Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1042

1042 A Multitude Of Stars

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They could ask whether the people living in the palace had heard the Sound of Dao, but they could not be sure of the wilderness outside the palace.

If the range was only within the palace, the wealthy families could use their powerful manpower to their advantage and determine where the Sound of Dao had come from! for visiting.

If the north, south, east, and west could confirm their status, then they could immediately narrow down the position of the core.

But the problem was, they could not even determine the boundary? How would they be able to find out where the person had advanced to Rank One? How could they be sure of who had advanced.

Sun Xunwen sat on his chair and did not speak. They were just waiting for the results of Lu Shu's murdering spree. They did not expect something so major to suddenly happen!

The east and west had confirmed their findings. There was no doubt about the range.

Sun Zhongyang saw his father, who was typically calm, suddenly put on a @@ ....

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