Silver Overlord Chapter 315

Chapter 315 The Imperial Capital Is Too Small

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Xu Enda’s house was just around the Prosperous Spring Square past a few winding alleys, five or six hundred meters away from the place where Yan Liqiang encountered those swindling thugs the other day.

Led by the few young men, it didn’t take Yan Liqiang long to finally arrive at the entrance of Xu Enda’s residence.

It was a small courtyard house that was slightly run down, but not on the verge of collapsing. Standing at the entrance, Yan Liqiang could spot fresh green grape leaves peeking over the top of the courtyard wall.

The youth named Little Wu knocked on the door. A few seconds later, a rather tender voice came from inside. “Who is it?”

“Enci, It’s me. We’re here to visit Brother Xu…”

After hearing the reply from the other side, the courtyard door opened. A little boy about the age of eight or nine stood behind the door with a pair of reddened eyes. “Brother Little Wu…”

“Yes!” Little Wu nodded. While walking inside, he turned his head to Yan Liqiang and told him in a soft voice, “This is Brother Xu’s younger brother. He’s the oldest son in the family with two younger brothers and one younger sister. Enci is the youngest in the family…”

“Apart from his siblings, does anyone else live with Xu Enda?” Yan Liqiang asked.

Another young man chimed in from the side, “Nope. Brother Xu’s parents passed away when they took a trip to visit their relatives. The carriage tumbled down into the valley from a broken axle on their way back. Brother Xu is the only breadwinner in the family now. For the past years, he has been playing the role of a big brother and their parents at home. It’s really difficult to bring three children up alone…”

Yan Liqiang nodded without saying a word.

Xu Enda’s residence was indeed shabby. Apart from the grapevine and a few old stone benches, there was only junk and nothing decent around.

Little Wu led Yan Liqiang toward a house facing the yard. Before they entered the house, Yan Liqiang heard a voice coming from inside.

“Rest assured, Cousin. I definitely won’t spare that piece of trash named Guo Si this time. I will go round up a few of my brothers from the Imperial Cavalry Unit today to search the entire Imperial Capital. We’ll find that bastard and hand him over to the authorities. Then I’ll find someone to finish him off in prison…!”

“Haihe… You have a lot going on at home. Besides, your older brother is no longer around too… Your entire family depends on you. Don’t worry about this incident. After I recover, I will invite him to the Arena of Life and Death and finish him off with my own hands…!”

“Why would that piece of trash meet you on the Arena of Life and Death? He will definitely escape if you find him. You mustn’t deal with these kinds of people with logic and reason…!”

There were two voices — the weaker one belonged to Xu Enda. However, the other voice sounded extremely familiar to Yan Liqiang. The Imperial Capital was indeed too small!

“Brother Xu, look who we brought to visit you…!” Little Wu pushed the door open while speaking and led Yan Liqiang into the house.

Xu Enda was lying on the bed with a rather pale face. The other person was sitting by his bed with his back facing the door. He only turned his head around when he heard the sound of the door being pushed open behind him. The moment he saw Yan Liqiang, he sprung to his feet as though there was a spring beneath his butt. “G-Guard… Guard Yan…! Ah… n-no…! That should be… Commandant Yan now…! W-Why… Why are you…” He looked at Yan Liqiang in both shock and excitement.

Hu Haihe was suddenly tongue-tied and at a loss for words from the great shock.

“It’s been a long while, Haihe! I’ve been waiting for you to come practice archery with me!” Yan Liqiang greeted him with a smile.

Little Wu and the rest who brought Yan Liqiang here as well as Xu Enda who was lying in bed were somewhat baffled. Their gaze traveled from Hu Haihe’s face to Yan Liqiang. Confusion was written all over their faces.

“Haihe… you… you guys know each other?” Xu Enda asked curiously.

“Cousin, he is that Guard Yan who I told you about before! The one who single-handedly annihilated several hundred Blackwind Bandits when we escorted Lord Sun on his way here! But now, he should be addressed as Commandant Yan!”

“Ah…!” Xu Enda, Little Wu, and the other young men were stunned. They probably heard rumors about Yan Liqiang from Hu Haihe before, but they didn’t expect such an untouchable and impressive figure to turn out to be this person before them. When Yan Liqiang decided to hire them, he never told them his name. Hence, Xu Enda and the rest didn’t know that this Yan Liqiang was the very same Yan Liqiang from Hu Haihe’s story.

Xu Enda seemed to be a little worked up at the discovery of Yan Liqiang’s identity. He struggled to get up from his bed, but Yan Liqiang quickly pressed his shoulders down. “You’re still injured. Rest well and don’t move around too much…”

“Cousin… H-How do you know Commandant Yan?” Hu Haihe asked curiously from the side.

“Your cousin and his other brothers stood up for me and rescued me a few days ago. I didn’t expect one of them to be your cousin, Haihe! The world is indeed too small!”

Yan Liqiang recounted the incident from a few days ago which acquainted him with Xu Enda and the others. The situation was clarified and everyone suddenly felt that the bond between them had strengthened a little more. Without a doubt, Yan Liqiang suddenly became an important figure in everyone’s hearts. Everyone in the room began to see him in a new light.

Yan Liqiang first examined Xu Enda’s wounds. He discovered that there were three on him. The wound on his thigh was from a dagger stab. It was a very deep wound, but fortunately, his arteries were unharmed. The other two were located on his left waist and back. They each were about two fingers long: a cut rather than a stab from the dagger. Although they looked terrifying, they weren’t fatal. This was indeed a great fortune out of a misfortune.

“Has he seen a physician?” Yan Liqiang asked Hu Haihe.

“Yes. The physician gave him some prescriptions and said that the most important thing now is to rest and recuperate!”

“I still have some medicine with me from Deer Villa. It will probably work better than the prescriptions given by the physicians in the Imperial Capital. Take this and give it to your cousin!” Yan Liqiang fished out a medicine pouch while talking and retrieved an exquisite white porcelain bottle. He then handed it over to Hu Haihe, “The medicinal pills inside are suitable for both internal and external injuries. Take it once a day if consumed. For external use, dissolve it in water and apply it to the wounds once every three days!”

Ever since his encounter with Hua Ruxue last time, Yan Liqiang developed the habit of carrying a medicine pouch with him every time he went out. It was because even he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t encounter an accident when he was outside. Hence, he carried a medicine pouch on him just in case.

Hu Haihe accepted the white porcelain bottle from Yan Liqiang and briefly examined it before opening it carefully. After taking a whiff, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “Ah! T-These… These are the Five Elemental Rejuvenation Pills! Royal prescriptions for the palace…!”

“Ah, I didn’t expect you would know, Haihe!” Yan Liqiang smiled. “What do you mean that it’s for the palace? Medicine is made to be used by people. Don’t be shy. I can get them very easily at Deer Villa…”

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