Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 689

689 Xin Wuji?

This move from Qin Yunran had been used ingeniously as he did not wish to start a feud with the Emei Daoist Sect without a cause or reason. Therefore, he had cast the Emei Daoist Sect aside through sketching in light shades with his words. Even if the Emei Daoist Sect had not provided a reason, they should pull back according to the situation and it would be impossible for them to bear a grudge against the Qin Clan.

The intention of this move lay in the meaning behind it. Most importantly, Qin Yunran had directed the spear at the Heavenly Emperor Xin Clan, the Heavenly Punishing Villa, and the Sound of Thunder Sect.

In fact, Xuan Yuan Ba had been upset of how Xin Tianchen stepped out to testify for the Emei Daoist Sect from earlier. Even in the process of seizing a treasure, the strong rule. Whoever got it would just count it as their benefit.

If you failed at seizing a treasure, you would not use such methods to frame your opponent before all these elite warriors of the Forbidden Spiritual Zone. In the eyes of outsiders, the internal relationship of the Xuan Yuan Mound appeared to be terrible.

Therefore, inwardly, Xuan Yuan Ba disapproved of them. Now upon hearing Qin Yunran's words, he looked at Xin Tianchen and the others with an indifferent gaze.

"You three, a moment ago you had made a solemn vow, now what do you say?"

Xin Tianchen said with a stammering tone, "Mr. Ba, it's true my Wuji was killed by Wushuang. Everything I said had come from Wuji. There was no exaggerations or lies. Perhaps, in a rushed circumstance, the investigated information had some disparity, it's possible."

"Humph, then who has killed Xin Wuwang, Yan Qiansui, and Lei Hong?"

The white divine tiger laughed. "I think I have eaten them. Those few guys were strutting around before my cave dwelling, they deserved to die!"

These words seemed to have whipped the face of Yan Guinan and Lei Ming like a lash. All of them looked at Xin Tianchen with a confused look for clearly, they were wondering what was going on.

They were not idiots and knew that most likely, Xin Tianchen had deliberately concealed this and lied to them on this matter. Xin Tianchen felt helpless and could only shift all the blame to the dead Xin Wuji.

"Ah, Wuji this kid, after all, he's somewhat childish. He was the one that had sent me those words. Mr. Ba, I did not fabricate any words," Xin Tianchen explained with his pale language like an idiot. Yet at this time, everyone was looking at him as if looking at a clown jumping on a roof beam.

Xuan Yuan Ba gave a sneer and said to Qin Yunran, "Yunran, I will inform my chief return. Today at the Karakorum Immortal Clan, is not a good time to take care of family matters."

Qin Yunran also knew the position the Xin Clan held inside the heart of the totem clan and knew that it would be somewhat impossible for this matter to have any aftermath. Since he had achieved his goal to resist, of course he would pull back according to the situation.

He nodded. "Mr. Ba, the Qin Clan are magnanimous, we will not lower ourselves to their level."

Xuan Yuan Ba laughed. "Yunran, it's the best that you have made full use of your style. Xue Chan, this is the end of this matter, it's over."

In fact, Chief Xue Chan felt a headache and of course, she wished this farce to end. She nodded. "Everyone, this should be the end of this matter, what do you all think?"

"Ha ha, that would be for the best."

"Let's go, let's go."

When the totem elite warriors had spoke, of course the other people would not object. From the beginning it had nothing to do with them. Since they had seen enough of the show, everyone had wished to go home. All nodded and supported to finish the trial.

Female Celestial Miao Yun still felt somewhat reluctant. She walked before the Nine Change Celestial Tiger and asked with a low voice, "Tiger Saint, did you really swallow the Supreme Dao Fruit?"

Tiger Saint revealed his ghastly white teeth. "Miao Yun, do you even doubt my words?"

Don't look how this white tiger had appeared to be an obedient person before Wang Chan and Li Buyi, before ordinary Supreme Dao warriors, he still held a supreme position.

Even if he had not entered the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, all people outside the totem clan would not enter his eyes.

Once he broke into the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, with his bloodline as a descendant of the holy white tiger, he would definitely hold an incredible majestic position!

When he said it this way, although Female Celestial Miao Yun was shrewish, she did not dare to talk anymore nonsense. She could only feel upset inwardly. A moment ago Qin Yunran had let her off easy, yet inwardly, the hatred this Female Celestial Miao Yun had harbored towards Qin Yunran did not get reduced.

She glared at Qin Wushuang as angry flames gushed from her eyes. If eyes could kill people, this Female Celestial Miao Yun would not mind to use her gaze to kill Qin Wushuang a hundred times.

Qin Wushuang did not step back. If one had to say whether or not any woman had made Qin Wushuang feel deeply resentful ever since he stepped onto the path of martial arts, this Female Celestial Miao Yun would without a doubt, be the candidate.

When the white tiger saw Miao Yun still scowling at Qin Wushuang, he sent his spiritual perception and shouted, "Miao Yun, if you do not wish to die, hurry and get lost!"

The complexion of Miao Yun had changed greatly. She had never thought that the great Tiger Saint would berate her this way. Although it was only through spiritual perception, since he had flown into a rage, it had caused Miao Yun to finally feel traces of subtle insecurity.

In relation to Tiger Saint's ridiculous testimony a moment ago, Miao Yun had suddenly understood something. She glared at Qin Wushuang with resentment and walked outside with a quick pace.

Tiger Saint walked next to Qin Wushuang casually and sent him a message through spiritual perception with a grinning face, "Little one, excuse my earlier actions."

Qin Wushuang's heart thumped and Tiger Saint already walked out.

Xin Tianchen glared at Qin Wushuang and still showed a puzzled face. Why did this kid get lucky each time? And this was unreasonably lucky…

Xin Tianchen was not an idiot. Now, he had understood something. The testimony of that divine white tiger could be said as incapable of thinking over. Since it were his accompanying fruit and he had not swallowed it before, why would he swallow it at that moment?

Being a divine beast dashing for the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage, how much effect would swallowing that Supreme Dao Fruit do? It would not be very useful!

In terms of the above considerations, Xin Tianchen felt this was a confusing matter. Now, since both parties had turned hostile, Xin Tianchen did not hold back and walked before Qin Yunran. "Yunran, you are on your own."

Qin Yunran said with a cold sneer, "Xin Tianchen, didn't you tell me with extreme arrogance to either share the Supreme Dao Fruit with you or you will let my Qin Clan become the target of scorn?"

It was a vicious hit to his face.

The face of Xin Tianchen was scorching as he wanted to drill into a hold. He gave Qin Wushuang a resentful glare and said with a cold smile, "I hope you always get this lucky!"

Shang Ye and Su Mi of the Coiled Dragon Clan also walked over. "Bro, I didn't expect that you were under so much prosecution today. Ha ha ha, great, it's really great to have gotten to know you."

"Bro, this is my wife's father, one of the top ranked elite warriors from the Coiled Dragon Clan. Father-in-law, this is Brother Qin Wushuang, my brother in life and death."

Long Dabao had a gentle nature as he laughed. "Good kid, you are able to maintain calm under such major circumstances, no wonder you are the sworn life and death brother to my son-in-law, great!"

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Before Long Dabao, Qin Yunran did not dare to disregard him for he knew profoundly that he definitely possessed strength above him. Most likely, his strength would not be any less than that of the Head Chief.

"Brother Long, for this time, it's all thanks to the testimony of your daughter and your son-in-law."

Long Dabao laughed. "Of course. Alright, let's all go. If the chance ever rises, come to visit the Endless Eastern Sea."

"Brother, come to the Endless Eastern Sea for an adventure, I will surely treat you well as your senior brother."

Qin Wushuang laughed. "Alright, Big bro. I will surely head to the Endless Eastern Sea at some point."

This would not be counted as an empty promise. Now, Qin Wushuang was constantly thinking of the Fifth Loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation. It was at the Endless Eastern Sea.

Therefore, the Endless Eastern Sea was a place Qin Wushuang must go. Now, as the situation kept getting tougher, Qin Wushuang knew profoundly the urgency to increase his strength. Therefore, he planned to explore the Fifth Loop at the Endless Eastern Sea after returning from the Illusion Heavenly Lake.

It was because Qin Wushuang had a premonition that after the battle with Xin Wuji, certainly the Heavenly Emperor Xin Clan would fight the Qin Clan. By that time, perhaps it would be the start of a great punitive expedition.

Therefore, his priority was to increase his strength!

Each time he entered the next loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation, he would encounter endless fortuitous opportunities. Each loop was better than the previous one. Therefore, Qin Wushuang was also full of expectations of that Fifth Loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation.

Not to mention his current strength had surpassed the minimum requirement to explore the Fifth Loop. In terms of timing, in fact it had reached perfect maturity.

When they returned to the guest house, Qin Yunran also felt confused. "Wushuang, why would that divine white tiger speak of it this way? Since you had indeed acquired the Supreme Dao Fruit, he had no reason to say that he had swallowed it."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh. "Perhaps, it has to do with Senior Li Buyi." Qin Wushuang talked about the encounter between the white tiger and Li Buyi.

"Li Buyi?" Qin Yunran also felt incredibly confused. "Who is this Senior Li Buyi? An Eighth Transformation Supreme Dao could not beat him? Could he truly be an elite warrior of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage? Besides the totem powerhouses, there are very few sects that could produce a Genuine Supreme Dao elite warrior. Could this Li Buyi be an elite warrior of the totem clans?"

Qin Wushuang revealed a bitter smile. He had only met with this Li Buyi three times. He only felt that it seemed as though that Li Buyi were everywhere.

Even now Qin Wushuang could not understand whether the encountering with Li Buyi was a coincidence or destiny.

"Second Chief, now I am more worried of that Xin Clan. With the death of Xin Wuji, certainly they will make the next move. I just don't know how they will perform this next step."

Qin Yunran nodded with a grave expression. "We must watch out for this. Once the Xin Clan becomes mad, we must be prepared to meet the challenge. Only this way can we protect my Qin Clan to pass through the toughest times."

"Ah…" A sharp whistling dashed through the sky. A fierce voice roared. Both of the hands snatched the face and let out a painful yet desperate growl, "No!"

Like utter sad calls of a wild beast and with eyes filled with grief it yelled again, "Qin Wushuang… Qin Wushuang, I will not let you die a good death! I will destroy your Qin Clan and kill all your nine generations! I will not let you die well! Kill me? Ha ha, I already said, the person to kill me is not yet born!"

This person sounded a little like Xin Wuji. Yet the voice had clearly sounded sharper. However, the person that spoke was clearly Xin Wuji.

If someone had seen the face that spoke, certainly, they would be greatly astonished. It was because the body and the appearance of this person was clearly, that Ruo Ping Fairy from the Emei Daoist Sect!
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