She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 207

Volume 8 Chapter 207 Shiver From Her

"Do you really think you brats could defeat me? Even if you gang up right now, you don't stand a chance," Black insulted as he used his barrier to enclose each of them before casting his fire ability.

Feena was able to have the least damage for her ability was water, Raven had a bit of resistance but Theo was wounded so much. Using his wind in this kind of situation would only add more fire to him.

Black laughed as he did this twice, thrice. But when he was about to do it for the fourth time he abruptly stopped and turned around, just in time to parry Eureka's attack from behind him.

He furrowed his brows, isn't this girl up against Chiaki? Chiaki might be their current weakest but it is impossible for her to be defeated so easily. He glanced to where Chiaki and Eureka were fighting and saw Leo in there having a fight against the other four.

Seeing how agitated Leo is, Black understood that this girl have defeated Chiaki just like that. Returning his eyes to Eureka, he actually shivered, her eyes that should have been a beautiful imperial topaz was being covered by her murderous intent towards him.

He was completely shock by this outcome, she defeated Chiaki just like that? Didn't the war just started? Then just how strong is she to swiftly kill somone who had been with them for so long?

It is not a secret that Chiaki was the weakest among the generals but she was still stronger than the other members.

He then remembered that it was her who easily killed Yellow, someone known to be one of the top 10 in their group. Far stronger than Chiaki.

"Monster," he couldn't help but blurt out. They have always been the ones who inflict fear on the people they are killing but right now he is feeling the same way as what Chiaki felt a while ago. Fear.

Eureka just smirked at the way he said the word. She is glad that he started feeling this way. But this is not yet enough, she needs more and more. She needs to become a monster in order to defeat all of them and finish up the plan.

She released her energy taking even the attention of the others fighting. Even on Akihiro's side. All those who are on her side have the same questions on their minds,

Suddenly Black saw something behind her, like a shadow. Her whole demeanor. Once again the grim reaper within the battle field. Like darkness was right over there, right behind her like a shadow.

She smirked at him and started attacking using both her abilities and her ability swords. Black tried his best to parry her attacks but to no avail. She really looked like a devil right now. Even his body where he applied barrier had cracks on them already.

The attacks from the other three already gave it a bit of cracks, but Eureka's attack which was more ferocious gave it more cracks to the point where it started crumbling.

Even Feena and the others were speechless. This is the very first time they saw her show her hatred. A hatred that acc.u.mulated after years and years of pain and difficulty. The person in front of them seemed like someone they never knew.

Even Leo was taken a back, as he battles with Akihiro and the other, whenever he would glance at the battle taking place on the other side. He can't lose Black in here. But seeing Eureka he has a different plan now. But first he needs to defeat this four in front of him.

His look didn't escape Eureka's eyes and a small smile appeared on her face. But to Black the smile caused more shivers to run down his spine. She looks much more sinister right now.

"Seeing the look on your face, could you be scared? Being the bad guy, I'm shocked that you're actually scared. Shall I give you more trauma before you die?" Eureka said as coldness enveloped them more.

Even Feena and the others started having cold sweats and even felt their bodies tremble, having the same thought. Am I scared of Eureka? But is this still Eureka? Despite her indifferent, serious and cold demeanor, she had always a gentle look deep within her eyes, but even that was gone. Replaced with nothing, as if every living thing was nothing in her eyes.

Black's shriek was suddenly heard all over the battle ground. He felt like his body was melting then suddenly it was having frost bites. All these happened inside his body. The pain was tremendous far greater than when he was just pierced by swords.

What he is feeling right now was something no human could handle. You feel your insides being melted by a tremendous heat but was suddenly frozen in order to stop him from dying. This was done little by little, from one organ to another. Truly the ruthlessness was too much.

Even Silver who was fighting against Raven's team felt a shiver coming from Eureka. He then looked at Leo, then the same thought as Leo popped up in his head. The reason why they have strengthened Black was for one reason alone, but right now they can just change their target.

After who knows how long, Black finally disappeared from everyone's view. The same way as what happened to Chiaki his dead body was frozen before it was pulverized.

"Eu- Eureka?" Feena asked with uncertainty.

As if returning to her senses Eureka looked at the three of them and shrugged, "I'm sorry my hatred suddenly took control of me. I'm sorry you have to witness such display. Even I myself didn't expect I could have such a side."

She then averted her eyes from them as if guilty of showing such a dark side. She held her swords tighter as fighting against something inside her, she even bit her lip to the point of it bleeding. She did this like she wanted to not lose consciousness.

Eureka hugged her body as it too trembled. What she had done to Black was truly terrifying. That is for sure.

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