She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 203

Volume 8 Chapter 203 Teleport Ability

Silver was able to evade this, but what came next was a Magma attack, as if something was throwing them, Magma rocks fly towards Silver. With how much Eureka had been training them, Karen and Mamoru could easily move the rocks the way they wanted.

Silver used his water to stop the rocks, but he was only able to take it's heat away and the rock hit him causing him to fall on the ground. There he was met with inferno and golems, where he could only defend.

Even he who was deemed as the strongest general under Leo would still have difficulties once faced with a team having superior abilities than the others and have a very good team coordination. Without speaking or eye contact they can tell what the other was thinking and could coordinate properly with a follow up attack.

These attacks weren't used to hinder the first one but was actually used to double the effect of the first. If this was another team, they wouldn't get the same outcome as these three. But who were Raven and the others? They were together for more than 10 years already. The coordination between them could be labeled as perfect.

The time he first fought against these people to now, just how much have they improved? They were seven back then he when easily defeated them. Was it three or four years ago? Isn't this improvement a bit too much? They were only three right now but he is at the disadvantage?

He clicked his tongue and just as Raven was about to attack using his sword, he suddenly disappeared right in front of him. Then suddenly appeared right behind Karen, who was taken by surprise and was sent flying from an earth ability that Silver used.

She flew a good few meters before she was slammed on the ground and coughed up two mouthful of blood. Mamoru and Raven was late in moving and was sent flying next, this sudden attack of Silver using a unique ability caused them so much trouble.

Him constantly teleporting was already difficult enough for them since he also has the four elemental abilities. Despite them stepping up their game and used combination attacks, it was still a bit difficult to catch him.

Raven called.

From the very beginning, Satsuki have already used her telepathy on all the major knights in the battle. Eureka tasked her to stay with the archers by the kingdom walls and concentrate her everything in telepathy. Their current edge is that she is a part of their group.

With her ability, it would be easier to contact the comrades who are far from them. Eureka wanted her to preserve every ounce of her strength and dedicate it with communicating. At first she was against it for she also wanted to fight side by side with them.

But Eureka have calmly explained to her how important her role is. In a battlefield where everything is so chaotic, there would be lesser chance that when you communicate the other side would understand, what's more a chance for an ambush would be lessened for the enemies might hear the plan you just have came up with.

Hideyoshi had a momentary stop in his movement upon hearing Raven suddenly spoke in his mind.

Not one of them knows of who is it that knows how o teleport, after all there are so many enemies when Silver and the others would disappear and appear so they couldn't pin point who it is that uses it. Eureka have told all of them to be careful and look out for that person.

Once teleport was used, she then told them to contact Hideyoshi immediately. He has the highest sensibility among them, teleport has its own aura as well, so a few moments of analyzing it he would be able to counter.

Their places weren't that far, with a slight eye contact with the others the two of them swiftly exchanged with each other. Karen and Mamoru did their best to hold off a very flexible Silver, while Feena and Theo hold off Black.

Silver was confused by the sudden change in his enemies but disregarded it and continued his ferocious attacks. At the beginning even Hideyoshi had been caught off guard by his sudden appearance and disappearance. It took him a few blows before he was able to get used to its aura.

Silver was laughing at them, why change when it couldn't even do anything? Yet to his surprise every time he would reappear, Hideyoshi would either be there to parry him or he would command the other two on what they had to do.

This time, the other three could finally land blows on him as well.

On one side of the battle.

"Now I see, you have quite a number don't you? To think another person could sense the aura of each ability," Black noticed what was happening and commented.

But he was not in a good position either, at first his barrier could still hold off the ice attacks coming from those three but after Hideyoshi and Raven exchanged places his enemies have started to have more choices on their attacks.

He could only click his tongue in irritation, "I never wanted to use this."

He was a proud one after all, but with their continues attacks he really couldn't do anything, He then covered his whole body with a barrier. And this barrier was strong enough for him not to be affected by the attacks from the three of them.

Now, the three of them were in a bit of a disadvantage, he could still injure them but they can't d anything to him no matter what move they make. They wanted to try nullify but with such chaotic time, they couldn't get the right energy. And they never tried it before.

They could only defend for now as they try to make cracks on his solid body.

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