She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 202

Volume 8 Chapter 202 Huge Starting Advantage

Fire, Water, Wind and Earth started showering down to all the zombies that are in Leo's group. This sudden attack caught Leo and the others off guard, they were so sure that these people no longer have any kind of ace up their sleeves who would have thought that they actually have such monsters inside of them?

"How the hell did they get all these? Is this a unique occurrence to this world?" Leo couldn't help but to look at the people beside him and ask. The psychological effect that Akihiro wanted actually worked.

No to be more precise this is one of the many plans Eureka have layed for all of them. She was the one who told the kings to keep quiet about the presence of the dragons. With this the action of the knights would be the same as usual. They would try to attack the first sight the barrier was broken.

This action will make Leo and the others to put their guard down from a sudden attack almost the same to an ambush. But if the knights knew about it, their actions wouldn't be the same and they might bring suspicion to Leo that there was something at the beginning.

On that note, Silver and the others could only look at him and not answer, even back that time when they last fought, these people didn't have this kind of backing. Whats more, they were dragons!!

Dragons rarely existed, they were one of the kings when it comes to strength and power. Not even the other worlds have this, despite having stronger power and abilities, they didn't have this creatures.

Of course Silver and the others wouldn't know or understand where these dragons came from, after all these dragons were just a support, on those worlds before the dragons or to be more precise before the guardians and Azuma could do anything, the world was already destroyed.

Despite trying a final resistance, it was still to no avail for they were just souls and guardians. There's nothing they can really do, they were just tasked to guard the cage, internally they can do anything, but once external force was included then they have no power against it.

Thousands of the tens of thousands of zombies were incinerated or crashed. Some were suddenly swallowed by the ground without a fight. While some were sliced into mince meats by the wind. This first wave took out half of their enemies.

Raven and the others really no longer needed their ability, to the point where they could careless if they become a zero if these attack would allow them to win the war.

True to their words, the four was able to give their side a huge starting advantage. With all those zombies down, then they can worry less of the number. After all despite the three kingdoms coming together, they still outnumbered them greatly.

Leo clicked his tongue and created four massive black balls, he had finally returned to his senses and decided to attack. Those zombies were useless to flying creatures. They were only used to attack in land, mindlessly attack those who will come on their way.

The elemental balls that Leo created which were combined with the dark ability became even stronger. The strength was much greater with elements alone, these four went straight to the dragons, who in the first place, were just a massive amount of energy. They were enveloped and no matter how much they struggle was enveloped and crashed by the dark energy.

"Pathetic, you think this little smokes would defeat us? Dream on, no matter how much you struggle today will be your end," Leo laughed as he sneered down to all the knights. He got nervous for nothing. Those dragons were nothing but smokes, he should have attacked them the moment he saw them.

the red dragon said to Eureka and the others. But before all four were completely destroyed their bodies exploded causing more damage to Leo's team.

"ATTACK!!" Akihiro announced, all then moved forward and engaged into the battle, where the other six were already engaged into. This is the real beginning of the final war.

Raven, Mamoru and Karen were against Silver. Feena, Hideyoshi and Theo were against Black. Akihiro, Haruka, Rino and Nana stood in front of Leo. Azusa, Natsuki, and the other head knights are up against those who are higher leveled zombies. Eureka is up against Bronze. All the others are fighting against the other zombies.

Different abilities explode from one side and another. Explosions and screams also reverberated. Of course in this battle it is inevitable that some or even maybe most of them will die. But who cares if their world survives, if their love ones survive then sacrificing their lives here would be worth it.

With the same mind set, all their fears were suppressed and somehow their fighting prowess exploded. The way they fight was even fiercer, some teamed up and would incapacitate some zombies while another group would either bury them or incinerate them until they were burned to ashes.

Those zombies doesn't have blood, but blood still watered the battle ground. This showed how many of their comrades have died while this war is ongoing. The four dragons might have killed a lot but their number of only around ten thousand was nothing compared to Leo's group which was around fifty thousand.

"Are you killing her? You left her all alone to battle against Bronze? Do you know that she might only have three abilities but suction is a no joke," Silver insulted as he engaged into a battle with Raven and the other two.

"You should just worry about yourself," Karen said as she used the ground to suddenly rise and grab at Silver who was actually once again flying.

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