Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 687

687 Pure Bloodline

Numbers dominated in the battle. Over fifty members of the Cartel surrounded the six members from the Department of Faith Theory and the Black Hand. These six people could not even launch a counterattack before they were all beat up.

But they did not have to worry about their lives. The civilians who were observing the fight also knew that the Cartel did not come here to kill people. At most, a testicle would be broken.

Beside the exciting fight, Lu Shu and Coral stood face to face. Coral's light green skirt was like the night breeze.

Coral did not want to heed Lu Shu's advice to finish the fruits. But she still ate some of the fruits and then cried. What was this? Are we still going to talk?

Thus, she was slightly angry, Coral wiped her tears. "If you don't want to answer. Then so be it. You may not care, but I will still say it. If I never had a place in your world, then I can't blame you either."

Coral turned and left after she finished speaking. But the moment she left, Lu Shu suddenly said, "The Department of Faith Theory is watching you. They definitely have some motive. Out of the six people being beaten up here, three of them are from the Department of Faith Theory. They are staying in the same inn as me. Your hotel is in full view from our rooms. So be careful."

Coral paused, but she did not look back. For some reason, some of her sadness disappeared. It was as if Lu Shu's words gave her something to think about.

Coral did not come here because Lu Shu was here, she was just out for a walk. Lu Shu was not disguised as Li Teng either. It was his original appearance.

The identity of Li Teng had been destroyed after what happened with EO

Coral recognized him not because of his looks, but because of his familiar back. She could recognize Lu Shu just by his back. This was like being able to see the person you liked in a crowd. No matter how big the crowd was, you would be able to find that person instantly.

This was because you could not forget about that person.

Coral returned to the hotel. The Deities were about to flare up. How did the Master of Gods suddenly disappear? But when everyone saw Coral return red-eyed, no one spoke a word.

Everyone knew why Coral was upset, but they could not do anything. They could not possibly find him in the Heavenly Network and beat him up, right? They were not afraid that Nie Ting would prevent them from doing so. Everyone knew that Coral would not want to see such a scene.

Coral sat in her room. She opened her hands and looked blankly at the refresher fruit that gleamed like crystals.

No matter whether it was the refresher fruit, the celestial fruit or the chi fruit, they were very different from ordinary fruits. This was definitely a rare item. Earlier, she did not realize because it was too dark. But looking at the fruits now, her desire to eat the fruits emerged with just one look.

Back then, Little Fury, Lu Shu, and Lu Xiaoyu were the same when they saw the refresher fruit. The charm of the refresher fruit was also why Chen Baili had completely rejected the fruit back then.

Coral became happier, as Lu Shu had said that he, the Department of Faith Theory, and the Black Hand were all staying at the inn which was in the ideal position to watch her hotel. She had completely ignored the Department of Faith Theory and the Black Hand. So why was Lu Shu on Sardinia? Why would Lu Shu stay here?

The answer was the main reason why Coral became happy. Lu Shu was protecting her!

No matter what others said about Lu Shu, Coral only believed her own judgment, as this was her own personal matter.

Coral picked up a refresher fruit and tossed it into her mouth. The fruit quickly melted into a red liquid that flowed to all her limbs and bones. She had never experienced this kind of warmth.

Coral had high aptitude. If not, the Deities would not pay close attention to her when she was still a Class D.

Lu Shu also realized earlier that it was very difficult for an ordinary person to break through the limits of their aptitude, unless they were a genius. Thus, there were no sodium-potassium alloy reactions that were above Class A aptitude.

Coral had a natural Class A aptitude. When her blood came into contact with a sodium-potassium alloy, the silver alloy would quickly turn into a pure black.

Coral might not know that this was the most generous Lu Shu could be.

Lu Shu ate eight fruits and gave Lu Xiaoyu eight fruits. He gave Li Xianyi and Chen Baili one fruit each.

Li Xianyi and Chen Baili could break through after eating the fruit as they were just a step away from advancing to Class A. But their broken foundation did not allow them to advance.

When their foundation recovered, the power that they had accumulated over decades erupted in an instant. This was the main reason why they had advanced. The refresher fruit did not have that much power.

But the Deities were special in their own way.

The next moment, Coral clearly felt a change in the condition of her body. It was like a river that could suddenly flow without obstruction after being blocked by deposits of sand. The impurities in her body were also expelled outwards. for visiting.

Suddenly, Coral felt as if the limit within her body had started to break. The bloodline that had been awakened expanded. It started to absorb Spirit Qi from the surroundings to nourish the strong Odin bloodline in Coral's body.

The Deities were different from the rest due to their bloodline awakening. The impurities in their bloodline restricted their aptitude and abilities. But in that moment, Coral, who was already of Class A aptitude, obtained an even purer Odin bloodline.

She realized that the fruits that Lu Shu had given her were much more valuable than she had thought. She could not bear to continue to eat the fruits. What if Lu Shu had given her all the fruits that he had?

When the purity of the bloodline continued to increase, the bloodline also influenced the world outside. This was a special group. The blood of gods flowed through their own blood. Coral's abilities grew from a mid Class B to a complete Class B. The growth then slowly stopped!

After the Gungnir had cracked, it would continuously absorb Coral's power to balance out the danger that the damage posed. After Coral advanced, she obtained even more power that could relieve her of some pressure.

Although it was only a temporary solution, but it was good enough.

Coral suddenly thought. Did Lu Shu not contact her because he had gone to find these fruits?

He had given her eight of such valuable items without hesitation. Coral was touched and felt that Lu Shu was very sweet. She decided to leave the rest of the fruits for Lu Shu
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