Sign In From Naruto Book 2 Chapter 514

Vol 2 Chapter 514: Soldier Against Soldier King Against King

Techara gradually wakes up from his dream.

Although it is a dream, everything is real.

Own father, Black Panther God Buster.

and the most important point...

The power he obtained from the black panther **** Buster.

It will be the only hope to defeat Xu Fan.

"Your Majesty the King."

As soon as Techara wakes up, the high priest ancestor screams and admits Techara is already a king.

"Your Majesty the King."

Princess Su Rui also changed her mind along with her. At the same time, she was very thankful that Techara was able to wake up at this moment.

But just when Princess Su Rui was about to inform him of the latest situation of Wakanda.

Techara suddenly raised his hand and interrupted Princess Su Rui's speech.

In the dream, the panther **** Buster had already told himself the situation in the real world.

"I already know everything."

Techara got up from the ground while talking, he took a deep breath and made the final preparations before the war.

"Let's go."

For the current Techara, nothing is needed.

How clever Princess Su Rui is. Seeing Techara's reaction and performance, she immediately understood and understood that he was inspired by the black panther **** Buster.

Looking at Techara today, the high priest Zu Li is also full of pride.

He firmly believed in his heart that Techara was the one who was chosen to save Wakanda.

He may also be the greatest king ever.


Techara did not rush to the battlefield directly.

When he was in his dream, he got enough confidence from the black panther **** Buster.

The true identity of the opponent is not a demon, but a supreme mage.

The white magic he is proficient in gives him sufficient confidence.

so that the other party was so confident that he didn't even bother to launch surprise attacks.

Before he shows up, the opponent will not attack.

Su Rui closely followed Techara.

As the princess of this country, she didn't plan to sit still, she wanted to rush to the battlefield with Techara to prevent Xu Fan's invasion.

"No, you stay here, I need you to help me determine Xu's position."

Te Chala shook his head and chose to refuse.

On the one hand, the power that Buster gave himself can only block Xu Fan for five minutes.

I must make sure that the duel between him and Xu Fan will not be disturbed.

In other words, this will be a battle between soldiers and soldiers, and the king against the king.

On the other hand, as his sister, Su Rui is the crown prince besides himself.

If there is any accident to herself, she will be the next Panther.

From that perspective, Techara must ensure the safety of Su Rui.

As Techaralo's somewhat rebellious sister, Su Rui naturally did not want to accept such a request.

"This is an order, Su Rui, are you going to resist the king's order?"

Techara said righteously, and replaced the vibrating jersey he developed himself.

The entire battle suit is made of vibrating gold, which can not only absorb kinetic energy, ignore the damage from the blow, but also enhance its attack power.

In this way, Techara issued the first order, asking Su Rui to sit in the rear and rush to the front.

His legs are like the wind, running fast on the grassland.

plus blessings and gifts from the panther **** Buster.

The current Techara is far beyond human limits.

In only two or three minutes, Techara came to the grassland of the main battlefield.

The five tribes have long been assembled.

The face of every Wakanda warrior is filled with determination.

Each of them knows exactly what happened to the old king.

and determined to avenge the death of the old king.

In addition, their shoulders also bear the responsibility of Wakanda's fate.

When Techara appeared here, everyone focused on him and paid their highest respect.

According to Wakandas normal etiquette.

If Techara wants to become the new king.

He must accept the challenge of the five tribes in front of Wanzhang Waterfall.

Until all challengers are defeated and all opposition voices eliminated, he can become the new king.

But now it is the life and death of Wakanda.

At this juncture, some rules are completely optional.

On the other hand, even though Techara is fully prepared now, his heart is still very nervous when he thinks of the enemy he faces.

those sand soldiers created by magic.

That huge Susano.

No matter what kind of ability, it is difficult to deal with.

"Your Majesty the King."

Okye and Wakabi greeted Techara at the same time, and when they saw the new king, their nervous hearts relaxed a little.


Techara nodded slightly, focusing on the distance.

Right behind Wakanda's energy barrier, is the army led by Xu Fan.

Both parties are all ready to go and can rush to each other at any time.

"I hope the energy barrier can hold them back."

Wakabi rolled his throat, and he was very proud of Wakanda's vibration technology.

Even if this barrier can't stop the opponent, it can at least consume the opponent.

At least he thought so in his heart.

Ke Te Chala knew very well in his heart that this kind of barrier was very unsolvable to deal with conventional forces.

However, facing an enemy like Xu Fan, it is basically the same as furnishings.

If they want to win, they must kill Xu Fan before the end of the war.

At the same time, there is one more thing that Techara knew well.

When I appeared in this battlefield, I appeared in front of everyone.

is the moment when the war begins.

The reason why Xu Fan hasn't done anything is waiting for himself.


Xu Fan stood behind the legion and used his eyes to fix the situation on the battlefield.

He could actually order an attack long ago.

It's just that, it's meaningless to defeat the Wakanda warriors without a leader.

"Speaking of Tchara's actors~wuxiaworld.online~, they are also pretty good."

Looking at Techara's face, Xu Fan suddenly remembered.

The actor who played the Panther King died of cancer in his forties.

Before his death, he kept a low profile.

The movie "Black Panther" is not only the pinnacle of his acting career, but also his swan song.

From this point, Xu Fan doesn't hate the actor.

However, Marvel is Marvel, and reality is reality.

The two cannot be confused. No matter what the actor, it will not affect his plan to capture Wakanda.

As for the invisible barrier.

For Xu Fan, it is not a problem at all.

He raised his arm slightly and twisted his fingers.

A ring of fire appeared out of thin air, connecting the Wakanda battlefield with the prisoners in Oshemaru, and directly surpassed the barrier.

Seeing Xu Fan's sudden arm, all of Wakanda's soldiers took a breath.

Especially Okye.

This survivor who has witnessed Xu Fan's amazing strength.

"Can we really defeat this demon."

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