She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 212

Volume 8 Chapter 212 Confusion Suppressing Their Grief

She looked at Akihiro and Haruka apologetically, before looking towards Raven as she smiled and mouthed something before the entire place was enveloped by a blinding light. This light didn't only remain in their side of the world but the whole world itself.


"You Stupid!!'"

Everyone heard Haruka shout 'no' before hearing Raven calling her stupid. Everyone then felt as if a part of them suddenly disappeared. As if they part with something that had been with them always.

Suddenly tears flowed from the eyes of her eight friends, they felt another feeling of loss. Her family too started tearing. The way she looked and the way her eyes apologized. Was this the meaning of her words for the past months? Why she had been saying things as if she was saying goodbye?

Just as the light disappeared, the remaining zombies were gone replaced with ashes.

The place was replaced with silence, no one could instantly react to what have happened, they were just engaged in a battle then suddenly a blinding light appeared. Upon disappearing the whole place seemed different from how it was moments ago.

Everyone looked dazed for a moment before realizing that the kingdom seemed to have changed, as if it became new, the destroyed parts were fixed. The rabbles which should have been scattered in the ground was gone.

The blood shed which dyed the whole battle ground disappeared like it had been washed. The chirping of the birds that was no longer audible a while ago reached their ears and the trees that was wrecked by their abilities are standing sturdily around them. Swaying with the wind.

Everything felt like a dream, that the battle a while ago was just a dream. A nightmare. Like the wish they silently had the night before, that the nightmare would end.

"NO!!" the tranquility was disrupted when they heard Haruka's mournful cry, as she breakdown and cried. She was at the same time clutching her stomach.

Akihiro clenched his fists, his face looked like it was grieving. Tears also flowing from his eyes, why now? Why did she do this? This is not part of their plan. He haven't even do anything for her as a father.

<"You really would regret so many things in the future.">

Kaoru's words suddenly resounded in his mind. He did so much to her that caused her pain so why? Why wouldn't she let him pay for it?

Seeing this Rino and Nana understood what is going on, Eureka left. And this time no one knows if she will ever return. Their tears dropped like a waterfall, she was really unreasonable.

She never told them anything, she kept everything to herself. In the end she still chose to leave them. She was just happily speaking with them, tehre are so many times she could have told them but she didn't.

Nana suddenly hugged Natsuki who was near her. She cried out loud as she felt the loss, Natsuki suppressing his own tears hugged her back.

Karen walked towards Rino, her tears falling as well. But before she could speak up or do anything, Rino pulled her into a tight hug, to which she could only hug him back.

Azusa lost all her energy and her legs gave in, tears started falling down non stop,

She then looked down at her trembling hands,

Before she could blame herself, two warm hands held hers tightly, upon looking up she was greeted by Mamoru, who's eyes showed a hint of tearing as well.

"She will return," was his only word. Seeing her look down in her hands he somehow had an idea of what is going on in her mind. Despite the sudden turn of events, he wants her to remember at the same time he wants himself to remember that Eureka herself said, she will be with them.

Azusa cried, the others followed. The guys still had tears flowing down their cheeks but very obviously they are still trying their best to suppress their own grief as they support the others.

<"And if I was sent away I will fight my way back here just to be with all of you. Even if that so called almighty one would stop me then I will just defy it and push through. I promised that I will be with everyone then I will do just that.">

On such time, her words was what resounded on Raven's mind as he too clenched his fist, "Stupid."

He had an understanding that she might leave, but he never expected that she would leave just like that. Without another word, he had thought that she would at least give them a proper farewell, not this kind of goodbye.

Is that why she was stopping herself from falling asleep last night. That despite the tiredness she wanted to stay awake and still chat with them? If he knew then he wouldn't have whispered in her while she was asleep the words he had been keeping to himself, he would have told her up front.

He was suddenly pulled into a strong hug, he was startled at first but soon realized that his father have come up and pulled him into a hug.

Yukimura knew, the grief Akihiro and his family are feeling must almost be the same to the grief his son is currently having. Raven have always been the silent one, he had always been the mature one. He knows tat his son is stopping himself from crying.

Eureka suddenly disappearing, they all have an understanding. They wouldn't know if she would really return to them or if she was still

He didn't want to finish his thoughts. He could only hug his son. The two of them were not good with words with each other but he knows that this is all he can do for his son right now.

Raven clenched his fists tighter as his shoulders started trembling, he silently silently cried.

Suddenly they heard Suzuki's sobbing voice,



They couldn't grieve any further after hearing her words. Then looking around, even those who died right before their eyes started sitting up with a confused look.


They came back to life?

Just what the hell is going on? What kind of ability did Eureka use?

Most of all who would answer all of them now?

The once chaotic battle turned around, Eureka was gone, Juzo was gone, so are the zombies, exchanged with their dead allies coming back to life and the kingdom looking like a new built one.

Dai's voice suddenly resounded to all their minds.

He was currently standing by Suzuki's side, his brows furrowed. During their time before the war, Eureka spoke with him with two things and this is one of them.

The way he looked at Eureka when their family was by the lake, was because of this. She had spoke about this but she also made him oblige that he wouldn't disclose this until the right time.

With Dai's words, all the knights returned within the kingdom. They were also supporting those who returned to life. The look on these knights were that of confusion. This reflected the looks on those who are supporting them.

They saw these comrades die right in front of hem so who wouldn't be baffled when they became alive and kicking all of a sudden. Even their wounds disappeared somehow, did they really just came out from a battle?

What confused everyone even more was that some people suddenly appeared in front of the kingdom gates.

It was bone chilling and they suddenly felt goosebumps. These people died on the other wars they had have with Juzo and his group.

The grief Akihiro and the others were feeling was repressed after seeing all these shocking events. Ichiro and Shigure then decided to task their head knights to return to their own kingdom, with a few generals. They have a feeling that somehow something must have happened on their side.

They then went ahead and met up with Dai in the castle's main hall. Akihiro just had a few generals to calm the citizens and to inform them that everything shall be explained to all of them in the next day.

Despite being confused themselves the generals did as they were told. The citizens were both confused and tremendously happy. Their loved ones whom they have thought were dead had come back to life. Not in the same way as those zombies but they really returned to life.

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