Shura's Wrath Chapter 849

Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Perfect Coincidence  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Qi Yue had Lachesis soul  

Lachesis had been reincarnated through the Variant Moon God Mirror, so Qi Yue should have Lachesis memories, intelligence, holiness, and kind heart  

She was accepted by the Lunar Scourge and could command the Lachesis at will  

In that case, the girls being sent to the Xiya Star, him being sent to the Xiya Star, the Sun God Orb coming to him, the moon suddenly appearing all of it was because of Qi Yue and not MoEr!! In fact, even the Mad Scientist modifying the Mystic Moon planet was because of Qi Yue she had been in the Lunar Scourge in order to guide him  

She had acted so cruelly and mercilessly to stimulate him into becoming a Shura because she had Lachesis godly soul, she could detect the dormant godly soul within him because he had the first Shuras godly soul... Rashus godly soul!  

She had lied to everyone, creating a web of lies. She had turned him into a Shura, destroyed Qi Xing, and then used the Lachesis power to restore Earth!  

So it was like that so it was like that! She was Lachesis she destroyed Qi Xing and saved everyone... saved me. It was all because of her shes not an evildoer; shes not evil at all! If it wasnt for her, Qi Xing would have fulfilled her ambitions, and the current universe would not be like this.  

Ling Chen gripped Qi Yues black dress as he muttered to himself. His heart was filled with a deep joy because Qi Yue was not evil! She was the gentle and kind Lachesis!  

However, after Qi Xing was destroyed, where did she go? And why did she completely give the Lachesis to Fey? Since she achieved her goal, why hasnt she said anything to me in 3 years?  

And why is her dress here?  

As Ling Chen thought to himself, the dress slowly dried out, and strands of unnatural light flashed in Ling Chens vision. This light was very dim, and it could not be detected by the naked eye. However, to Ling Chen, who had entered the realm of gods, nothing could escape his eyes.  

As this light appeared, his heart wildly thumped as if it had been greatly stimulated. Ling Chen slowly stretched out his hand to the light, absorbing it into his fingers. As he came closer, he suddenly realised why that light seemed so familiar because this was the light from that Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb.  

Were these remnants from the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb?  

Ling Chens gaze was completely attracted to the light, slowly detecting the remnant power. When the incredibly weak power was transmitted into his mind, he once again felt as if an explosion had gone off in his head  

Exchanging life for death... exchanging death for life... exchange one life for another life  

Ling Chen seemed to lose his strength, and he heavily fell to his knees on the grass.  

How could it be like this How could it be like this?!  

3 years ago, Shui Ruo had somehow woken up, and he had attributed this to a miracle by the Fairy Fountain and Fairy Tree. However, if this was something that even the True God-level Sha Sha could not do, how could the Fairy Fountain and Fairy Tree do such a thing? Only now did he realise the truth a truth that shattered his heart  

Qi Yue  

You acted so cruelly and emotionlessly, and even after I destroyed Qi Xing, you acted so coldly, not explaining anything to me was it so that I would hate you so that I wouldnt think about you and feel sad because I hated you you then used your life in exchange for Ruo Ruos life you saved everyone and brought everyone happiness and allowed yourself to take all of the blame and soundlessly departed  

Ling Chen tightly pressed the black dress against his chest because this was perhaps the only thing that Qi Yue had left behind. He gritted his teeth tightly, feeling as if his heart had been pierced by 10,000 arrows, making it impossible for him to breathe.  

Qi Yue His lips trembled as he said her name in a weak voice, and he raised his head, looking at the sky as he hoarsely screamed in sorrow, Qi Yue!!!!!  

This scream rushed to the sky, causing the Fairy Fountains water to ripple. Even the cool wind seemed to contain an air of sadness.  

Aiya, why is little master calling me so loudly? Do you have any orders?  

A sweet and enchanting voice sounded out from behind Ling Chen. This voice seemed to come from the edges of heaven, and it was seductive to the extreme. It was able to steal anyones soul in just a few words.  

Ling Chens body froze, feeling as if electricity had passed through him, and his heart seemed to stop beating.  

This voice This voice is  

Ling Chen slowly turned around as a woman who was unbelievably beautiful appeared there, smiling as she looked at him with her misty eyes.  

The woman was wearing a black dress just like the one Ling Chen was holding in his hands! Her looks were peerlessly beautiful and incredibly tempting. Her jet-black hair fell around her neck, giving off a lustre under the warm sunlight. In contrast to her black dress, her skin was snowy-white, making her look like the perfect jade sculpture. The collar of her dress was opened, revealing a large patch of white cleavage. And a pair of round and full orbs proudly hung from her chest.  

She silently stood there, not moving at all, giving off an enchanting air that could make any man go mad. Looking at Ling Chens dumbfounded expression, she lightly smiled, her misty, upturned eyes looking incredibly stunning.  

Qi Qi Qi Yue Ling Chen muttered uncontrollably when looking at this beautiful, dazzling figure, and he felt as if he had lost his soul. 

With these peerless looks and flirtatious voice, apart from Qi Yue, who else could it be?  

Qi Yue smiled, making it seem as if she could cause the sun and moon to dim in comparison. Little master, you havent called me for such a long time. Do you know how sad Ive been waiting all these years?  

Ling Chens chest heaved, and he stood up as he sprang at Qi Yue like a beast, tightly hugging her.  

Qi Yue closed her eyes, tears falling from them. She lightly lifted up her arms, hugging Ling Chen back, both of them remaining silent for a long time.  


No wonder you stole the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb. So it couldnt simply resurrect the dead, but it allowed you to exchange a life for another life.  

I knew it the day that the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb was formed. Back then, I felt quite disappointed. Actually, Qi Xing lied to me. The information about the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb was not from her memories but an ancient record. I thought that if even the Lachesis could not bring back the dead, how could such a thing exist?  

Qi Yue leaned against Ling Chens body as she gave a warm and beautiful smile.  

Since its exchanging a life for a life, Shui Ruo woke up, so how Ling Chen finally asked the biggest question in his heart.  

Perhaps this is the heavens way of showing that they care for me. Qi Yues smile became even more beautiful. She looked up at the clouds in the sky as she said gently, At that time, I thought that my body and soul would disappear into the heavens and earth. Who would have thought that I would one day wake up inside Shui Ruos body.  

Eh? Ling Chen felt dumbfounded.  

This was completely unexpected for me, making me feel quite surprised. Moreover, when I was inside Shui Ruos body and came close to her soul, I suddenly realised how beautiful and perfect fate and coincidence could be.  

Fate and coincidence?  

Thats right. Qi Yue slightly turned, pressing her large, soft breasts against his chest. I never thought that Shui Ruo would also have Lachesis soul.  

What did you say? Ling Chens eyes widened. How How is that possible? Didnt you inherit Lachesis soul? How could Shui Ruo also have it? If Ruo Ruo also had a godly soul, how could you not detect it?  

I only said that Shui Rou had Lachesis soul, not godly soul, Qi Yue replied.  

.. Ling Chen still did not understand.  

Do you still remember the history of the god clan that I told you about at the summit of the Godchild Peak? I said that Lachesis originally wasnt a True God but a powerful Demigod who had broken through the limits of humans, and she was about as powerful as the Mystic Moon worlds Moon Goddesses. I also told you that the Shura helped her attain complete Godhood, turning her into a True God. However, how could it be so easy for a humans soul to become a gods soul? If it was that easy, then Qi Xing, who was so much more powerful than Lachesis, would not have had to go to such great efforts to become a True God. Rashu didnt change Lachesis soul. Instead, he gave a part of his godly soul to her, perfectly fusing it to her soul so that she also had a godly soul.   

However, humans and gods exist on completely different levels, so how could they truly perfectly fuse? Rather than fuse, attach would be more appropriate. These 2 souls both inherited Lachesis power, thoughts, and memories, but they were unable to truly become one entity. After Lachesis died, Rashu used the Variant Moon God Mirror to absorb her soul but what he didnt know was that her human soul and godly soul separated in the Variant Moon God Mirror  

Ling Chen:   

The Variant Moon God Mirrors power can only be used on one soul at a time, and the soul splitting apart in the Variant Moon God Mirror naturally reduced the Variant Moon God Mirrors power and effectiveness. However, because the godly soul was far stronger than the human soul, the Variant Moon God Mirror focused most of its power on the godly soul. As such, the godly soul reincarnated more than a thousand years ago in me, causing me to awaken Lachesis memories when I turned 20 while the human soul, which should have only taken 3 years to reincarnate, was limited by the Variant Moon God Mirror, resulting in it being reincarnated later than the godly soul. In fact, it only reincarnated about 20 years ago and did not contain any memories the person who inherited this soul was Shui Ruo.  

The Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb allows one to exchange their life for someone elses and to exchange ones soul for someone elses. Our souls once belonged to the same person, and even though we both reincarnated, our souls were still linked. When I used the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb with Shui Ruo, because of the connection between our souls, her deceased soul was slowly awakened by my souls power instead of consuming my soul and killing me. Afterwards, I lost consciousness because awakening her soul consumed much of my strength, but I only fell asleep. The Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb caused my body to disappear, and I restored Shui Ruos lifeforce.  

Hearing Qi Yues narration, Ling Chen once again felt as if he was listening to a story. He muttered, Such an unbelievable thing could happen in this world. Looks like nothings impossible but this proves that even the heavens werent willing to let you disappear forever. So when did you wake up then?  

About 1 week after Shui Ruo woke up. Qi Yue looked at him flirtatiously. Afterwards, I used Shui Ruos eyes to watch you, using her senses to sense everything. Half a year later, my power was completely restored, and I formed a new body for myself look, its exactly the same as before.  

Qi Yue shook her body, causing her large chest to ripple.  

Half a year later? That means you were back two and a half years ago! Ling Chen grabbed Qi Yues hands. Then why did you only wait until now to appear?  

Because I was afraid. Qi Yues eyes became hazy. I spent so much effort to make you hate me and fill up all of the gaps if I appeared by your side, all I would receive would be hate and disgust from you so I could only wait until your godly soul awoke. When Rashus godly soul awoke within you, you would be able to detect Lachesis godly soul within me, so I wouldnt have to explain anything to you to understand. During these past 2 years, Ive been hiding with the Lachesis power, silently hiding by your side and watching you every day.  

Ling Chens heart slightly trembled. He softly hugged Qi Yue, sighing, Qi Yue, youve tricked me so well.  

Hehe, if I couldnt trick you, how would you defeat Qi Xing? Qi Yue smiled before revealing a trace of hurt. She closed her eyes, softly muttering, Its just that I wasnt able to fulfil my promise of accompanying Xing Xing, as your big sister, I destroyed everything that was yours, but I will use this life to make it up to you.   


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