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  • Soul Of Searing Steel

  • Author(s): Gloomy Sky Hidden God
  • Genres : Action -  Swordand Magic
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 992.16 K
  • RATE:
    Soul Of Searing Steel19 votes : 4.97 / 5

Soul Of Searing Steel summary:

Joshua woke up in the middle of a battlefield one day only to discover that he has been transmigrated into a popular MMORPG, Continental War. Discovering that he has not only been displaced in space but also in time, Joshua realizes he has knowledge of the events unfolding around the world as he had played through them as game events. Read on to discover how Joshua forges his path towards becoming a legendary warrior!

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Soul Of Searing Steel Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 862 Spore3 months ago
Chapter 832 Truth3 months ago
Chapter 793 Fall3 months ago
Chapter 769 Now4 months ago
Chapter 619 Alone6 months ago
Chapter 591 News6 months ago
Chapter 557 Means7 months ago
Chapter 555 Kiss7 months ago
Chapter 549 Omen7 months ago
Chapter 528 Worry7 months ago
Chapter 470 Near8 months ago
Chapter 457 Titan8 months ago
Chapter 368 Epoch10 months ago
Chapter 364 To War10 months ago
Chapter 350 Scar10 months ago
Chapter 337 Ougel10 months ago
Chapter 299: Karst11 months ago
Chapter 246: Sage11 months ago
Chapter 95: Siegeone year ago
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