Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 690

690 Li Buyis Old Friends

This person grabbed a giant stone and viciously smashed at the shadow showing from the surface of the lake: it was as if this person did not wish to see their reversed image in the water.

This person was like a combination of Ruo Ping Fairy and Xin Wuji.

Initially when Qin Wushuang had seen Xin Wuji's self destruction, it was in fact a diversion. The stronger the self destruction, the more confused Qin Wushuang's ears and eyes had become.

Of course, the price of this self destruction was the destruction of Xin Wuji's body. All of his Supreme Dao weapons and equipment were also destroyed at the same time.

After all, being the son of the Heavenly Emperor, Xin Wuji had inherited some of the treasures from the Heavenly Emperor Gate. For this self destruction, he had used one of the Coagulate Divine Genuine Soul Treasure Books for he had put a trace of primordial spirit into that book to coagulate a fake divine soul. This divine soul did not possess the same form of power of those real Supreme Dao warriors, yet it could live through the Coagulate Divine Genuine Soul Treasure Book to survive and to rob other bodies in time of an opportunity.

After all, it was a fake divine soul nurtured by the Coagulate Divine Genuine Soul Treasure Book. If he could not find a host body to stay in, this fake divine soul would slowly disperse.

Perhaps that Ruo Ping Fairy should have this calamity. After Tiger Saint, Li Buyi and Qin Wushuang had left, she had become sentimental and wanted to collect Xin Wuji's body!

At the right time, Xin Wuji's fake divine soul had been nurtured and was in a mature stage. Catching her unprepared, he fled into Ruo Ping Fairy's head and killed her primordial spirit directly.

After all, the primordial spirit belonged to the premature state. The divine soul was the existence after the primordial spirit had grown up. The divine soul could live on its own and was the final state of the primordial spirit. Although Xin Wuji had a fake divine soul, he still had easily pinched Ruo Ping Fairy's primordial spirit and seized her body to live on.

This way, on the surface it was Ruo Ping Fairy, yet the host divine soul was Xin Wuji. In the midst of chaos, of course Xin Wuji did not have much selection.

Only this way, the grand son of the Heavenly Emperor had a female body. This was why he was furious towards his reflection from the lake.

For all this time, Xin Wuji was high and lofty for he was incredibly proud of his manhood. He was incredibly satisfied at his charm and destructive power towards women. Yet with one incautious move, he almost lost his life. Now although he had the luck of seizing a body, he had turned into a woman.

Xin Wuji do not carry much guilt at killing Ruo Ping Fairy. He was more furious at how he had turned into a woman. Although the foundation of this Ruo Ping Fairy was great, she could not match to Xin Wuji's original body, but at least she was an elite warrior at the Ravine Mysterious Stage. She was only one step away from the peak of the Common Mysterious, Stage where Xin Wuji was previously.

However, if there was a choice, Xin Wuji would rather rob a man at the Perfect Void Martial Stage as he was not willing to become a woman. When he was walking, an uncomfortable feeling from the trembling of his chest made Xin Wuji want to die.

He was not used to it, definitely not used to it.

"Qin Wushuang, if I do not let you pay the price, I'll incur the greatest indignation of humans and gods!" Xin Wuji gnashed his teeth in anger and would not dare to linger any longer. He must reach the Heavenly Emperor Mountain before anyone else. He disregarded the Ten Thousand Year Pilgrimage Pageant, for certainly he could not participate in his current ghost-like state.

He would also die even if he were to go. If others had learned that he had seized Ruo Ping Fairy's body, most likely the Emei Daoist Sect would be the first one to kill him.

Therefore, Xin Wuji only had one option: he would rush back to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain and to ask his father to think of a way to find another body and to remodel his true body.

Currently, all of Xin Wuji's equipment had been destroyed. Naturally, he no longer had the communication jade plate. Therefore, he could not even contact his fellow colleagues. Even if he wanted to inform them of his recent situation, it would not work. Therefore, he could only rush back to the Xuan Yuan Mound with full speed.

"Atchoo!" Qin Wushuang had sneezed in succession inexplicably. He could not but help to think, "Could someone be cursing me?"

Immediately after, he laughed involuntarily. Most likely that deceitful Miao Yun must be cursing him. Qin Wushuang felt incredible good as he had worked off his anger. Whenever he saw Miao Yun's expression of failure, he felt satisfied. Yet after feeling satisfied, he could not but help to worry about Shui Ruolan.

Since she had paid respect to a teacher with such evil tendencies, Qin Wushuang was truly worried for Shui Ruolan. Although since Shui Ruolan was reluctant to leave, Qin Wushuang could not put himself into the position of saviour and to take her by force.

Since Shui Ruolan had made her choice, Qin Wushuang could only respect it.

Inside the guest house of the Xin Clan, the juniors of the Xin Clan were not present. There were only three people and they were Xin Tianchen and the two chiefs of the Heavenly Punishing Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect.

As these three major Supreme Dao warriors had gathered, each of them revealed a grave expression.

Lei Ming was the first one unable to remain calm as he said with endless regret, "It's truly hateful. How come that Qin Wushuang is able to get lucky every time? That divine beast of the Emei Daoist Sect had even stood up for him? Could this Qin Wushuang truly possess such wide networks?"

Xin Tianchen denied this flatly, "Impossible! Female Celestial Miao Yun loathed Qin Wushuang incredibly. Certainly that divine beast would not have exculpated for Qin Wushuang. Perhaps Wuji and his people had once offended that divine beast. Therefore he did not wish to speak for us."

Yan Guinan said with a wry smile, "This would not make sense. It's easy to understand why that divine beast did not speak for us; however, when he testified, he wouldn't even show face to Female Celestial Miao Yun…"

"Eh… Brother Guinan, then you say, could it be the Head Chief of the Illusion Heavenly Lake had told the divine white tiger to speak in that way? Didn't that Chief Xue Chan say that their Head Chief had summoned the white tiger to come?"

Yan Guinan gave a long sigh. "Perhaps we can only explain it this way. It's possible that the Head Chief felt that it would not benefit the Karakorum Immortal Clan if a big fuss was created as everyone had come to participate in the Ten-Thousand Year Immortal Pilgrimage Event. Therefore, maybe the Head Chief could only carry the mindset of keeping peace and patch up the quarrel?"

Thinking of this over and over again, this would be the only possibility. They would never believe that the connections of the Qin Clan had extended to the totem powerhouses of the Illusion Heavenly Lake.

If the Qin Clan truly had such connections, they would not be shrinking at the Aspiring Throne Mountain.

"Alright, although this matter is impossible to unravel, let's end it here," Xin Tianchen suppressed his anger and dropped his voice. "Now the most crucial problem is how to beat down the arrogance of the Qin Clan. If we allow Qin Wushuang to grow at such speed, imagine the grudge the Heavenly Punishing and the Sound of Thunder Sect hold with the Qin Clan. Will the Qin Clan allow you guys to stand in the future among the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates?"

These words had hit home. The complexion of Yan Guinan and Lei Ming had changed drastically. Especially Lei Ming as he squeezed his fist tightly and said painfully, "Even Wuji was killed by him. I still find it hard to believe. Doesn't that kid come from the human countries?"

Xin Tianchen also felt exceptionally sorrowful. "This is the reality! Therefore, we cannot speculate him with common sense. We must not hesitate to make a move against the Qin Clan!"

"Brother Tianchen, would the Heavenly Emperor make this decision?" Yan Guinan asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"His majesty has lost his son painfully, how could he not make up his mind?" Xin Tianchen said, "Now, it will depend on whether or not you two will work as one. As soon as we return to the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan, we will immediately join hands to attack the Qin clan!"


Lei Ming also cried out, "If the three of us join hands, it would be impossible for the Qin Clan to not perish!"

Yan Guinan also said, "We must also get word from the Xuan Yuan Clan. I see that Mr. Ba did not see our actions as just a moment ago."

Yan Guinan was incredibly astute for he had discerned what he thought through his body language. He knew that Xuan Yuan Ba would not feel happy. After all, they had disgraced the face of the Xuan Yuan Mound with their actions.

Yet, Xin Tianchen said, "Don't worry about the Xuan Yuan Clan, Mr. Ba said it that way for clearly he did not wish to get involved with our dispute. For this matter of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, it can only be solved internally. Now the crucial point of the problem is that we must have unanimous statements. We must bite the fact that Qin Wushuang has killed our disciples. Only this way, it would appear justified when we exert our full force to deal with the Qin Clan. That will leave no room for derision!"

"In fact, this would be simple. The Heavenly Emperor has issued that we agree on three laws. This Qin Clan has violated them and we will have the excuse to make a move."

Xin Tianchen nodded. "Ok, you should inform your leaders. As soon as we return to the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan, we will move instantly! We must catch the Qin Clan off guard!" Xin Tianchen said viciously.


"Let's beat the Qin Clan to death. They have made enough problems within the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. I believe many people will clap their hands if we take out the Qin Clan," Lei Ming said with endless narcissism.

Yet Yan Guinan muttered to himself irresolutely, "You say, has that Qin Wushuang acquired the Supreme Dao Fruit? When we make the move against the Qin Clan, should we let Qin Wushuang return to his sect or we should kill him halfway? The Heavenly Emperor's three laws did not say that we are not allowed to make a move on the return trip home."

"I think it would be best to intercept him and kill him halfway. It's always troublesome when we let them gather together," Lei Ming agreed.

However, Xin Tianchen shook his head. "Inappropriate! To make a move, we must wait for them to go back. Making the move halfway would beat the snake in the grass. The Qin Clan headquarters would make adjustments in time. We must benumb them and make them not sense our hostility. Then, we can launch a surprise attack and scoop up the whole lot!"

The three of them counted their chickens before they were hatched. They had not disguised their hatred to the Qin Clan. One could say the hatred had seeped deeply into their bones.

Deep inside the Illusion Heavenly Lake, a gentle and feeble figure stood on the summit of the Heavenly Lake. Now, it was late in the night. This person did not have a forthright figure and could be said as somewhat frail and gentle.

He fixed his gaze at the bright starry sky and gave a gentle sigh. He mumbled to himself, "Time really does travel fast. Once again it's almost time to open the God Discarding Door. Would there be a turn for the better for the fate of the Tian Xuan Land? Will they still get pinched by the neck, to rely on others for the air that they breathe?"

This person was indeed, Li Buyi. This scholar that was usually full of respect and happiness was displaying a refined expression. His gaze seemed to petty the existence of mankind.

"Starry sky… Such a beautiful starry sky." Li Buyi mumbled to himself and suddenly, his complexion sunk as he said lightly, "You two, there is no one here, come out."

As if a meteor fell from the sky, two figures dropped on the edge of the Heavenly Lake.

"Brother Buyi, long time no see."

These two figures were similar for they were both tall and arrogant, exhibiting a detached feel. One was dressed in orange and the other dressed in purple. They did not look to be more than thirty years old from their appearance. In between one's every movement, they had appeared to be confident and at ease without any restraints.

Yet, when they saw Li Buyi, as the three of them exchanged glances, there showed to be concern in their eyes.

"Brother Yifeng, Yixuan, for tens and thousands of years we have not met, but you two still have an elegant bearing. It's worthy of celebration." Li Buyi's tone was filled with vicissitudes. A long sigh from him showed his experience he had endured since ancient times.

The person in orange was called Li Yifeng and the person in purple was called Xiao Yixuan. These two were elite warriors on par with Li Buyi.

The identity of these three were incredibly mysterious. Of course, these two had kept an even more low-profile than Li Buyi at the Tian Xuan Land. Even the totem clan had almost never heard the names of these two.

Yet in terms of strength, before these two, most likely these totem elite warriors would need to bow their heads.

"Brother Buyi, for tens and thousands of years, you have visited all of the Tian Xuan Land. Have you gained any reward?" Li Yifeng asked with a smile.

"Yes, I think with your insight, you should already have them?" Xiao Yixuan's eyes were filled with expectation.

Li Buyi gave a long sigh. "I can only tell you that the formation is activated. A host has appeared. Only, the owner of the formation is still growing. The time of appearance is later than I had imagined. Yet, his growth speed is faster than I thought. Everyone, tens and thousands of years have passed in the time it takes to snap one's fingers, it should be alright to wait for him for a few dozen years more, right?"

"The Seven Deadly Arrays Formation is activated?" A surge of joy had emerged in the eyes of Li Yifeng and Xiao Yixuan.
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