She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 210

Volume 8 Chapter 210 Stupid? Careless?

"Oh don't be shock now. It was actually quite easy to take over her. She was already weakened and did you see? The way she killed a while ago? Truly how fascinating. I never thought of it before, but she had so much darkness in her. You have witnessed it right? Just how dark she truly is. But its a shame I still couldn't find where her other two energies are hiding then I could finally use all three, *laughs*," Juzo spoke up.

He then started attacking them like crazy. Using darkness alone. No one could obviously fight back, they were only doing their best to defend. And this made him attack more, they couldn't fight because of the person he is currently using. Truly how easy.



They started calling for her. This can't be true right? Eureka being possessed?

Raven approached her fast and held both her hands behind her back but as he tried to push her on the ground she was able to free herself and his neck was suddenly held tight, "Ah just because it is you, it doesn't mean you'll wake her up ever."

"Raven!!" the others called in panic when she started creating a dark ball ready to slam it on Raven's chest. They need to stop her, they have to stop her. But they can't do it without hurting her.

How can Eureka suddenly become so stupid now?

Why was she so careless?

Was what was on their minds. Before each of them, especially those who were close to her stopped their way of thinking and glanced at each other. Through telepathy they started speaking with each other.

"Hmmm What's going on?" Juzo tried moving her hand but it wasn't doing so. It won't even budge. Her brows were furrowed when he couldn't even move even a single finger from her body.

"Do you think that you could easily get out of Kaoru's seal without my help? When I placed my hand on the ground a while ago I released a bit of nullifying just to weaken that seal. I purposely showed you a dark me and fought like a madman, I allowed you to see a me that even the others have never seen before and all of that was in order to get your attention and you would target me instead."

She moved her hand and released Raven's throat, she then suported his weakened body, "How foolish, you fell for all of my plans. DO you really think I am that easy as an opponent? You are the stupid one."

"Wha- NO!! NO!! LET GO OF ME!! NOOOOO!!!!" another voice was heard as if someone suddenly hold him off and is restraining him. The he shouted seemed like he was about to be assaulted.

Two voices but only one person. If they didn't know better they would think that she was crazy.

"*sighs* I told you to stop playing around Magma, we are in a serious time right now. What if someone was killed because of that?" Eureka spoke up once again. If she didn't came out earlier then Raven wouly be killed by Juzo, and all of these is because Magma was playing around. Ice was about to do her job but Magma asked her to don't do it yet.

Eureka on the other hand had to recuperate for a bit, allowing Juzo to enter her already tattered body, even her soul needs time to adjust.

She stood sturdier as she shifted Raven in a much more comfortable position, "And you, *sigh* don't go having suicide in front of me. I will bring you back from the dead and kill you myself if you do that. And if that's not enough I will bring you back and torture you so that you would have wished you didn't die."

Raven was coughing at the same time smiled defeated. Truly this girl, they can never catch up to her.

He noticed it, the sudden change in her when she killed Black. The excessiveness of her attacks and the darkness she brought out. This was too sudden that he found it confusing. If the others were completely fooled he wasn't. But even he would react after she started a killing spree.

Then seeing her being possessed, his rationality suddenly flew away and jumped in to save her. Forgetting that this girl was a crafty one. She can do anything to execute a plan not one of them would have thought off.

"Come on now, it was enjoyable seeing him act like a fool. He thinks he can just possess anyone. But I'm amazed you were actually good at acting, you looked like you were a bad guy. The chill when you started killing. Truly how commendable. Even Azuma wasn't that good at all."

Now everyone was getting confused, Eureka was using the same voice but with different tones? Then they remembered, that's right she has more or less 4 souls within her.

"Wait acting?" Akihiro asked. They were already close by. Even the others, only the other knights and generals are fighting against the remaining enemies.

The feeling of grief flowed within them when they saw her being possessed, then upon arriving close to her they saw all the changes and became confused.

"Upon knowing that he was cultivating Black to become his next host. I came up with another plan that he would instead target me. I had to show the darkest possible side I could master just so he would notice me," she started explaining as she let go of Raven who can finally stand on his own, he just almost lost his breath a while ago and that is why he needs her support but has recovered now.

"This wouldn't end in such a peaceful way if I didn't do this. He was strong, far stronger than even me. I was just able to catch him off guard allowing me to do my other plan."

That's right, the first layer of the plan was to do their best in order to seal him, killing him was impossible. If he just leave the first body and entered another then escape, the war wouldn't be finish, he can also just slowly kill them without them realizing it. Just a bit of darkness in ones heart could help him be strong again.

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