything, what right do they have?

Just like that they arrived at the castle and were currently inside Akihiro's office. He has a complicated look as he look at the certificate in his hand. He indeed gave her the chance to marry Kaoru off but he didn't expect for her to marry him off to Akira. Should he tell her about their past?

"Uhmm You see Eureka," he started searching for the right words.

"Father, no matter what had happened in the past. The other party wasn't even concern so why keep wallowing in guilt and stay away? You're just hurting them even more with that," but before he could even start explaining Eureka brought it up herself.

Akihiro thought.

After this they returned to their usual things, all twelve went out to play around. To be more precise they dragged Eureka, Raven and Rino to play around with them.

On the other side.

"Aren't you worried about this Akira?" Kaoru asked the woman in front of him.

They have decided to go out and eat while they ponder of what they should be doing. The chain was as difficult to remove as it looks. They can't go their separate ways right now and he couldn't go to his brother to complain at all.

"Then tell me if I worry what would happen? Isn't it that there will be nothing as well?" she replied as she started eating the food she had ordered. It wasn't too difficult to move for Eureka made the chain specially long.

As she bent down to eat her hair fall forward revealing her fair long back neck. This also revealed a big scar that run downwards obviously it was big enough that it also reached her back. Seeing this Kaoru deviated his eyes and looked somewhere else.

Akira noticed this and she unconsciously touched the scar, she just smiled and spoke, "Did you notice that this is the first time you haven't runaway or made excuses upon seeing me? Or when I talk to you?"

Kaoru looked back at her and raised his right arm, "Even if I wanted to I couldn't. I can't escape."

She shrugged upon hearing this and just continued, "You shouldn't have provoked the princess. Seeing the two of you a while ago I have an idea of what might have happened."


"But she really is a very kind person. I adore her so much. I wish I have as strong personality as her. You have a wonderful niece," she cut him off.

With this Kaoru have no more rebuke. He too knows very well just how kind that girl is. This was the first time she had went ahead and did something unusual, but somehow he also felt like she was doing it for him as well.

They sat there silently, Akira continued eating while Kaoru just drank his tea. Not long after they decided to go and face Akihiro. It was almost sundown.

"You have to do something about this brother. How are we supposed to move being like this? And that certificate why the hell did you give her that? Are you mocking me now?" Kaoru instantly exploded upon seeing his brother's nonchalant expression when he saw him and Akira being chained together.

"Do you think I can do something about it myself? Who was it that run her patience out? Was it me?"

Kaoru once again has no words to rebuke. But isn't this a bit too much? To be wedded off just like that?

"I say, my sister never said a word of complaint, why is it that you are complaining now? Are you belittling my sister?"

Just then another voice came from the door that just opened. Like a ghost suddenly appeared, Kaoru slowly looked behind him and there stood the last person he wanted to see for the day. Without much thought he jumped behind Akira and used her as a shield from his brother.

Akito looked at him sternly while Akira was laughing and Kaoru was hiding behind her while explaining. Akihiro knew this scene very well two decades ago, he had witnessed this as well. This was how close these three actually were.


"Go on and hit me, go on," Kaoru who was twelve years old then was hinahamon Akito.

Akito's brows twitched, "If you have such attitude then stop hiding behind my sister and face me head on."

Akira was just laughing as she watch the two of them. She was two years younger than these two but she'd rather be with them than those girls who loved wearing masks and trying to carry favor just to get close to the royal family.

Their family for generations held the title of the royal doctor of Akihiro's family. And so people would curry favor to them in order to get close to the royal family. At first she thought those people were genuine but in the end, she herself heard them mock her and complained that if she wasn't so close to Kaoru, who was the second prince, they wouldn't even bother with her.

As she listened, one pair of hands covered her ears and separated her from their world. Looking up she was greeted by his smiling face. He then mouthed, let's live those ingrates and play over there. Without removing his hand he accompanied her to a gazebo near the castle and there sat her brother reading a book.

Looking up he raised his brows wondering what kind of stunt the two of them are doing.

"Look who I found, now we have another playmate. Playing with you is so boring if we add another then it won't be as boring."

"Why did you pull her? Did you ask if she wanted to be here? She has her other playmates."

"Nah, it's alright. She can just play with us," he smiled down at her winking.

He knows she didn't want her brother to know that she was just used by her so called friends and came up with a reason that befits his character very well. Akito looked at her and she just nodded but she also felt warmth flowing in her heart.

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