She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 204

Volume 8 Chapter 204 Bronze

On another side of the battlefield.

"To think you were able to put up this much of a fight," Bronze commented as she started using her gravity. Other than this she also has Fire and Earth. She only had these three for the Suction were too much already, if she added more then her body would eventually explode.

Eureka didn't answer her instead she used both her swords and attacked Bronze non stop. She can't waste her energy to this person. The thing she will do needed her to be at her best. If she used too much then she would surely fail.

Bronze was irritated, she really hate being ignored. She loves attention, isn't that why she took up the mission of infiltrating Aurora Kingdom years ago? She wants the attention from the king of a kingdom, if she succeeds then she will have the attention of the whole kingdom. But he just have to ignore her.

She started using suction but to no avail for Eureka just used nullify to stop her. With only a hand to create nullify, Eureka could still attack her with the other hand. She clicked her tongue before using fire and earth in succession. But Eureka was serious in dealing with her in the fastest way.

One way or another, this woman is also the reason why everything started. Darkness might have used a different method in dealing with the other worlds but that is not the case right now.

That's why Eureka's hate for this person is at its maximum and right now she is releasing all her pent up frustrations and hatred. Not once did she show her hatred, only her pain and anger. For her this is the best moment to release it. There was no one she could release it to for more than 10 years, this time she can finally release everything.

Even the death of Ao and Zu, it was also because of this woman. Eureka was thanking Silver when he said he had killed them and the way he said it, he must have done so in an easy way. She was thankful plainly because they didn't have to suffer much longer. But that wouldn't change the fact that they had killed the people who raised her.

She may have sounded ruthless back then when she replied to Silver's news of killing Ao and Zu but inside her, she finally felt relieved. She was able to know who killed them and that they died easily.

She had been wondering about it for so long, the moment she knew they died, she had been dreading whether they were tortured or was in difficulty before dying. They can finally rest in peace.

Using her nullify, she completely rendered Bronze useless, using her sword without it inflicting any kind of magical wounds she tortured her. Bronze wasn't a strong one after all, if not for her suction then she is just another ordinary enemy.

The other generals they have defeated were stronger than her in terms of fighting prowess. The suction she use, could only store the ability in her body, she needs to release that to another person as soon as possible or her body would eventually explode.

People's body was designed to hold so much. That is also why Silver and the ability of the others weren't actually the whole ability of the one they took it from. Each abilities were halved just like creating a whole circle with different parts cut from another circle.

Looking up at the person attacking her non stop, Bronze or to be more precise Chiaki thought she was facing the grim reaper himself. Eureka has no emotion, not even with her eyes.

Everything was cold, her demeanor, her expression even if blood were splattered in her face, she didn't even flinch. She was just moving her hands, slashing through Chiaki's body like she was slicing a jelly. Her eyes was the scariest, as if Chiaki's life, who was right in front of her, was insignificant.

For the first time after so long, Chiaki felt fear. Well of course this is the same person they had been using to destroy every world there is. She just never expected for this person to actually reach this level. Where she was rendered helpless.

At the same time she never faced the others before not in this way, she interacted with them in order to further bring therm to their side but never in confrontation.

Eureka didn't stop her onslaught, as if chopping an animal. She kept slicing through Chiaki's body as her body release nullify to stop her from doing anything. The worst part was that she wasn't hitting any vital spots, she really was torturing her. Not just with pain but mostly, psychologically. Faced with a cold face and being tortured just like that, this is truly a frightening torture.

Somehow this brought back a memory she had long forgotten. She was lying helpless on the ground just as another assaults her non stop.


Back when they just arrived in the future, Leo was truly happy that he was actually alive but realizing that he was in a future, he tried to see what had happened to his family in that future and so he wondered about. Returning to Aurora kingdom and searched for his family.

He returned to their home but found it abandoned, he then tried to hide his identity and asked around. He found out that Azusa became the youngest knight through Akihiro but was then bullied by her teammates.

Not long after she committed suicide, with her gone, his wife lost her mind and stayed in close doors. As if it was not enough torture, some people break in and assaulted her, leading to her death. With all these he was left dejected and was about to lose his mind, for they have died such terrifying deaths.

He then remembered that he came in the same place as Chiaki, the person who caused all this. And so he started looking for her, finding her in the arms of another man. She obviously flirted with this man in order to survive to the world they were suddenly thrown into.

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