She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 206

Volume 8 Chapter 206 First Layer Of Plan

This was actually the plan that all of them came up, all those who had a major role in the battle. Eureka would deal with Chiaki but after doing so she needs to wait for her energy to return. The others will then confront the other enemies.

She watched from the back, Raven and the others are doing just fine while battling Silver. Though it is still visible that Silver is indeed a very formidable opponent. But Eureka knows, she also heard raven exchanging place with Hideyoshi, that those three would be able to handle Silver just fine. They didn't need her help.

They are still a bit strong because of the help of those guardians. They can even easily use magma despite little practice over it. To which Silver have difficulty in nullifying. And they have trained more than enough just for this day. Adding Hideyoshi's continues stopping of his teleport.

Silver may be able to use nullify, because of the fire and water ability but he can't create ice or magma. His body couldn't handle it. Being born with a body that can use both of the abilities are the only upside of Eureka's body.

On the other hand, Akihiro and Haruka would use nullify then Nana and Rino would use their abilities to attack Leo non stop. Eureka upon realizing the outcome of combining Ice and Magma have instructed the four of them to do the pivotal attacks on Leo.

She then faced the others who are fighting Black.


Eureka tried to return to where Azuma is, luckily she was still able to do so. This was back when she suddenly disappeared for two days. Where everyone searched for her. But she never told them where she really went or what she really did.

"What brought you here this time? There's no more things I can help you with and nothing else to say," Azuma said as he watched the dimming light of the glass cage before looking towards her. Even he was shock that she could still return here he thought that it was only a one time coming.

"Leo will be attacking soon, this dimming of the light means that the seal in this world is about to collapse. He can feel that so I can tell that he is about to come," Azuma then added.

"I can feel it as well. He is approaching. The barrier surrounding the kingdom is currently at its weakest as well. But I came here for another reason."

Azuma looked at her, at the same time he was also hoping for the other two to show up.

"They suddenly fell asleep. After I entered this room, they fell asleep. It must be the doing of that almighty one. He only allowed you to see each other once after a thousand years," as if reading his mind Eureka explained.

"*sighs* So what brought you here?"

"I felt it back then. When I first encountered Leo in the body of a bird. He is weakening. I have been wracking my brain but couldn't think of a reason."

"I see. Well you are right. The body is weakening, Leo's body wouldn't last longer. Of course the body was not created to be immortal it would get old no matter what others do. Adding to the fact that Juzo had been using it to jump through times and space, it is reaching its limit. The body before Leo was his ancestor, the first person to use time travel."

"That person jumped twice, the first time he was able to return and create the book that taught Leo of such ability. The second time, he was unable to return. The fact that he was all alone in that world and having no one to help him, his heart started becoming darker. 'I did this for the kingdom but because of them I have to stay alone in this world.' With that in mind. Juzo was easily able to take over his body and jumped through the other worlds. Soon he found Leo."

"Leo who was on the verge of losing his mind due to the fact that the future his family have was that of tragedy. Was taken over easily and became his next host. After so long, Leo's body is about to reach its end as well and so, I am very sure that Juzo will be using another person to be his host. For not until he completely recovered all of these black smoke, he will not have a physical body."

"Another question, when you first battled him, did you perhaps felt a resistance when his darkness parried with magma and ice?"

Azuma though back before answering, "It did, it was just as a thought back then Ice and Magma combined can become light and that is why I also used it to suppress him before sealing him."

Upon looking back at Eureka he saw a glint that flashed through her eyes. He furrowed his brows, "What are you planning?"

"Do I look like I am planning something, I just thought of something. If he needs a person with a darkness in their heart then I can say that someone close to him is the best candidate. Thank you for the information, this may be the last time we'll meet each other. I'm just glad I was able to return here."

She then turn around and left,

(End of Flashback)

Eureka thought as she approach Feena, Raven and Theo.

Though they can battle on par with Black, his prowess is still visible and currently they are having a bit of difficulty, especially since his barrier was just a little bit bellow from Kaoru's seal barrier.

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