She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 211

Volume 8 Chapter 211 Final Layer Of Plan

The second layer was only between Eureka and her family, that she will seal Juzo but not Leo. The gamble the family took into consideration for they wanted to bring back their old friend and Eureka gave them a bit of hope in acquiring it.

And now the final layer of the plan that only Eureka knows, was already halfway through.

"Then the reason why you went out of your way to kill Black and Chiaki in such a way. And even the way you had such a killing spree, it was all to get his attention to you?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes that is indeed true, adding to that, Black was his next body after all. If I don't kill him fast when Leo was already weakened he will just use Black. The faster he disappears the better. And I'm glad the second layer of the plan worked. I was able to fulfill my promise to myself that I will make your family complete," she said as she looked at Azusa.

Azusa's eyes became red, she didn't really have an important role. She was just another bullied knight, she even had a thought of killing her friends. But Eureka never looked at all of those, instead she actually had the thought of giving her back someone she cherished so much. Just how much did she saved in her past life just to get such a friend?

Mamoru approached her and placed his arm around her shoulder as if comforting her.

Eureka coughed up more blood after saying this, the others wanted to support her but she raised her hand. She then shook her head, "I'm fine."

"It's time we finish this, Kaoru send to me the strongest seal energy you can still master. Azusa start sending me everything you got on time traveling. Let's create the strongest nullifying ability there is," she explained as she smiled at them.

Azusa and Kaoru followed what she had asked. Azusa left Mamoru's arm while Kaoru let Yukimura to carry the unconscious Leo. They then started converging their remaining energies.

Eureka, on the other hand, released a dark energy on one hand. At first she thought it would be difficult but since Magma and Ice were holding Juzo, she tried and was actually able to do so in the first try.

On the other hand was Magma and Ice energy that combined with each other, creating another ability not the usual one which is nullify but instead it was Light, a new ability that would probably be seen by them for the first and for the last time.

Her friends remembered this, when they asked why she suddenly started using the two energies on one hand when it was already taxing for her with both hands. Her reply was just about preparation, who would have thought that she was actually preparing all along for this.

But during that time she showed it to them with nullify, who would have thought that she was actually preparing it for another ability?

Her planning was truly amazing. And the way she executes them, one in a billion, she is indeed a one in a billion knight. She created layers and layers of plans, one the whole of them were involved, another only a few who she spoke to, then another plan that only she knows of.

When she finally combined the energies, a strong force was suddenly pushing those close to her.

"Such terrifying energy," Akihiro commented as they did their best to remain rooted to where they were standing.

Eureka blew a mouthful of air as if calming herself down, she looked at Kaoru and Azusa and nodded at them telling them to combine theirs to what she has.

The combination of this four created an even stronger force that even Akihiro and the others, even Raven was pushed back as if pushing them away from her.

She released it upwards, just as she did Juzo came out from her body and was enclosed in a seal that seemed to have another layer on it. He struggled but to no avail and so the large amount of smoke he acc.u.mulated to bring his body back was once again divided before each was sealed and was sent somewhere.

Those around her noticed how one part was pulled beneath the ground.

Below Azuma and the others noticed how the place they were in felt like it was being buried even further below.

"So it was this? The thing that kept nagging at me after her last visit? She came up with this back then, didn't she? What an amazing person. But surely her body..." Azuma commented.

"Even you who was deemed the smartest and the strongest back then never thought of this. And yet this girl who lived a few years younger than you, came up with so many things. All of which was just for this day," the red dragon spoke.

Up above, a bright light engulfed Eureka as she kept releasing the combined energies. Seeing her plan entering its final stages, she couldn't help but smile bitterly. She had prepared herself for this in a very long while after she confirmed that this would actually work. And yet even now her heart was aching, will she be able to return?

Magma started speaking inside her.

Ice replied.

Magma asked Eureka.

Eureka replied.

Ice answered.

That's when the light spread out to all those around her. Only a few zombies were left. It was sad but even though those close to her only received wounds that are deep but not fatal, there are still knights who have died.

Eureka started looking around the people who became precious to her. Snippets of how they spent their time for almost 14 years somehow returned to her. Truly she never expected she would be this much attach to everyone. She came here unexpectedly and actually wanted to finish everything so as she could return fast as well.

And yet without her realizing it, she had stayed for so long even worrying more than necessary, even ended up revealing her identity.

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