She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 7 Chapter 199

Volume 7 Chapter 199 Take Care

Akito pat his shoulder, "Take care of her."

His eyes showed nothing but a gentle look, he knows Kaoru full well. He is peculiar but his character had been a caring one. Too caring that he had shadows of the things he couldn't do when in fact it was not his duty to do something about it.


"You're married now, be grown up," he didn't left him room for arguments for after saying it, he left him alone once again.

Karou glanced at the little dot in his thumb, it was small enough to produce enough blood for a thumb mark. Then Akito's words kept repeating itself in his mind. After who knows how long his entire face suddenly turned red.

He really never thought of it for the whole day for it was a shock but when everything finally sink in inside him, even he could get fl.u.s.tered by it. Who was Akira? Isn't she that young girl he had been casually holding hands with when they were kids?

Even during his visits on the hospital he would see her, her serious look during critical moments and even her gentle smile towards her patients, not one of this he haven't seen.

Despite his heart being drawn to Haruka who has a strong personality there were still times that his eyes would wonder towards her. And now of all days, the day closest to war, he was actually married to her?

She didn't rebuke the idea of being married to him. Then what about him? Was he really that against it?

He remembered the last words Eureka have thrown to him and that cold feeling that suddenly washed over him when he uncuffed the two of them.

But before he could contemplate further his eyes turned sharply to the barrier surrounding the whole kingdom. He then rushed towards his brother's office.

His brother was startled for he just sent Akito and Akira out, Kaoru suddenly rushed in.

"If you're looking for your wife who you forgot to bring, then she must have returned home to where she lives right now," Akihiro said seeing his brother's figure.

Kaoru's face instantly became red, but before he opens his mouth he shook his head as if removing whatever his brother said in his mind and looking back at Akihiro seriously, "The seal barrier is almost gone. Three days, in three days the war would surely start."

Like a thunder suddenly strikes, Akihiro abruptly stood up. This is no time for him to joke around with his brother. With this kind of news obviously the day they were dreading with is almost here.

"Why did you only say this now?"

"If Eureka didn't distract me then I would have told her this when I met her in the training area, this morning."

"Don't push the blame on me. If you didn't act so willful and cried like a stubborn child then I would have heard of your news already."

Another voice came in, this time it was a lot more serious than before, they both looked at the door and there stood Eureka with a serious look in her face.

Kaoru knew his dead, to all of them, these is the most important thing of all. And he had just delayed it for a day, they could have prepared for another day but in the end another day was wasted.

"I'm sorry, I really am unstable I guess. But it was never my intention to delay this kind of news. I will take responsibility for it, but for now we really need to start preparing," Kaoru replied remorsefully.

Eureka sighed, "Very well. The two of us, let's go and create another barrier on that under ground place. Then early tomorrow morning, your highness. Bring all those who will not be fighting to it. Sir Yukimura will then take lead and inform all the knights of the upcoming war. Three days is all we have. We need to take advantage of it to create more opportunities for all of us,."

The two of them nodded in agreement. After a few more words, Kaoru and Eureka headed straight to the underground place that was finished a week ago. Akihiro then called for the then already sleeping Yukimura. Shigure and Ichiro. The other kings could just inform their own Head Knights so he didn't bother asking for them as well..

The three days were then well spent, with minimal sleep, Eureka and Kaoru barely slept in order to complete the seal on that first night. The very next day, everyone was ushered to enter the underground place. Most were puzzled as to what suddenly happened. But the higher ups waited for all of the people to enter before informing them calmly of what is about to happen.

Of course fear spread all over the place. To be suddenly informed that the war is here, but they could only pray, pray that all their loved ones who will go out and fight would return to them. Pray that all their heroes would defeat the enemies, far stronger than those they have faced in the past.

Those couples decided to go on different places to speak with each other, of what may come. Or the choices they could make. Making decisions of whether they would live or die what would the other party do.

They were tense and nervous and scared not for themselves but to lose these precious people to them.

"So it's finally here," once again the group of twelve are together.

As if no longer having any reserve for their friends, they were either holding their beloved's hands, or the guys arms are on the girls shoulder. Even Rino is sitting beside Karen, even though they're not holding hands or anything, Rino never sat beside her when they are all together.

After that one sentence no one spoke once again. They had been like this for a whole two hours now. One would suddenly speak a sentence but no one would follow up.

Might be the nervousness or the grievousness of the situation but the happy atmosphere they always carry are completely gone. After all this is not just any battle they have had. But a life and death with a bonus, their world.

Eureka who had ben awake for almost three days have started feeling her eye lids getting heavy. She didn't want to fall asleep now for it was only a matter of time before Leo and the others arrive.

She wanted to stay awake and hav more time with all of them, but she was still tired and the sleepiness is already pulling her to slumber.

She only felt an arm going around her shoulder and letting her head lean on a sturdy shoulder.

Everyone became even more quiet upon seeing Raven pulling Eureka and letting her sleep in his shoulder. They knew very well how much she had worked during this time.

Without speaking or even an eye contact all of them, as if having a silent agreement watched her sleeping face. As if all of them are memorizing every part of her face and engraving it into their minds.

"Her last battle," Nana silently commented but all the other 10 heard her clearly.

"That's right, her final battle," Natsuki who was beside her squeezed her hand and added.

Raven looked at the face of the sleeping girl beside him. Her long eye lashes, her nose bridge that gave her a sharp look, her lips that he remembered had a soft sensation on that one time kiss of them and her steady breathing.

He reached out and fixed her hair that fell on her face, locking it on her ear. His eyes showed concern and tenderness, without saying much he planted a soft kiss on her temple and murmured to her through her hair.

The others couldn't hear it and they couldn't read his lips either, seeing this they knew he didn't want them to know what he had just told to the sleeping Eureka.

After a few more moments, he looked at them.

"Take care."

Two words, he had always been a man of few words specially on normal occasions. He rarely showed concern to these people for he knows they knew he cared for them.

But these two words contained everything he wanted to all of them, there's no need for a long paragraph of non sense, no need for heart felt messages. Just these two words is more than enough for all of them.

The night ended in silence, especially since most of the people were under ground, only the knights who was going to fight are at the surface, the night felt so long due to this silence and the nerve wracking moment they all are feeling.

As if having one same thought, on every part of the kingdom, the knights that were preparing, one by one looked up at the sky, as if praying for a brighter tomorrow, wishing that these nightmare would soon end.

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