Shura's Wrath Chapter 848

Chapter 848

Chapter 848  Rashus Soul  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


If they werent summoned, unless Ling Chen allowed it, Xiao Hui, Xi Ling, LengEr, and Snow Cherry could not see what was going on outside.  

This CaiEr, this isnt a simple gift, and its not something that everyone can have, Ling Chen scratched his head, trying to explain it as he felt a headache coming on.  

Then why do all of the big sisters have one? And Xi Ling and LengEr have one as well I dont care! I want one too! I want one too! Big brother cant be biased! CaiEr angrily shouted. Of course, she had no idea what that little red certificate was, but since everyone had one, including Xi Ling and LengEr, she did not feel that it was fair for her not to have one.  

Only adults can have that sort of thing. Youre too young  

Im not young at all! CaiEr puffed out her cheeks. Im already 69 years old, and Im much older than the big sisters!  

Alright, alright! Dont worry, big brother will get you one as well. Shui Ruo smiled as she walked over to comfort CaiEr before turning to Ling Chen and saying, Big brother, dont you have a few blank ones? Just write CaiErs name on one of them. Shui Ruo then said softer so that only Ling Chen could hear, Moreover, when CaiEr grows up, shell be the Mystic Moon worlds Nature Goddess; big brother needs to keep her tight in his hands.  

Ling Chen knew that Shui Ruo would say something like that. Last month, he had pushed down Sha Sha because of Shui Ruos orchestrations. Ling Chen was surrounded by beautiful women, but Shui Ruo did not care at all, and she seemed to want to bring even more girls to Ling Chens side. This was because she felt that only then would this make up for all of the suffering and pain Ling Chen had endured in his earlier years.  

Ling Chen indeed had a few blank certificates. These were extra ones that Long Tian Yun had given him to get on his good side.  

Alright. Ling Chen helplessly took out a blank certificate and wrote CaiErs name on it, inwardly muttering, Since youve delivered yourself to me, I might as well take you in when you grow up, Ill definitely eat you! 

Alright, this is for you!  

After Ling Chen finished writing it, he gave the little red certificate to the expectant CaiEr 

Yay!! Little CaiEr cheered as she received it and started to read, Mr. Ling Chen and Miss CaiEr on October 12, 3101, have been registered as husband and wife  



Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?? Husband and wife?!?!?!  

Big brother and I are husband and wife? CaiEr hazily shook her head before realising something. T-T-T-Then what about big sister! Big sisters going to be married to big brother! Big brother took away big sisters First Wings, so he has to marry big sister. If big brother and CaiEr become husband and wife and big brother doesnt marry big sister, big sister will definitely be very sad CaiEr muttered as she became more and more panicked. Wuu, no, no, I need to tell dad big sister MoEr, I want to go back to the Fairy Realm. Can you help me?  

Before Ling Chen and Ling Shui Ruo had realised what was going on, the cheeky MoEr had already released her spatial power, sending Ling Chen and CaiEr to the Fairy Realm after all, Ling Chen and CaiEr were connected so it was impossible for CaiEr to leave Ling Chen. As such, if CaiEr wanted to go, MoEr had to send Ling Chen as well.  

After returning to the Fairy Realm, CaiEr flew off like a little butterfly. Less than 3 minutes later, Greenwood rushed over, and before he had come close, he hurriedly yelled, Little brother Ling Tian, its good that youre here. There was something important that I wanted to discuss with you.  

Ahh err, what would Chief Greenwood like to talk about? Ling Chen asked.  

Its like this 4 years ago, you took away my eldest daughter Ying Xues First Wings. According to our Fairy Clans rules, she can only be married to you. Now that so many years have passed and Ying Xue has long since reached the marriageable age, since you just married my youngest daughter CaiEr, shouldnt you shouldnt you Greenwoods calm and warm expression became somewhat distressed. Shouldnt you marry my eldest daughter Ying Xue as well? You  

At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly sensed a cold gaze staring at him. After being noticed, the owner of that gaze quickly hid behind a large tree.  

Over the past few years, he had felt her gaze quite a few times. That Fairy woman was cold and proud, and she would not lower her head or plead, nor had she ever mentioned this to him in the past before. As such, Ling Chen couldnt help but feel a slight sense of heartache, and he nodded his head, saying, As long as Ying Xue is willing, Im also willing.  

Back then, he had adamantly said no, refusing to betray Shui Ruo. However, since Shui Ruo did not mind and even encouraged him, he had no worries. Thus, there was no reason for him to reject a beautiful woman like Ying Xue unless there was something wrong with him.  

This sort of quick and decisive response was completely unexpected by Greenwood. After staring in surprise for a few seconds, he hurriedly nodded in delight. Of course Ying Xue is willing very good! Awesome! Since this is the case, lets do it as soon as possible. Well arrange for your wedding to be right here next month. Hahahahahaha!!  

The calm Greenwood started to laugh without restraint. Ling Chen had incredible status, power, character, and reputation, and he was the benefactor of the Fairy Clan. For his daughter to be with such a person was simply perfect. Moreover, Ling Chen would become part of their family, so with his protection, the Fairy Clan would never have to worry.  

Greenwood grinned as he left. For the next few days, he would probably be laughing in his sleep.  

Ling Chen smiled as he looked towards the big tree. A snow-white figure silently left from there, looking incredibly elegant.  

CaiEr, where did you go? We should go home and sleep.  

After Greenwood left, CaiEr still did not return, so Ling Chen could only speak to her within his mind. Soon, he heard CaiErs voice, Im talking to granny right now. Shes teaching me how to be a good wife, so Ill be back soon.  

Ling Chens forehead erupted with sweat. If Granny Witherwood misunderstood and thought that he had eaten little CaiEr, he had no idea how she would look at him in the future.  

Forget it, he would just wait for a bit.  

Even though the Fairy Realm could not compare to the Moon God Island, it was still a beautiful wonderland. Anyone would feel intoxicated while in there, unwilling to leave. Ling Chen walked for a while and came to the Fairy Fountain.  

Standing beside the incredibly still water and looking at his reflection, Ling Chen squatted as he splashed some of the water on his face. Immediately, an incredibly clear and cool feeling spread throughout his entire body.  




Ling Chen suddenly froze because his heart suddenly started to madly thump. It was so intense that he could clearly hear the sound of his own heart thumping.  

He had been in a good mood, but he now felt an incredibly empty feeling. Following this, the empty feeling became one of pain and sadness, which quickly spread throughout his body, making him feel like he wanted to cry.  

What was going on  

Ling Chen pressed his hand against his chest, unable to stop his madly thumping heart from feeling so sorrowful.  

My heart feels as if I lost something more important than my life why do I feel so sad just whats going on  

Thump Thump Thump Thump  

Ling Chens heart started to beat faster and faster, and he was unable to calm it down at all. At this moment, a mysterious feeling came from in front of him, making him want to go near  

What was it? What was hidden there?  

A strong desire suddenly welled up within Ling Chen, causing him to jump into the Fairy Fountain. He dove down and as followed the aura, he reached the bottom of the centre of the Fairy Fountain, where the roots of the Fairy Tree were.  

Here, he felt a formless barrier that was not very strong. He lightly drew a line with his finger, causing the barrier to instantly shatter. The sand and stones scattered as a black dress slowly floated up, appearing in Ling Chens vision.  

This This was  

Ling Chen picked up the black dress and floated out of the water, landing on the grass.  

After looking at the black dress for a while, Ling Chen finally remembered this was the dress that Qi Yue wore!  

3 years ago, after Qi Yue had taken Qi Xings remnant soul and escaped, Ling Chen had never seen her again, nor had he heard anything about her. It was as if she had completely vanished from existence.  

Why would Qi Yues dress be here  

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!   

Ling Chens heartbeat rapidly sped up, and the sadness swirled around within his heart chaotically. Ling Chen pressed his hand against his chest, his vision becaming hazy.  

Whats going on Someone tell me just whats going on  

Why is Qi Yues dress in the Fairy Fountain  

Why do I feel so sad when seeing her dress  

Ling Chens hands started to tremble, and at this moment, a devilish red light flickered within his eyes  



He felt that something exploded within his chest and mind, and something that did not belong to himself quickly filled his body and mind  

He felt that the power within his body was madly increasing. His strength was extremely high, and increasing it at all would require great amounts of power. However, his power was rising at a terrifying rate it became 100% stronger, then 200%, 300%... 500%... 700%... 1000%...  


Within his soul, a faint shattering sound could be heard it was the sound of him breaking through the bottleneck from the level of humans to the level of gods.  

Immediately, Ling Chen felt that his whole world had changed. The large world felt incredibly small to him, and he felt that he could casually flip his palm and topple the universe, destroying everything.   

After becoming so much stronger, Ling Chen should have been delirious with joy. However, Ling Chen felt exactly the same emotions as before as he stared at the black dress in his hands as he stepped from being a Quasi-God to being a True God, some new things appeared in his mind. His mouth moved as he subconsciously muttered, La che sis  

The godly soul within his body had finally awakened, and it was from this stimulation. After awakening, his godly soul filled his mind with some memories.  

The sudden influx of memories should have made one feel extremely uncomfortable. However, those memories fused perfectly with his own, as if they had always belonged to him. These memories caused him to understand why the aura from the black dress was so familiar  

This was Lachesis aura even though it was very faint, he could feel it clearly, and he definitely wouldnt be wrong. This was because Lachesis aura was imprinted on his godly soul, and even if he reincarnated tens of thousands of times, he would never forget it  

Lachesis Lachesis QI Yues godly soul was actually Lachesis soul  


Ling Chen suddenly felt as if he had been smashed in the chest by a 1000-kilogram heavy hammer. His mind went black, and his body stumbled back 2 steps, his face becoming incredibly pale.  

At this moment, he understood everything  


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