She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 209

Volume 8 Chapter 209 Second Layer Of Plan


"So you're saying that, there is a chance that Leo, I mean Leo our friend, is still alive? And that despite Juzo being the one controlling him, we can still retrieve him? Is his soul still there?" Akihiro asked.

Eureka had their whole family together. She could only disclose this to them. She is not 100 percent sure, it was a fifty fifty gamble. But if she can catch him off guard she might get the chance to separate Juzo from Leo.

"There is a chance and I also have a feeling that his soul was still there, deep within, but no one must know of this yet. I can only impart it with you, I can't raise a lot of people's hope just to be crashed but I need your help to weaken him as much as possible. And I would be needing all of your cooperation in order for me to succeed."

She made a promise to herself after all, that she would make Azusa and Lady Layla happy, that she will make their family complete again. Back then she made that promise and she wanted to fulfill it, even if the chance was just 50-50. She must fulfill it no matter what.

She also had this idea already from the start but back then it was 25 75 chance and then after seeing his momentary stop when Layla called out to him her calculation reached 50 50.

But after speaking with Azuma that Juzo would soon change his host due to Leo's body reaching its limit she had a 70 30 chance. But she didn't disclose the fact about Azuma to her family. And so she only informed them of a 50 50 chance.

"I was able to raise the chances to 50-50 when I saw him momentarily stop when Lady Layla shouted at him to stop back when he tried to kill you both. Seeing that momentary stop I can say that he was still there, inside."

She then sighed before continuing, "But he must have been further suppressed after that, he after all stopped Juzo from killing you. So I must use the strongest nullify I could create to nullify his possession on him. After that I need you, Kaoru, to enclose him with your seal, then we'll just proceed with what was planned with the others."

Kaoru nodded at her instruction. Akihiro and the others also became even more determined. If they could take back their friend then they will do their utmost even more just to win this war.

(End of Flashback)

Without further a do, Kaoru used his strongest seal and enclosed Juzo into it. He laughed as he tried to destroy the seal, "This little thing won't be able to stop me."

"AZUSA!!" Eureka then called after checking Leo's pulse. Not knowing the reason Azusa run towards her.

"When I told you to do so, insert your energy towards him," Eureka instructed before coughing up blood.

"By that you mean..." Azusa didn't have the time to react on her coughing up blood because of the meaning of her words.

"Wh- What if, a part of Juzo is still inside him. Even if I want my father to return I can't risk the life of all those around us," she then shook her head.

"Just do it. Trust me and just do it," Eureka said firmly, her time is short she needs to finish everything now.

She went ahead and nullified the remaining ability inside of Leo before telling Azusa to go on and insert her energy. It was arduous, her wound was deep, she used a lot of energy already as well. Not long after, Leo's color finally returned to normal and he started breathing normally.

Juzo was still breaking free from the seal the battle was still ongoing. 'It's almost over' was the only thing in Eureka's mind.

"Bring him to Akito," Eureka instructed to Kaoru as she cough up more blood and had her hands support her on the ground.

"You should-"

"Just go Kaoru, mine can wait," she instructed but just as Kaoru turned around the seal suddenly cracked and Juzo came out.

Eureka was close to him and was already weak, "*laughs* You're mine now!!!"

Before everyone's eyes, just as the other half of Silver was down, just as Akihiro and the others get close and before Azusa could react, Juzo entered Eureka's body.

"EUREKA!!" they exclaimed.

Her face contorted for a bit then slowly her body went limp, as if the struggle within her was over.

Eureka slowly stood up and opened her mouth, the voice that came out sent the hearts of those around her in chaos, "What a tattered body. You've used it too much."

Everyone looked at her in terror, she was possessed? Juzo had actually possessed her?

Then they remembered how she fought a while ago. The darkness within her actions, the cold look and the smiling face that seemed to be enjoying the touch of blood and the lost of life made by her hands.

If Leo was taken over due to him losing himself because of madness from his family dying a tragic death, then it is also possible that currently Eureka was indeed taken over.

They didn't notice it before because of the way she fought and the way she cared for them. They didn't notice but anyone who had experienced what she had would eventually have a dark side within their hearts.

And yet why didn't they notice? Why didn't they stick by her side upon seeing that she is totally wasted from everything she did in this battle? The plans that kept evolving, she had planned everything from the start, but everything was for a naught now. She was already taken over.

Eureka closed and open her hands as if trying her own body. She then wiped up the blood from her mouth then looked up to all those who was staring at her in terror. A creepy smile appeared in her lips, this sent shivers on the back of all those close to her.

Especially her family and friends. Are they going to lose her in here? In these way?

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