She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 205

Volume 8 Chapter 205 Bronze Ii

At first since they were already in a different world he didn't bother with her for he knows she was the weakest, so battling her is a child's play. But now all his anger are pointed in her direction. It was just a good thing for him that he didn't lose his ability.

He run fast in order to take her by surprise and took her away, bringing her to the mountains.

Chiaki had a problem, upon coming here somehow her ability lessened tremendously that even though she tried to use gravity on the person who suddenly abducted her, there was no effect at all.

He slammed her to the ground, "This is all your fault. But killing you would be too easy. I will revenge my family. I'll make sure you will completely regret your decision and I will make sure that you won't die."

She tried to run for she felt like she was looking at a beast ready to shred her to pieces but she was pinned to the ground before he started tearing her clothes apart, like a hungry wolf. When she felt the sharp pain on the lower part of her body, she started screaming but to no avail.

She never slept with any man, no matter how much she flirts. Especially when she found out that her next mission was to make another king fall for her. She made sure she was clean, to become a future queen? Who would go and look for another man to sleep with?

Seeing this, Leo knew he found the one thing that could break her mind little by little, "Let's give birth to as many children as this world allows," he smirked.

Fear grew within Chiaki but she can no longer fight and that is the start of her hellish days, where he assaulted her everyday, five times? Ten times? She has no idea but he was nothing but a beast to her.

This went on and on for who knows how long, until one day he suddenly stopped and became a cold person. At first she had the thought of escaping but just looking at his eyes, she shivered and would sit still on her place.

Until the day he trained her to make an ability which is a step higher than her gravity, which was suction. And her life took a turn for the worst, whenever she failed on her training he would either beat her up or use her body to his hearts content.

He somehow found a way to make her mind stronger not allowing her to escape through craziness. And she had no strength to fight back, she could only endure everything until she was able to accomplish using suction.

After being of some use to him, he stopped mistreating her and started regarding her on a higher place. She could finally have a sigh of relief.

Her body slowly returned to its normal fit and her face returned its colors.

To escape?

Of course she tried doing so, she was already stronger than before after all. But it was to no avail and what was worst was that he was no longer the one who used her body but those lowly people under him. When she tried to escape and was caught by him, she was thrown into a room filled with l.u.s.tful desires.

To someone like her who took care of their chastity this was the greatest humiliation and fear that they could receive. After that day, she became a complete puppet of Leo.

After a while, Silver and the others joined them as well. But even these people didn't regard her as someone who was once their comrade. They didn't even look at her, much less help her in times when others would have their way on her.

She became a punching bag on a different way and that only stopped after she established her name as the one who can take and give abilities.

(End of Flashback)

Her bitter experience flashed through her mind like a dam that was just opened, flowing non stop as if trying to break her from within. She never wanted to remember all these, she had buried it deep within her mind. But it was inevitably released just like that.

And this time seeing Eureka in front of her, her body started trembling non stop. She knows that her real end is near. Obviously, Leo and Silver noticed this. Chiaki has a very important part of their plans. If she dies now then that would incapacitate them greatly.

Her suction helps them create massive amount of soldiers in order to destroy one world. That is why she still remained a high ranked in their group despite being so weak.

They tried to help her, but the others didn't allow them. The continues attack from Eureka's team held them in their place. Even Leo couldn't do anything, yes he is strong but the four against him were able to stop him from approaching Eureka and Chiaki. He tried to throw far ranged attacks but was being stopped by the other generals of the three kingdoms.

Seeing as Chiaki is almost killed, he released a very strong pressure making Akihiro and the others unable to move, after being thrown away from Leo. He then rushed towards Eureka who never stopped attacking Chiaki. Just as he was close, Eureka looked back at him with nothing but coldness in her eyes before she stabbed Chiaki in her chest and her neck, slowly Chiaki's body froze before it was pulverized due to the sudden heat from the magma.

Leo released another dark aura and brought out a dark sword, Eureka parried his attack. He then created a dark fire trying to incinerate Eureka. But was countered with her ice that was engulfed with her magma.

Eureka thought as she jumped backward. Right after doing so, Akihiro and the others blocked Leo. And so his battle with them continued, even though in rage they were still able to fight him, giving their all.

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