She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 208

Volume 8 Chapter 208 Now Kaoru

"I- It's okay. A- As long as you are fine. Come on guys, let's help the others," Feena then lead Theo and Raven to the other fights. But the scene they just witnessed will be carved in their minds until this battle is over, or maybe as long as they live.

Such kind of torture was a first for all three of them. Raven took another glance at her, at her pale face and the way she hugged her body. He furrowed his brows before going on as well.

Eureka watched them move away from her and could only smile bitterly, that's right she is a monster after all. But this is also necessary, she should stick with it. She needs to become a monster far darker than anyone. Her trembling body stopped and her face returned its calmness. As if what she ahd shown was nothing but an act.

Just like that she entered the battle with her two swords, she slashed at one and pierce on another. She stomped her foot and ice would stab some, while at times she wave her hands and magma would enveloped more. Her swords that was shinny when the battle started was now covered in blood and her cold face has spots of blood from their enemies.

Her clothes that was drenched with blood. Her look didn't only struck fear to their enemies but her comrades as well, somehow along the way when Feena and the others looked back at her, shivers suddenly run through their spines once again. In the midst of the blood bath she is creating, Eureka was actually smiling.

Her smile matched with her cold eyes and the way she ruthlessly kill their enemies. Its like she was not only a copy of death god himself but she was possessed by him instead. Was she enjoying it? Killing? The same questions was running in their minds as they watch her have a killing spree.

Before she could go to another side of the battlefield someone finally stopped her by the arm.

"What are you doing? Did you forget that we needed your full capabilities in order to finish the final part of the plan? You killing black that easily was already out of the plan, you must have used too much already. Just stay put for now and leave everything to us," Raven reprimanded her as he held her arm.

He was killing and defending on one side, he actually tried to communicate with her through telepathy but she didn't reply, she even looked like she really couldn't hear him. The other tried to call for her as well but to no avail. He then decided to go personally and physically stop her.

This is not the only reason he stopped her but because she looks like she's losing herself with all the killings. A darkness that was always with her, felt like it was about to come out and take control over her.

As if returning to her senses, Eureka looked around before weakly nodding her head. She looked like she was shocked of what she had done. She unconsciously looked at her friends faces, some of them were still in the middle of a fight and couldn't look on her side, the others smiled at her when they saw her looking at them.

They also spoke with her through her mind telling her to take it easy and let them do the fighting, that she needs her full strength. They were encouraging her but at the same time telling her to stop. Her look truly made them worry. Especially since they found out that darkness could be born from just the heart of a person.

"What about Silver?" she asked, Raven have actually went back to help the others deal with Silver and Eureka knew about it. So now seeing him by her side once again she wondered.

"Don't worry, the borrowed powers were still there. It was difficult but we were able to hold our own," he said before giving her one final look, seeing as she is back to her senses, he then left and returned to their battle with Silver.

Looking around, the battle was actually on their side. Leo is still the same, he can still keep up with her family. All of them have the wounds and it is visible that her family is almost at their limit. Even she looks like she was at her limit.

she thought before she was suddenly stabbed by Silver from behind.

Being in a deep thought, Silver approached her. He was able to sneak behind her. Raven and the others didn't realize they were fighting with a clone of Silver he had created with all the four elements. But the downside was that he had used half of his life as well.

"Damn," Eureka cursed before using her ice to hit Silver who was behind her.

Silver was already weak on the first place so he just smirked at her before this half died, "You're his now. You really gifted us with something very amazing. Thank you for killing Black and letting us see another opportunity."

Eureka furrowed her brows before hearing her family calling for her. Upon looking to their side she was greeted by a Leo who was completely close by her. She just smirked before clapping her hands, she didn't care about her wound but instead used the strongest nullify she could use and slammed it towards his chest.

This greatly shook Leo, when something like a dark smoke emerged from his body.

"NOW KAORU!!" she instantly called out. And Kaoru who seemed to have been waiting for her call instantly moved and light appeared in his hands.

This was their plan. A different plan from what the others thought of, that she will just be sealing Leo with a stronger seal than before, using Time and Seal.

Hearing her sudden shout the other Generals, even Yukimura and her other friends had a confused look. Was there a plan where Kaoru would do something in the middle?

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