She's That Knight Known As Zero Book 8 Chapter 213

Volume 8 Chapter 213 Resolve

"Before everything it is better for sir Yukimura to inform all the people not to panic no matter what they may discover in their bodies," just as all of them sat down, Dai instantly said confusing them further.

"Please go on and try using your ability," Dai added seeing all their confusions.

As they tried, nothing have happened. They looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Yes, presumably, if everything went as she had planned then, all of us right now. In this whole world. Not one have any ability."

Another bomb was thrown at them. Just what kind of ability did Eureka use?

"There would be a panic if we don't inform everyone right now," Dai added after throwing the bomb at them.

Having no other choice Akihiro nodded at Yukimura, who stood up and walked out, but was still in a daze.

Dai didn't speak for a while, he waited for all those who are before him to settle their emotions. They just experienced grief then they were given shock after shock. If he speak now, they may not be able to digest everything he'll said.

Her words resounded in his mind. That girl really looked like she can actually see the future.

An imperceptible smile appeared in his lips upon thinking this, soon it returned to its serious look.

After almost half an hour, Akihiro finally looked up and checked those around him. His family, the other kings and her friends. Slowly each one of them started looking up and their eyes have focused as well.

The shock may have hidden it but currently all of them were still grieving, grieving for her disappearance. So even though all of them have started focusing again, he was most worried of one person.

As if feeling his look, Raven turned towards Akihiro, seeing that worry in his eyes. Raven sighed internally, his heart and mind might be in chaos right now but he can still focus just fine.

He could only nod at Akihiro as if implying that he was truly fine. Akihiro nodded in return and returned his look at Dai. He nodded towards him and Dai nodded in return.

"Complete Nullification, an ability that could be created once all necessary steps were completed."

"First, one should be able to use nullify of their own free will."

"Second, one must be able use both magma and ice."

"Third they should be able to combine these two but instead of nullify they should be able to create light instead."

"Fourth, they should have sufficient darkness inside them."

"Fifth, they should have enough knowledge of all the abilities needed and the energy that must be used in order to combine all of it."

"And the last was resolve."

They looked at each other after hearing all these steps. Plainly because for the last months of preparation, these were what Eureka had been doing.

She was combining magma and ice in one hand, at first they thought it was just to have more choices in fighting. But her impatience shows something different. Thinking back it must be because what she was actually trying to achieve was light instead of nullify.

Darkness, if it was only because Juzo was inside her, she wouldn't be able to really use darkness. The way she also moved and killed, that was not acting at all. She was doing it naturally. She had sufficient darkness inside her.

Darkness that have truly acc.u.mulated through out the years. Something she only unleashed during the war. If she has none of this, surely she wouldn't be able to trick Juzo.

And finally, she had the resolve. She had always been courageous and she had always been resolved in doing something once she sets her mind into it.

She was more than capable of creating such ability. And they know, if it was them, it would either be them being taken control by darkness or their resolve would crumble in the last second.

"She had completely nullified everything. Even the abilities inside each person's body. You have felt it a while ago didn't you, your highness? That something seemed to have disappeared inside you. Something you were always with, like you have lost a part of you?"

Thinking back all of them did feel something like that when the light engulfed everything.

Her words resounded in the minds of her friends. Back then they only have this thought and that's just it, a thought. And yet she had a different mind set than theirs, she didn't have just a thought but she was planning to find a way to execute it.

A much more peaceful world, was what she had wanted, who would have thought that she would actually achieve it?

They all had a happy and sad smile on their lips, she came like rain during the drought. When they needed it the most, it appeared. And once it had sufficiently helped the world it would disappear.

"Then what happened now?" Akihiro asked after once again digesting what Dai had just said.

"Complete Nullification and Time travel. What she had created was something much more powerful than Complete Nullification itself. If you ask me what I can call it then there's only one word for it: Reset."

All the people inside the room felt like their minds would explode, too much information and all these information are very much more confusing as they listen more.

Seeing there faces Dai could only sigh, even he was flabbergasted when that girl started explaining things to him, she was the very first person who came up to all of this.

Even the almighty one who created everything about these worlds, wouldn't have expected that such human would be able to come up with so many difficult things. Truly a one of a kind person.

"From the word itself, what she had created was an ability that reset everything Juzo have ever done."


Dai smiled.


"You're saying that what you're going to use something that could reset everything?"

Dai was sitting on a chair opposite Eureka. Eureka who had her arms crossed over her chest and one leg crossed the other was smiling confidently at him.

"Everything Juzo have done," she slowly elaborated.

"How will that be possible?"

The idea itself seemed impossible and yet Eureka's demeanor and even her voice, no not just those two, even her eyes, showed confidence. Confidence that whatever she was talking about would really happen.

"Everything is possible in this world. The almighty one created abilities that brought miracles upon miracles, so anything that could be deemed possible would turn into possibility."

"But all those energies are combination of the strongest ones. Surely the person will explode."

His mouth twitched upon hearing her speak lightly about the almighty one. She must really hate him.

Eureka leaned forward, placing her hands on the table and intertwining her fingers, she then slowly raised her eyes to look at him, "Aren't I here?"

Unknowingly Dai's brow were raised upon hearing her words.

That's right, this girl have a body that contained two abilities, strongest ones as well. She has a special physic, the one and only after a thousand years.

In the past zero's were special, the ability users could turn into the ability itself that the zeroes could then take in into their body and freely use them. But after what had happened where Azuma sealed Juzo, the physic of the human being slowly changed and the zeroes became nothing but normal ones.

Eureka was the first to have two abilities at the same time and she was not an artificial one, unlike Leo and the others. She was born with it.

"No, even if it was you, if you incorporate more ability in your body you would soon explode as well."

"Don't worry I won't incorporate darkness in myself, instead I'm going to make him live in me. His soul is the one holding the darkness ability. It's like I'm going to place another vessel inside me."

She once again leaned back.

"After that, with my capabilities, I would be able to release everything in one go before I destroyed my whole body."

Dai could only stare at her. He was thinking whether he was hearing things right or not. For other than confidence her eyes showed resolve that she will push through with her plan.

"How sure are you then? That you really wouldn't die? And that you will remain the same as who you are right now?"

She looked outside the window, before slowly standing up and walking towards the window. Despite being in the inner hall, this place still had a window that could see the kingdom.

Looking out, she could see the people going on with their lives. Selling in the market, walking around. Some were riding carriages while others were coming down of it. She could also see some children running around.

Despite not hearing anything from down, she could imagine the liveliness, especially now since two other kingdoms are living with them.

The once awkward atmosphere for suddenly meeting new people and interacting with them, was replaced with warmth. They became friends and acquaintances in the short span of time that they had lived together.

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