Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1274

1274 Snatching Flag

The commander of the Jianghu Camp did not lead the troops like Li Liang did. In fact, both parties had different strategies. The Jianghu Camp conducted battle the traditional way while the Imperial Dragon Soldiers felt more like the special forces army

The number of soldiers in this special forces army was huge and therefore they were powerful.

Now that Li Liang had figured out the critical item of the Jianghu Camp, the only thing he needed to do was to snatch the flag and sever the head!

As their original enemy, he knew the Jianghu Camp too well. The commander who just regained his position would definitely hold onto his right to command. As long as he killed the commander, the Jianghu Camp would self-destruct.

"Heitan, you shall distract them while I snatch the flag!" Li Liang shouted in the communication system.

"Alright!" Li Heitan shouted enthusiastically, "You shall distract them and I will snatch the flag!"

"" Li Liang realized that he could not communicate with Li Heitan that way. He repeated, "Li Heitan will distract and Li Liang will snatch the flag!"

"Oh," Li Heitan sounded disappointed.

Li Liang did not really understand whether Li Heitan was pretending or not.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers were killing the master. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were also present. The only Rank One experts amongst the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were Li Liang and Li Heitan. Therefore, Li Liang could not leave Li Heitan behind. If the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were described as a sword, Li Liang and Li Heitan were the blades of the sword. As long as they were present, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers behind could relax!

Although the Jianghu Camp liked to conduct theoretical discussions and did not have battle experience, the intention of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers was too obvious. Anyone could tell that Li Liang and the rest wanted to sever the head!

The entire Jianghu Camp charged over at the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. However, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were like a hot knife cutting through butted as the soldiers from the Jianghu Camp died continuously!

Although Li Liang had looked down on the Jianghu Camp for a long time, he had to admit that the Jianghu Camp was extremely courageous and was not afraid of death!

In his impression, the Jianghu Camp were not that powerful. How did the Jianghu Camp, which had always remained in the West Region and never have the experience of a real battle, get this kind of determination? Suddenly, Li Liang was stunned. He grabbed onto a soldier of the Jianghu Camp and asked loudly, "What drugs did you guys take that made you guys so daring?"

The soldier who was caught tried to attack Li Liang with his saber. "All of my family members have been caught, if you guys don't die, they will die!"

After a pause, Li Liang cut the other party's neck with his sword. "The battlefield is like this. It's your fate, you can't blame others!"

Dead bodies covered the path. Li Liang knew that there were many dead bodies behind him. He wanted to turn around to look at the magnificent scene but he could not!

If he embarked on this path, he had to complete it!

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers were beside Li Liang. They suddenly felt that Li Liang was feeling emotional. Li Heitan pushed Li Liang and asked, "What's on your mind?"

Li Liang did not expect to be pushed and nearly fell onto the ground. He turned around and looked at Li Heitan in anger. "Can't I be the fox that was sad over the rabbit's death[1]?"

Li Heitan's eyes lit up. "You used this idiom inappropriately. The story is about how the rabbit and the fox formed an alliance to fight against their enemy. The rabbit died and the fox was sad because he lost his ally. The fox was genuinely sad. This idiom refers to the sadness one feels when one's ally dies, but Jianghu Camp is not our ally."

Li Liang did not know how to react. "Did I ask you to join me so that you can enlighten me? Hurry up, kill and snatch the flag!

He suddenly wondered if the Great Lord had made the right decision by giving Li Heitan the opportunity to learn how to read and write

At this moment, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were very close to the location of the flag of the Jianghu Camp. The Jianghu Camp seemed to be nervous as the flag had moved back.

At this critical moment, one could see the weakness of the Jianghu Camp. Although they looked very powerful, they were unable to withstand the attack!

When the flag of the Jianghu Camp followed the troops and fled, the other soldiers of the Jianghu Camp were confused as they did not know what to do!

However, at this moment, Li Liang realized that Li Heitan was closer to the flag of the Jianghu Camp. He suddenly changed his plan and shouted loudly in the communication device, "Heitan, you shall snatch the flag while I will distract! Do not force yourself, there are definitely more than two Rank One experts amongst them!"

Li Heitan flew to a location near the flag and kicked a group of people with their horses. The Armor that Shook Mountains felt as though it was prepared especially for Li Heitan as it looked to be adding a pair of wings to a tiger!

Both the soldiers and the commander of the Jianghu Camp were in a panic. How would they guard the flag if they were about to die?

Li Liang heaved a sigh of relief at this scene. It was safe!

However, at the next moment, Li Liang saw Li Heitan forcefully snatch the warrior flag before turning and running away. The commander of the Jianghu Camp realized the importance of the flag. This would not work, if Heitan continued to run around like that, the entire formation of the Jianghu Camp would be in a mess as everyone acted based on the flag!

Thinking about that, he panicked and told people to give chase immediately.

Li Liang was stunned for a moment. Snatching a flag seemed to be an adjective to describe how one destroyed the opponent's flag instead of running away with it

Of course, Li Heitan did not agree with Li Liang. He thought that he was "really snatching the flag"!

However, why did he want someone's flag!!!

The situation became chaotic. Li Heitan ran with the flag in front as though he was a marathon runner. A group of people followed behind him and the first marathon in the West Region began without a warning.

When Lu Shu saw this, he was so angry that he began laughing. However, it soon came to his realization that a majority of the Jianghu Camp that was originally in the West Region suddenly went into chaos. All of them were ambushed and waiting to attack the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. However, they did not know that the flags were snatched away and they moved after realising that the flag had moved.

Some of the soldiers from the Jianghu Camp observed the situation while hiding on the rooftop. They could not make out the scene clearly as their vision were blocked by houses. They could only see a flag shifting rapidly amongst the houses.

Someone asked softly, "The direction the flag is moving towards is extremely strange, could it have been snatched?"

Someone shook his head. "Who would keep the flag after snatching it? It's impossible. Let's stop hiding and catch up. This is an attack order!"

Lu Shu glanced at Lu Xiaoyu. Since the people who were ambushing had moved, they could catch all of them in one go.

To be honest, the soldiers who were ambushing did not expect someone to run around with the flag after snatching it. Usually, they would have destroyed the flag after snatching it!

[1] A Chinese idiom

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