Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 780

780 Luo Shen Lis

Chapter 780: Luo Shen List
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Lu Shu suddenly felt as if he had reached a new stage in life. In the past, he had nothing to do everyday except to wait for lessons. Lu Xiaoyu looked on helplessly as she saw Lu Shu preparing for lessons instead of singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Lu Shu knew that there were times in your life when everyone liked you. But when you reached the next stage of life, people would start to hate you. However, Lu Shu felt that this was not important. From the beginning, he had always done what he thought was right.

He had suddenly become a teacher. He even felt stressed when he uploaded posts. There were times when he pondered whether it would be inappropriate for him to post such things but he still posted them anyway.

This was a mysterious responsibility. Lu Shu knew that if one day, he accepted the position of Heavenly King, he would have to fight for that glory. It was the same now.

"Xiaoyu," Lu Shu called for Lu Xiaoyu. "Do you think its okay for me to talk about the Koh Chang Island remains tomorrow? I was thinking that I should talk about the secret practitioners and the large organizations separately. Then, I will talk about how the remains work."

Lu Shu had even created notes for his lesson plan. He had listed down the details he wanted to talk about in his book.

Lu Shu thought that Lu Xiaoyu would laugh at him and mock him, but she did not. Lu Xiaoyu took the book and read its contents carefully. After 30 minutes, she looked up and said, "The gargoyles indeed have low intelligence, but you cannot let them misunderstand that they can exploit their lack of intelligence to defeat them. Or you could tell them that the creatures in the remains may have higher intelligence in the future."

Lu Shu nodded his head. "Indeed."

He wrote everything down. He had planned to talk about the Koh Chang Island remains over the course of six lessons. At first, he thought that he had nothing to talk about. But he realized that no matter whether it was the secret practitioners or the large organizations, he had a lot to analyze. For example, Aimi who depended on others for a living, Meng Jingchan who had the ambition to become stronger, and others who tried their luck.

The students may run into them in the future. Of course, there were the large organizations as well. Furthermore, exploring remains was as dangerous as walking on a steel wire.

Some overseas organizations may not agree with Lu Shu. They felt that they were just walking on a steel wire. If they were not careful, they would fall into an endless abyss. But Lu Shu was doing acrobatics on the steel wire and had no respect for the wire

Lu Shu suddenly thought of something. "Why hasnt the species research specialization teacher arrived?"

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. "How would I know?"

Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were having fun. They were very free, while everyone else attended their elective lessons.

Cao Qingci read her book. Lu Xiaoyu was not interested in talking to them.

In the past, someone had said that it was impossible to recognize everyone in school. After all, their lessons were different, and they lived in different places. School life outside lessons was still dull in the Cultivation College. There was no way to recognize everyone.

Beauty lists and ability lists were the topic of discussion. Everyone said that these things were simply jokes and were impossible to create as no one had the time to do them.

But they had made a wrong judgment. Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were very free

To the two of them, the ability list was not important. Lord Lu was officially recognized as the strongest, while Cao Qingci was second. Was there a need to rank the others? No.

They were more interested in the beauty list

Chen Zuan had derived gain by misfortune at the Kunlun Mountains. He was full from the magical liquid. At first, he had wanted to train and digest the liquid quickly, but it was of no use. He could only slowly digest. They had returned from the Kunlun Mountains half a month ago, but he had only digested one-third of it. According to Lu Shus calculations, Chen Zuan could use the liquid to advance to Class B.

Cheng Qiuqiao was very envious. After all, who did not want to advance to Class B? At this rate, Cheng Qiuqiao would need at least half a year to advance to Class B. This was the average rate of progress for Class A aptitude geniuses. Perhaps there would be an influx of Class Bs in the Heavenly Network six months later.

Chen Zuan had been forced by Lu Shu to train. He did not have Class A aptitude, but now, the latecomer had surpassed his predecessors.

"Brother Zuan," said Cheng Qiuqiao enviously. "That magical liquid is too effective. Your rate of progress is about the same as mine now. You may even be able to surpass me in two days. If you are successful, you may even advance to Class B in half a month. Does Brother Shu still have the magical liquid?"

Chen Zuan looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. "We are brothers. We will go through thick and thin together. I still have two-thirds of the liquid in my stomach. Do you want one-third?"

Cheng Qiuqiao was so disgusted that he could not eat for three days. How disgusting!

To be honest, Lu Shu did not expect a greedy eater like Chen Zuan to receive such decisive help in his lifetime.

Thus, Lu Shu felt that there was no need for young people to talk about losing weight. What was that old saying right. It is a blessing to be able to eat!

While the species research specialization had no teacher, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao visited every specialization. They actually summarized a list of beauties. Of course, they had to give it a good name. It was called the Luo Shen List.

Number One, Lu Xiaoyu. Number Two, Coral. Number Three, Cao Qingci

When Lu Shu saw this list, he stared at them. "You two have a strong urge to survive"

It was a fact that Lu Xiaoyu and Coral were very pretty. But it was not realistic to say that none of the other students in the Cultivation College could rival their beauty. There were still a few beautiful people in their batch. But in the end, Cao Qingci was third

Cao Qingci had good qualities, but she did not fit the traditional meaning of pretty. She did not care about this either.

But what made Lu Xiaoyu surprised was that after the list was posted on the Cultivation College forum, there was an endless stream of distress points on Lu Xiaoyus page

She only earned ten or 20 distress points per person, but many people contributed to the points. The page was filled with feminine names.

Lu Shu did not think that they envied her. They were simply complaining that they did not get on the list, while Lu Xiaoyu did. It was the kind that they would forget about after one second.

But even then Lu Xiaoyu could advance to Class B very soon!
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