Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 691

691 Ten Thousand Year Pilgrimage Pagean

Li Buyi gave a firm nod. However, there was not much joy from his expression.

He turned around to ask, "You two, how is the situation on your side?"

Li Yifeng replied, "For now it's rather stable. However, the power of the Starry Dust Boundary is still being reduced. This prospect is rather worrying."

Xiao Yixuan gave a long sigh. "Perhaps it would be after tens and thousands of years, maybe in a few hundred years. No one can tell. Brother Buyi, could it be our Tian Xuan Land can only wait for the judgment of fate?"

There was a trace of bitterness within Li Buyi's expression. However, this sense of bitterness disappeared as quickly as it came. Determination of pursuing justice without a second thought had replaced this expression.

"You two, for the good of natural laws, nothing stays the same. Regardless of their fate, we can only struggle with all our efforts. Even if we are to have torn bodies and crushed bones, would you regret it?"

Li Yifeng and Xiao Yixuan exchanged a glance and revealed an abnormally determined gaze. "Never regret," they replied together.

Li Buyi laughed, but you could tell from his tone he was not entirely convinced. He gave a gentle sigh. "People of the world will not see the things we have done. We are destined to be lonely and misunderstood."

"Brother Buyi, we have endured loneliness for tens and thousands of years. Since we chose this path, even if it's a dead end, we will keep walking." There was a trace of bitterness in Xiao Yixuan's tone. Yet in between his brows, there shone a form of grand glory.

Li Buyi was rather optimistic as he laughed. "I say, you should not be too pessimistic! Perhaps, after having walked this darkness, there will be an open path in the future? Brother Buyi, please take care of the matters on this side. We will watch the Starry Dust Boundary."

Li Buyi also put away his usual mischievous state as he stood up emotionally. "Ok, you two, I will not keep you here any longer." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Under the boundless starry sky, the beautiful Illusion Heavenly Lake dispersed an infatuated temperament. In between the clouds and mist, the two surges of light flashed and disappeared in the midst of the endless cloudy sky.

Li Buyi sighed, yet his frail figure had appeared to be unyieldingly tall and straight, obstinate.

Due to this ruckus with the Emei Daoist Sect, to the Qin Clan, the Ten-Thousand Year Pilgrimage Pageant had lost its original meaning.

From Qin Yunran to Qin Wushuang, they were all considering the fate of the Qin Clan. In fact, they could foresee a violent storm.

However, Qin Yunran's naturally optimistic personality had influenced Qin Wushuang, Qin Taichong, and the other disciples.

The Ten-Thousand Year Immortal Pilgrimage Event was divided into three sections. The first section was to tour the major holy places of the Karakorum Immortal Clan which included the Illusion Heavenly Lake, Jade Void Palace, and many other attractions.

To the totem clan, each powerhouse was filled with curiosity. With this opportunity to broaden and expand their horizons, of course they would not let this chance go by. Indeed, their horizon had been widened through the three to four days of touring.

The second segment was to taste the special local immortal fruit of the Karakorum Immortal Clan. Although this immortal fruit was incomparable to the Supreme Dao Fruit, it was a beneficial thing that could extend one's lifetime and strengthen their muscles and bones.

It was not because the Karakorum Immortal Clan did not possess something as good as the Supreme Dao Fruit, but for something of that value, even the totem powerhouses had valued it greatly. Of course, they could not bring it out to share to the public.

The third segment of the Ten-Thousand Year Pilgrimage Pageant, was also the last and the best one. It would be a martial arts performance. Of course, for this martial arts performance, those older guys would not be allowed to participate.

It would be young people from all different sects participating in the martial arts performance.

Of course, it would not just be the Karakorum Immortal Clan alone hosting this martial arts performance. Instead, the Karakorum Immortal Clan called forth the five totem powerhouses to host it together.

Since it was organized by the five totem powerhouses of the five major Forbidden Spiritual Zones, all disciples of the totem clan could not participate. In other words, this martial arts performance had targeted other invited powerhouses.

All the rewards were contributed equally among the five totem powerhouses.

Each totem powerhouse had contributed the same goods. There was one Supreme Dao Fruit, one set of Supreme Dao armor, and one Supreme Dao weapon.

Since there were a total of five totem powerhouses, it means there would be a total of five Supreme Dao Fruits, five Supreme Dao sets of armor, and five Supreme Dao weapons.

The rewards of this performance was rather substantial which was to encourage all those participating.

First place, two Supreme Dao Fruits, one set of armor, and one Supreme Dao weapon.

Second place would get one Supreme Dao Fruit and one set of armor.

Third place would get one Supreme Dao Fruit and one Supreme Dao weapon.

Fourth place would get one Supreme Dao Fruit.

From fifth place to seventh place, they would get one set of Supreme Dao armor.

From eighth to tenth place, the reward would be one Supreme Dao weapon.

One Supreme Dao Fruit could give one the chance to be a Supreme Dao elite warrior. For such good, it would be the most precious at anytime.

For the Supreme Dao armor, it would be much more useful than the Supreme Dao weapon since it could protect one's life. It would be more of a rarity. Therefore, it was reasonable for it to be the reward for second place.

Supreme Dao weapons were relatively inferior. Naturally, it was ranked for the third place. For such rewards, it could be said of having wide coverage. It had also more or less stimulated the interest of each sect.

Although these sects were first rate powerhouses among each of their Forbidden Spiritual Zones, there were differences between the strong and the weak.

For example, the Heavenly Punishing Villa and the Sound of Thunder Sect, at most they would be counted as average among the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. Clearly, they were lesser than the Xin, the Qin and the Yun Clan.

Therefore, even the Supreme Dao weapons would be incredibly precious to them. After all, for such sects, at most they would only have a single digit number of Supreme Dao weapons. Since they have a chance to fight for it, of course they would be willing to give it their all.

In fact, the majority of the powerhouses that had come here as guest had possessed similar strength as the Heavenly Punishing Villa and the Sound of Thunder Sect. Therefore, from the surface, perhaps it would be tough to compete for the top three. Yet, for the top ten spots, it would be good to strive for it.

For such martial arts performance shape, the probability of death would be incredibly low. The situation of death would almost never occur. Therefore, everyone would be willing to try for it.

Of course, the total number of the powerhouses from the five major Forbidden Spiritual Zones that got invited from the Karakorum Immortal Clan were thirty-seven.

Among them, there were those from the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates of the Xuan Yuan Mound. The Illusion Heavenly Lake had six major Daoist sects. The Heavenly Fire Southern Border and the Extreme North Snow Zone each had seven powerhouses. The Endless Eastern Sea had the most for all their Genuine Nine Dragon clans had gathered.

None of the Non-Traditional Dragon Clans had come. Therefore, the powerhouses of the Endless Eastern Sea were nine.

In total, it was thirty-seven powerhouses.

For these thirty-seven houses, of course not everyone from each house would be qualified to participate. Each powerhouse was given the same quota for each would only get two spots.

This way, there would be a total of seventy-four people.

Basically, it would be impossible for any powerhouses to give up such precious spots. Therefore, the probability would not be too high or too low for seventy-four people competing for the top ten spots.

Additionally, the content of this martial arts performance would not just be fighting on the arena. It would be more of an ordeal. Of course, the content of the ordeal was of extreme relevance. It would test the overall inner qualities of these young people from the five Forbidden Spiritual Zones, including their strength, the skills they displayed, spiritual perception stage, and mentality…

Of course, there would be that mysterious fortuitous opportunity!

For most times, one must admit the existence of fortune in the world of martial arts. Many people did not lack talent or passion, yet they were not born fortuitous. They might have died at an early age or due to lack of major opportunity, they had become one of the common and mediocre warriors. Many people like this existed.

On the day of the martial arts performance, everyone had gathered at the Jade Void Palace. Chief Xue Chan was still in charge of hosting the general situation as the host, while the other totem elite warriors were in charge of assisting.

"Everyone, all the rewards have been collected. The content of this martial arts performance is not complicated. It would be to break through the Illusion Heavenly Lake. The Illusion Heavenly Lake is located at the summit of the Karakorum Immortal Mountain. There is a tiny world inside of it that is the supreme holy place of the Karakorum Immortal Clan. We will open twelve islands of different difficulties. For the participating candidate, you will be starting from the first one and have one chance. The more levels you break through, the higher your ranking. For islands of the same level, you will be ranked according to the amount of time spent. For example, if five of you guys have made it to the seventh layer, then among these five, the one that stayed the longest would have the best grade among the five people on this seventh layer. He would rank them in the top and so forth."

Xue Chan had announced the rules completely using simple terms.

This rule was not tough to understand. After Chief had finished speaking, everyone nodded with understanding.

Chief Xue Chan said again, "For the twelve islands that are opened, there are a total of four levels. Every three islands would be categorized into one level. Of the three islands in the first level, the limit of time will be ten days. For the three islands of the second level, the limit of time will be twenty days. The three islands of the third layer will be thirty days. For the last three islands of the last level, the limited time is sixty days. In other words, if you can stay within the limited time and not come out, you will pass."

"There are all the rules. Do you all understand?"


Qin Wushuang also felt this rule was not hard to understand. To speak frankly, it would be island survival. If you reach the limited time in the island of each level, it would be a pass.

However, to pass all the islands, the time needed to survive would be an entire year after calculation.

Of course, since there were only twelve islands within the rules, the difficulty level would still be incredibly tough to pass them all.

Chief Xue Chan said with a smile, "These rules are simple. Each of the sects have two spots. You can discuss among yourselves and report the names. When the list is out, we will begin immediately. If you feel it's inappropriate to discuss this here, you can return to the guest house and slowly discuss it. The entire day will be used for registration. There is no need to hurry."

For such major matters, of course one would need to discuss this privately. After all the chiefs had heard the words of Chief Xue Chan, all of them left the Jade Void Palace and returned to their guest house to discuss things further.

For the Qin party, although they bore in mind the clan's situation, it would be unreasonable not to participate since they were already here at this pageant.

As Qin Yunran looked at the five young men that were eager to give it a try, he laughed. "If you have any thoughts on your mind, speak now. Two spots, there are five of you, which ones do you think should go?"

Qin Yunran had thrown this question to the young people to let them solve it amongst themselves. This way, the atmosphere was somewhat strange.
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