Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 685

685 Threa

All the rooms in the small inn were standard rooms. There were two 1.5 meter beds in the room. Lu Shu suddenly realized that no matter whether it was the room beside his, or the room beside that room, all three rooms were occupied by males

He hid behind the curtain and observed the hotel where Coral was staying at through the gap. But he did not see Coral come out.

Lu Shu was waiting for something to happen. If the Black Hand had to conduct a background check on an ordinary Chinese tourist like him, Lu Shu did not believe that the Black Hand would not do the same for the members of the Department of Faith Theory. The Department of Faith Theory would conduct checks on the Black Hand as well.

They had different aims in coming here. Conflict was sure to break out.

At night, the members of the Black Hand went out. As Lu Shu tried to guess where they were going, they returned with two suckling pigs and bottles of alcohol

Lu Shu sighed. The characters of Italians were hard to explain in a few words.

But he was now more relaxed. Earlier, he did not know anything. At least he had found a few clues to explain the current situation.

If the Bishop from the Department of Faith Theory did not appear, Lu Shu did not have to fear anyone on this island. Furthermore, no matter whether the Department of Faith Theory or the Black Hand conducted a check on him, they would only determine that he was an ordinary tourist.

This uncertain environment was suitable for Lu Shu to walk through.

He was about to go down to buy some food. As he walked out, the people from the Department of Faith Theory also walked out from their room. The person in the lead looked like he wanted to scare Lu Shu. He flashed a fake smile and asked in English, "Are you not afraid that something will happen to you when you're traveling alone? For example, breaking an arm or a leg?"

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. "I have private health insurance." for visiting.

The members of the Department of Faith Theory were dumbfounded. It was not as if they did not understand him. After all, private health insurance was common around the world. But even if you had private health insurance, could you afford to be so strong-willed?!

"From Isaac Marino's distress, +666"


They had wanted to scare this tourist and chase him away. Under normal circumstances, tourists were more overly anxious outside. If they wanted to chase tourists away, all they had to do was to scare them. But they encountered one who had private health insurance

So what if you have private health insurance!

The atmosphere was rather awkward. Isaac Marino suspected that there was something wrong with this young man in front of him

But Lu Shu was not joking. He did have health insurance. Every month, the Heavenly Network would compensate him for his insurance fees.

He would definitely not be scared by the Department of Faith Theory. Lu Shu felt that even if the Department of Faith Theory wanted to clear the area around Coral, they should start with the Black Hand.

The respective large organizations broke out into disputes two weeks before the auction. There may be two organizations who would engage in conflict, while Coral was unaware

But Lu Shu did not sympathize with either side. The Black Hand was not a good organization. As for the leader of the Black Hand, Patrick, he was too much. Before he confessed to the person he liked, he did not think from her perspective. Why did she have to suffer because of this dude?!

Lu Shu was slightly angry

Lu Shu did not care about this group of people and went out. When he brushed past them, Isaac grabbed his arm. Isaac said, "I hope that you have listened to my warning and not turn a deaf ear to it. Rebellious young men may be more daring, but this does not mean that you will be tolerated everywhere you go."

When his arm was grabbed, Lu Shu was prepared to kill Isaac. He did not know whether the Department of Faith Theory would do a check on his identity. But there was no harm in being careful. If Isaac had only threatened him, he could calm down. He smiled calmly. "Thank you."

Isaac let go of Lu Shu's arm and watched him walk down. He calmly said, "He does not seem like an ordinary tourist, but there are no waves of energy either. We should keep a lookout for him. Let's see if he is willing to move out."

At this point, the cooperation between the Department of Faith Theory and the Phoenix Society had been severed. There was still no news from Howard. Francesco did not dare to confess that he had killed Howard. It was as if Howard had disappeared into thin air.

Thus, the Phoenix Society was furious. The foundation of their cooperation crumbled. Furthermore, there was the conflict between the Saint and the Bishop.

The Heavenly Network had the habit of seeking revenge over a small matter. There was a common understanding in the Department of Faith Theory that they could not easily antagonize others. If the Heavenly Network and the Phoenix Society worked together, the consequences would be too dreadful to even think about.

Even though the Phoenix Society also wanted a situation where the first-rate organizations were equally matched, the Department of Faith Theory had to take a risk.

Thus, before Isaac determined whether Lu Shu was from the Heavenly Network, he would not use force to deal with Lu Shu.

Lu Shu walked down and saw the lady behind the counter. He said, "Why did you allocate three people to one room for the two rooms upstairs? Could they be when I was walking down, I heard them praising that your son is very handsome."

After the young man translated for the lady, the lady's expression changed.

Lu Shu was just watching the situation unfold for fun. He interfered regardless of whether it would be of any use. What if a miracle happened?

The lady thought for a while and suddenly asked, "You can't understand Italian, right?"

The two groups that had come today could speak Italian. If Lu Shu eavesdropped on their conversation, they would definitely be speaking in Italian.

The young man translated for Lu Shu.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Lu Shu laughed. "Is that so? Maybe I heard the wrong thing"

Lu Shu understood that he was not suitable to plan and deal with these kinds of situations

As Lu Shu walked out to find local delights, the lady sat behind the counter. Her expression darkened. She looked at her son, then looked up. What had stirred her was not Lu Shu's words. It was not normal that three groups of men would stay in the same inn. Furthermore, her son was very handsome.

At last, she picked up the phone. "Hello? Is this the Cartel? Six very strange people have entered my inn. I think that they may be from the Black Hand!"

She knew that three of them were not from the Black Hand. But Cartel focused greatly on the Black Hand. They had been enemies for a long time. On the surface, they smiled, but behind the scenes, they tried to find chances to attack each other.

Although the Cartel was pastoral and hoped that Metahumans would be able to use their abilities to serve the public, who did not allow artists to fight with others? The Black Hand had even come to their doorstep to fight them. They could not avoid this.

When Lu Shu returned, he was stunned. The entire inn was surrounded by a group of mysterious people who he had not seen before
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