She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 198

Volume 7 Chapter 198 His Shadows

"Hey brother Kaoru, if you're going to use me as shield against my brother then you need to compensate," Akira then said.

"Oh, what would that be then?"

"You will be my shield from now on," her little heart was thumping, she may look confident but her little heart already wanted to jump out of her chest.

He smiled widely and thumped his chest, "Of course, I shall protect you from now on. No matter what I won't let you get hurt," he proclaimed.

"Yeah right," Akito commented on the side.

This caused another round about of teasing between the two of them, Akira could only laugh as she watch the two of them.

But their happy days were short lived. Once Akira went with Kaoru to go and check the eastern border. Little did they know that trouble was there. And Kaoru haven't awakened his ability yet.

A few bandits were on look out and launched a surprise attack at them, Akira without thinking have jumped in front of Kaoru who was already badly injured just as one bandit was about to hit him with a sword.

Blood splashed on Kaoru's face as Akira's body fell limp on top of him. Not long after, more body guards came and saved them. They rushed back the city and the hospital.


"DIDN'T YOU SAY YOU'LL PROTECT HER?!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THEN KAORU?!?!" Akito punched him straight in the face and continued throwing punches. He was only stopped when a guard came and pulled him back.

Kaoru didn't utter a word and just sat there still in complete shock. His wounds were already mended but psychologically he was still affected. He just stood on the side receiving Akito's glare and only left when he heard that Akira was already stable.

Akira upon waking up searched for Kaoru to which Akito rebuked, "He had caused you to be injured why are you still searching for that guy?"

"No brother, I jumped in. He took all the attacks and was almost killed, my body moved and jumped in front of him."

"Even so, he shouldn't have let you get injured."

"Did you know brother that he was also my savior?"

Akito knitted his brows by this sudden sentence of hers.

"You may not know but the reason I stopped hanging out with those girls was because I found out their true colors. If it wasn't for brother Kaoru, I would have been psychologically attacked by their words. I trusted them and cherished the moment we were together, but everything was shattered. If in that day brother Kaoru didn't come and covered my ears, at the same time giving my heart some security then maybe the girl in front of you wouldn't be the same."

She took his hands into hers, "He has saved me more than once brother. He had protected me over and over again to the point that I am willing to give up my life just to save him once. So don't get mad him."

Akito was quiet choosing not to say anything anymore. Akira was then healed but their life were no longer the same. Kaoru returned to normal after two months after her recovery, it was said that her brother searched for him who suddenly disappeared and brought him back. Just as they returned the two of them looked like a mess. Probably from fighting each other.

Since then Kaoru was still the same to Akito but you could see how he would sometime slip away when Akira was there. In the past even without Akito he would accompany Akira but this time he had some distance.

(End of Flashback)

Akihiro had a smile on his face when Kaoru looked at him with a complaining look. Seeing this he furrowed his brows before realizing that their current positions were of the same as when they were kids. He instantly stepped away from Akira and stood straight.

"Brother, I'm begging you. We won't be able to move properly if we are chained like this. You have to ask Eureka to free us," he cleared his throat and finally returned to the topic.

Akito and Akira stood by the side waiting for what Akihiro will say. Cause no matter how close they are, Akihiro was still the king.

"Dai, go and call for Eureka," after sighing he then instructed.

Akira smiled upon hearing this. At least they were given a bit of time together without him running away from her. Akito seeing this could only sigh. The psychological effect of what had happened created a tear between the three of them. Even his and Kaoru's relationship weren't like this at least they were much more free to face each other.

Not long, Eureka leisurely entered and walked in. Akihiro signaled her using his eyes to undo the chains.

"Come on now, my dear niece. Free your uncle now," Kaoru coaxed upon seeing her.

Eureka didn't look at him, "But father the key was never with me."

"Eureka, then then just melt this all over again."

"No, it was a masterpiece, how can I melt it. Plus I even specifically used my sword just to make that and you're telling me to destroy it?"

Akihiro could only massage his temple, he never knew that Eureka could have this teasing side as well. She was always reserved in the past and this is the only time her full character was out.

"Eureka," he spoke.

"Father, I already told you, the key was never with me. From the very beginning it has always been with Uncle. He was the one who never wanted to separate from his new wife," Eureka replied a bit childish as she point at Kaoru.

All the people inside were dumb founded, is this really Eureka?

"How can it be with me when you never gave me?" Kaoru still defended.

"Then what is that inside your pants front pocket?"

Furrowing his brows, he put his hand inside his pocket and his eyes grew wide upon touching a cold metal in his pocket. Pulling it out, it was actually key. When did she put it in?

"See I told you it was always with him," she then turned around to leave, "Don't do anything you'll regret all over again, stupid Uncle," she added before truly leaving the room. Her voice was her normal one, not the one she used for teasing him.

Kaoru blinked a few times before he used the key, instantly the chain came lose and the two of them were free. But a cold feeling also enveloped Kaoru, to which he just shrugged. He can't be emotional now.

"Brother Kaoru, do you hate me for back then?" upon being released Akira asked as she massaged her wrist.

Kaoru stopped walking out before looking at her, "Why would I hate you when you saved my life?"

Without another word he left the room. Akihiro once again massaged his temple.

"He didn't say anything about the marriage but I want to know if you are willing to pursue it?" he then asked her.

"Would I strangle him if I insist on being married to him?" Akira answered.

"Akira," Akito seeing his sister called out.

"It's alright brother I just want to know. I have been watching him from a far and couldn't do anything from the distance that became further and further between us."

"You won't, don't leave him. You will be the only one who could save him from the shackles he gave himself. The first person he couldn't protect was you after all," Akihiro replied resolutely.

He knows of the shadows Kaoru have. He still felt guilty over the fact that he was there and yet couldn't save any of his nieces or nephew. But from the beginning that shadow started when he couldn't save Akira.

"Your highness," Akito looked at Akihiro.

"They are no longer kids Akito. They're grown up people who needs to decide for themselves. I am just giving her a reason to stay but there are still other reasons for her to leave."

"Then I shall accept the duty of bringing back the true care free Kaoru we once have," Akira, as if a knot in her heart was released, replied full of resolve.

"That's what I want to hear," Akihiro smiled back at her.


"Do you know why I was completely mad at you?"

Kaoru who was by the balcony of his room heard his childhood friend's voice, he looked at him with eyes saying that isn't it obvious? Because I couldn't save her.

"No, it is because you runaway. I was indeed mad that she got hurt but I was even more mad that you stayed away from her. If you couldn't save her once that doesn't mean you can't save her the second time or the third. But if you stay away, even during those times you really won't have the chance to save her. That is why I was mad."

"I am nothing but a weakling, how do you accept me to protect someone when I couldn't even protect myself?"

His shadows run too deep that he had forgotten he achieved the position of being a headmaster because of his skill.

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